Hurricane St Jude: Update

This hurricane was powerful, heavy rainfall went to extreme heights, gusts of wind went up to about 80 – 90mph (miles per hour) and bought down a lot of trees. The tree up the road where I live fell and hit the middle of someones house, so I would be shocked to think if the person owning the house has suffered damage to the roof.

Yesterday night, a photographer and a 14 year old boy were swept out to sea due to the horrid weather, and it was a shock to hear it all over the news, because with the weather as bad as it was yesterday, it was bound to happen.

As of now, the search for the 14 year old has now been called off by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute)

Further reports have now come to light, as 7 people have been confirmed to have died as a result of this hurricane. A photo appeared on the news today of a tree that fell directly in front of a train, and to be honest, it looked as big as a double decker bus. Talking of double decker buses, a double decker bus in Suffolk fell on its side and two people are thought to have been hurt as result.

Four dead as storm devastates UK – ITV News:

As a result of this hurricane, 300,000 people in the UK were left without power due to the high gale-force winds. At least 223,200 homes in the UK are now back up to speed and are now using power again, recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane St Jude.

A crane in Old Kent Road snapped/bent and hit one of the buildings below, and a crane collapsed and lies on the roof of the Cabinet Office in London.

Things are set to get worse now for Sweden as they are currently facing Hurricane St Jude now.

Be prepared for Hurricane St Jude. A guide is on this link below about how to prepare for a hurricane.


The Local – Sweden’s News in English – Warnings as ‘St. Jude’ storm threatens Sweden
St. Jude Day Storms: 7 Deaths as Hurricane-Force Winds Batter Britain, France, Germany – The Weather Channel:


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