My Journey Through Photography – A Free Blogbook!!!

Hello everyone!!! I wanted to surprise you all by letting you know that I’ve just published a free digital book to Dropbox and is a blog-book based on my journey through photography. In this free digital blog-book, I have picked out the best and worst parts of photography, and have also done 2 pages based on my days out at Kelsey Park and Battersea Park, plus a page which talks about this blog. I also wanted to thank all of you bloggers and viewers for helping me to achieve and surpass my target of 2,000 views, these first few weeks of 2014 have been fantastic as I have almost reached the 3,000 view mark and have almost beaten the overall amount of views from June to December.

I also want to thank all my great blogging friends, including Vijay Shah and Ajay Tao as they have all inspired me to make my blog get this far, and I also want to thank my 2 main role models, Rhys Brown & Zofia Niemtus (Miss Niemtus as a mark of respect) for being the biggest inspirations overall. These 2 bloggers and my 2 main role models are a true inspiration to me and are also a true inspiration to us all.

The blog-book is free to download via Dropbox now: Click here to download your free copy of “My Journey Through Photography”

Thank you for reading this post, and I bet you’ll enjoy reading my little blogbook :-).

-Alex Smithson

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  1. Alex, I just want to wish you a heartfelt congrats on publishing your first photography e-book, as well as of course crediting the bloggers and real-life friends who have helped you (not naming any names lol). I will download a copy for myself upon completion of typing this here comment. I look forward to reading about your photo journey 🙂

    Best wishes,



    1. You’re very welcome Kilaheem, and thank you for the kind gesture, I really appreciated it. I apologise if I couldn’t reply earlier as I’m in the process of getting rid of my sore throat…again, thanks for dropping by, I really appreciated it :-)!!!

      Kind regards,

      -Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.


      1. LOL 😄 thank you for wishing me a speedy recovery Kilaheem, I really felt touched by the kind thought 😊👍!!!

        -Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.


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