A Great Day Out At Kelsey Park!

Hello again!

To round off an incredible end to July, I took a lot of flowery photos at Kelsey Park, and to much of a surprise, there were a lot of Canada geese, and it was a great opportunity to get shots of them almost close-up.

The texture on one of the Canada geese however was so detailed, and also made it clear to see how structured their feathers were when in the water.

As an unusual surprise, a Canada goose certainly wasn’t camera shy, because it looked directly at the camera when I took the picture, but you could say he was definitely quite a poser.

I noticed that most of the geese were preening at their feathers. I thought it was weird, as I have never seem them do that before, but then I realised it’s something they do naturally.

I got a photo of a squirrel, just as it thought about running off. It seemed like it was in a rush to get some nuts.

Out of the two dandelion photos I took, one of them featured a drone bee, and the other also had a White Cabbage butterfly, but I did however get them with such sharp detail. The butterfly as a whole had a veiny structure to it, while the antenna on the butterfly itself stood out.

I wasn’t exactly sure what some of the plants were called, as I have never seen some of these new ones before.

Please could you leave comments underneath this blog post of the plants that I was unable to name, as I wasn’t sure what they were, as I never saw these new ones before.

But again, thank you all for another incredible month, and I’ll post more over August.

20130731-103051 PM.jpg

20130731-103107 PM.jpg

20130731-103128 PM.jpg

20130731-103119 PM.jpg

20130731-103152 PM.jpg

20130731-103159 PM.jpg

20130731-103206 PM.jpg

20130731-103234 PM.jpg

20130731-103225 PM.jpg

20130731-103322 PM.jpg

20130731-103342 PM.jpg

20130731-103350 PM.jpg

20130731-103357 PM.jpg

20130731-103403 PM.jpg

20130731-103414 PM.jpg

20130731-103423 PM.jpg

20130731-103433 PM.jpg

20130731-103441 PM.jpg

20130731-103503 PM.jpg

20130731-103512 PM.jpg

20130731-103519 PM.jpg

20130731-103533 PM.jpg

20130731-103539 PM.jpg

20130731-103554 PM.jpg

20130731-103545 PM.jpg

20130731-103602 PM.jpg

20130731-103621 PM.jpg

20130731-103627 PM.jpg

20130731-103634 PM.jpg

20130731-103649 PM.jpg

20130731-103657 PM.jpg

20130731-103710 PM.jpg

20130731-103719 PM.jpg

20130731-103726 PM.jpg

20130731-103744 PM.jpg

20130731-103733 PM.jpg

20130731-103805 PM.jpg

20130731-103818 PM.jpg

20130731-103829 PM.jpg

20130731-103853 PM.jpg

20130731-103907 PM.jpg

20130731-103913 PM.jpg

20130731-103900 PM.jpg

20130731-103938 PM.jpg

20130731-103931 PM.jpg

20130731-103956 PM.jpg

20130731-104008 PM.jpg

20130731-104021 PM.jpg

20130731-104032 PM.jpg

20130731-104108 PM.jpg

20130731-104115 PM.jpg

20130731-104125 PM.jpg

20130731-104135 PM.jpg

20130731-104141 PM.jpg

20130731-104203 PM.jpg

20130731-104216 PM.jpg

20130731-104223 PM.jpg

20130731-104236 PM.jpg

20130731-104247 PM.jpg

20130731-104309 PM.jpg

20130731-104258 PM.jpg

20130731-104344 PM.jpg

20130731-104400 PM.jpg

20130731-104421 PM.jpg

20130731-104434 PM.jpg

20130731-104441 PM.jpg

20130731-104447 PM.jpg

20130731-104457 PM.jpg

20130731-104524 PM.jpg

20130731-104534 PM.jpg

20130731-104604 PM.jpg

20130731-104613 PM.jpg

20130731-104620 PM.jpg

20130731-104629 PM.jpg

20130731-104640 PM.jpg

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