The Worst Storm of December

This weather is absolutely horrible, all day I’ve been hearing constant, violent gusts of wind and it feels like the storm is battering on tenterhooks. Today has got to be probably one of the worst days the UK has experienced such violent weather forecasts. Just well over an hour ago, Sky News reported that a man has died after falling into the River Rothay in Ambleside, which has triggered a large rescue search also involving the police, the Royal Air Force, Coastguard and also many mountain rescue teams. This also came after two children in Horsham, West Sussex were treated for minor injuries after being hit by branches from a falling tree. This horrible weather is almost similar to the St Jude Hurricane we had back in October.

Hurricane St Jude: Warning

Hurricane St Jude: Update

This weather is worse for wear at this stage, as almost the whole of the UK was hit by relentless, constant rain which fell on grounds that are already completely saturated, and the battering winds went up to a whopping 70 to 80 miles per hour in the eastern and central areas.

Roughly 3,000 homes are now left without any source of power in Cornwall, and a further 2,000 homes in the South West are also affected after the battering high winds brought down power lines, according to the Western Power Distribution. There are 1,100 homes that are now without power in Berkshire, according to Southern Electricity.

The Met Office have now issued more than 140+ Amber “be prepared” weather warnings for London, the Southeast and also the Southwest of England, including South Wales.

25 “immediate action requiredflood warnings are now in effect and also one severe warning for the South West.

Please be extremely careful where you are, make sure you have a safe journey, and fingers crossed this horrendous weather passes by soon.


Thank you for reading, I hope we can all pull through this horrid weather.

– Alex Smithson


    1. I see what you mean, I was worried that power lines near my area would come down, but thankfully they didn’t, I nearly didn’t get any sleep because of the horrid weather, but thankfully today isn’t like yesterday at all which is a close call 😊

      Were you soaked to the brim in the weather yesterday??


      1. A tree came down near my cousin’s place, and my family’s trampoline was overturned. Crazy stuff. I have double glazing at home, yet heard the howl of the wind. Was very unsettling. Thankfully I didn’t get soaked, but had to watch out for nutcase drivers who like to ride into puddles to soak people walking on the pavement.
        Thankfully the high-velocity winds kept them at bay 🙂


      2. Oh that must be a horrible feeling, but I hope your loved ones are okay, hopefully now this is the last of the horrid storm. The storm was that bad I nearly couldn’t get to sleep late this morning, but thankfully I got through the night through luckily enough sleep 😊👍.


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