The Silhouettes of Darkness, Light & Wonderwebs

Hello, I took these photos over the past couple of weeks, and I captured a couple of silhouettes of plants and leaves.

I’ve captured a great silhouette of a darkened rosebud, making the sky around it look cloudy and dark like a thunderstorm is brewing.

I also got a silhouette photo of some leaves, but in the picture, can you see the funny side of the photo that I see?

Spiders are always known for crafting their territory of cobwebs, making it home-sweet-home, so I wanted to get a few photos close-up, though getting a photo of a spider close-up when it’s on its own cobweb can be difficult, so I focused the camera on something far and wide first and put the camera into Auto-Focus (AF) mode for these spider photos to turn out as they are.

A couple of pictures of the Red Berries were perfect, as I managed to get a photo of a few of them by zooming in. To get a bigger picture of a red berry, however, I managed to zoom in almost completely to get the features on the red berry itself.

To finish this off, I have also included a photo of the Imperial War Museum that I took around 2 months ago.

The video ‘The Silhouettes of Darkness, Light & Wonderwebs’ is now available to watch. Apologies for the long delay.

Feel free to drop me an email via the contact form on this site, or even drop a comment at the end of this post.

Thank you for your patience! It was really appreciated.

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