Brazil 2014 World Cup | Iran vs. Nigeria

Now, in light of the game earlier, it’s a matter of cat and mouse to see who will score and who will be given the yellow or red card.

This match is full of high expectations and is also highly atmospheric, so there’s a chance that either team may score.

Iran 0-0 Nigeria

Nigeria‘s Godfrey Oboabona was carried off by stretcher after suffering the after-effects of a challenge against Charlton forward Rez Ghoochannejhad. He is now back on for the Super Eagles.

Joseph Yobo has just come on after Godfrey Oboabona was taken off the pitch.

Ooooh, what a save!!!!!!!!

I’m back, my apologies, I didn’t realise that the game was back on after the half time break finished, sorry :-).

Chris Waddle, BBC Sport (BBC Radio 5 Live): “Emmanuel Emenike will feed off Ameobi. Ameobi has got good technique and if they play the ball up to him, he’s strong and can link the play. I feel sorry for Victor Moses because he’d probably enjoy playing with Ameobi.”

It’s nearly the end of the match and the score counter is still sitting on 0-0. Wow…I’m actually quite shocked, but, at the end of the day, someone’s got to draw to qualify.

Chris Waddle, BBC Sport (BBC R5 Live): “Call it a park game or Sunday League football, it’s just cheap possession and anyone that gets in the final third panics and has no quality. If Iran get a draw out of this they’ll be delighted. The centre-forward for Iran has run himself into the ground and he needs someone up front with more legs. The ball’s coming back far too easily and they’re being forced deeper.”

Sola Akingbola: Where’s the creative player in this Nigerian team? Where’s the foundations for improvement?


…and that’s the end of the match. Check back soon for the final feed on Ghana vs USA.

Thanks for keeping pasted to this live blog feed :-).

-Alex Smithson


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