Slight Change to Header

Slight Change to Header

Hello everyone!! I made a small change in GIMP just now to the header of this blog to make it feel more christmassy for your viewing pleasure.

I wanted to leave a small, but important bit of time to let you all know that I may not be on this blog for Monday and Tuesday next week, as I have an Art Mock Exam on those 2 days where I will be creating my final piece before I finish school for the Christmas holidays.

I apologise if I’m not operating my blog for 2 days, but when it gets to Wednesday, Thursday & Friday next week, I’ll be able to continue updating this blog with new posts, which includes posting more over the Christmas holidays before 2013 draws to a final close.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciated the time you took to read this blog post.

-Alex Smithson


  1. Hi Alex,
    This is a really cool header. It really adds to the Xmas spirit. I wish you all the best for your Art mock exams. Should confidently expect you to get predicted A* grades 🙂

    – HalfEatenMind


    1. Thanks Vijay, I really appreciated it, and another massive thank you for wishing me the best of luck for my Art Mock Exam on Monday & Tuesday 😊!!!

      -Photography | Nature


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