A Quick Tip on How to Feature a Blog Post on the new Twenty Fourteen theme


Hello everyone!!! I wanted to share a quick and easy tip on how to feature a blog post on the new Twenty Fourteen theme. Below, I have provided a few easy steps on how you can feature a blog post while using the new Twenty Fourteen layout.

How to feature your blog post on the new Twenty Fourteen theme:

1. Click “Edit Post” on the post you have just published.


2. The “Add New Post” screen will appear with all the functions required for every blog post. You will also notice a Tags box under the Format box shown below in the iPad mini screenshot.


3. This is where the easy part kicks in, you’ll be able to add all the usual tags, such as words that you have used in your blog post, but to feature your blog post, you just add the tag Featured to the tags you have already added.


4. Click ‘Update‘ or ‘Publish‘ whatever button is available before or after publishing the blog post, and your blog’s home-page should come up with this:


5. Your blog post should now feature on your blog’s home-page in a formatted magazine layout, and is also handy as you will be able to click on the arrow for other posts you have featured.


Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope this step-by-step guide helped :-).

-Alex Smithson


    1. You’re welcome Jay, and thank you for the kind gesture about the new Twenty Fourteen layout, I really appreciated it 😊👍!!!!!!!

      -Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.


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