The Summer Breeze Is Vibrant!!!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This is the perfect opportunity for a summer breeze, and also the right time for some much needed warm weather.

As the weather is perfect today, I have uploaded new photos in this post, and I recently took quite a few using the zoom function.

The bees go buzzing mad as hell today in search for pollen, so I did get a couple of shots of some bees, but I have got a perfect snap of one as I pressed the shutter button rather quickly.

I managed to get one shot of the clear sky while it lasted, so anytime you want to, it will be of perfect use as a wallpaper.

The 3 photos of the same rose I took was more of a arm-stretcher as I wanted to get them from where I was standing, so you could consider it a slight pain in the bum for stretching over to take a picture with your arm and the camera at a distant height.

Stay pruned, as I will be uploading a video today on YouTube.

UPDATE: The video uploaded succesfully, HD 720p, and it’s here:

Here’s a free wallpaper for your iPhone, and iPod touch, or, if you prefer to use this image on an iPad or iPad mini, I have uploaded the full sized photo, so the full-sized photo should be down near the line of the photos on this blog post.

I’ve called the wallpaper Sky Blue, as I thought it would be perfect as there was a clear sky earlier:

20130705-073116 PM.jpg

I have a question.

How are you finding the warm weather at the moment?

20130705-063221 PM.jpg

20130705-063236 PM.jpg

20130705-063228 PM.jpg

20130705-063250 PM.jpg

20130705-063257 PM.jpg

20130705-063310 PM.jpg

20130705-063324 PM.jpg

20130705-063332 PM.jpg

20130705-063339 PM.jpg

20130705-063350 PM.jpg

20130705-063401 PM.jpg

20130705-063419 PM.jpg

20130705-063428 PM.jpg

20130705-063504 PM.jpg

20130705-063511 PM.jpg

20130705-063802 PM.jpg

20130705-063842 PM.jpg

20130705-063905 PM.jpg

20130705-064046 PM.jpg

20130705-071502 PM.jpg

20130705-071752 PM.jpg

20130705-071802 PM.jpg

20130705-071811 PM.jpg

20130705-071835 PM.jpg

20130705-071856 PM.jpg

20130705-071916 PM.jpg

20130705-071930 PM.jpg

20130705-071938 PM.jpg

20130705-072043 PM.jpg

20130705-072056 PM.jpg

20130705-072150 PM.jpg

20130705-072204 PM.jpg

20130705-072215 PM.jpg

20130705-072323 PM.jpg

20130705-072337 PM.jpg

20130705-072402 PM.jpg

20130705-072410 PM.jpg

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