BLOG OF THE YEAR 2013: Fourth nomination by Alex (Photography-Nature)

Well done Vijay for getting the fourth nomination for HalfEatenMind, you deserved the 4th nomination for Blog of the Year 2013 :-)!!!

Vijay Shah

Our fourth nomination for the “Blog of the Year 2013” award comes from good friend and new blogger Alex Smithson. This has been a kind gift from him and an extra-special cherry on the top of the Xmas pudding, especially as he has surprised me with a double set of iPad mini wallpapers made by him for the Half-Eaten Mind.

I have been keenly supporting Alex in his blogging hobby, guiding him and leaving helpful comments. He is much younger than me, and is in fact in the middle of exam period for the secondary school examinations known as GCSEs, so I have taken on the role of a sort of older blogging brother (hihihi). My visits to Alex’s blog (with the help of reminders on Twitter) has enabled the aspiring professional photographer to receive 1000 hits, which was his target before 2013 drew to a close. Alex…

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