Shirley Hills

Hello everyone :-)!!!

In light of the blog post I published this morning, as promised, I have added the photos of Shirley Hills that I took back in April to this blog post for your viewing pleasure. Taking these photos reminded me of just how comfortable the viewpoint was, as well as the view around me.

As I took photos when I was at the viewpoint, the sky was cloudy, but didn’t stop me from getting good photos that would highlight my trip up to Shirley Hills. The view around me was panoramic, it was surreal, it was an experience that reminded me of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. It was like a journey of London in one full view.

I really enjoyed Shirley Hills, as it was a photographical opportunity I didn’t want to miss.

Below are the photos of Shirley Hills I took, and there is also an edited version of one of the photos I took that I filtered via Instagram. Feel free to download these and keep as a wallpaper at your own will :-).

On the 1st July, an all new blog experience will take place, and a special announcement will be made on that day as well…stay tuned!

Later on, I will be publishing a blog post about the Brazil 2014 World Cup…watch this space!

Thank you for viewing this blog post :-).

-Alex Smithson


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