Tabby Cat Makes Its First Appearance For The Camera!

Hello again! I apologize for being away for over a week, but to make it up to all of you, I have made a video of the Tabby Cat, and it is uploading to YouTube now. I often noticed during recording that the cat was looking to prey on something it could find, it pounced, but I wasn’t entirely sure whether the Tabby Cat was preying on more than one insect in the grass. I did use the zoom on some parts of the 3-clipped video, but you could say it appeared to be more focused on what it could prey on before sitting down for its rest.

I’ve also set a photo of the Tabby Cat as the featured image of this blog post, and you are free to use it as a wallpaper anytime.

As soon as the video goes live on YouTube, I’ll include it in this blog post for all of you to see.

Update: The video is now available to watch on YouTube, and will now be on here for all of you to watch.

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