Brazil 2014 World Cup | Brazil vs. Mexico

Following on from the match earlier between Belgium and Algeria earlier, the match between Brazil and Mexico has now begun. Make sure to stay tuned to this blog post as it will continue as the live blog feed.

Brazil 0-0 Mexico

Brad Friedel (Tottenham and Former USA Goalkeeper): “That was unbelievable, I’ve got goosebumps. This reminds me of my days playing in Turkey with Galatasaray, the volume levels here are absolutely incredible.”


Nearly 5 minutes into the first half, and already the atmosphere is full of high spirits and expectations.

Tom Rostance: “Mexico are in all red this evening and they instantly smash into the back of Neymar as he collected the ball. Paulinho fighting for the ball hard, like he has to fight for a bite to eat with his massive family. He fouls Andres Guardado though and from the delivery Thiago Silva heads over the bar. Paulinho fighting for the ball hard, like he has to fight for a bite to eat with his massive family. He fouls Andres Guardado though and from the delivery Thiago Silva heads over the bar.”

Infostrada Sports on Twitter: Brazil have played six World Cup matches against CONCACAF countries, winning all six, goal difference 18-2.

Mark Lawrenson (Football Analyst): “The game has started very quickly. Both teams are looking to put each other under real pressure.”

Tom Rostance: “There are 6,500 Mexican fans in the stadium, forming a huge red and green faction on the far side, really stands out from the yellow sea around them. Brazil are behind their side here.”

Brad Friedel: “Knowing the way in which Brazil will have wanted to start this match, I thought it would be important Mexico do something to take the sting out of the game and they are really trying to set their mark and show Brazil that they are here to play with their high pressing. They are here to attack Brazil and are not sitting back. I’ve been very impressed with the start of this game, they have Brazil on the back foot.”

Tom Rostance: “Fred tackles Neymar as the boy genius brings down a high ball. Not the best start for the bulky number nine.”

Brazil formation
Credit: BBC Sport

Brazil line up in a 4-3-3 formation with Ramires, who has come into the team for Hulk, starting on the right side of midfield. Paulinho of Tottenham is in the centre.

Fred is Brazil’s striker, with Neymar and Oscar playing as extra forwards.

Anon: I fancy David Luiz for a goal today. Oscar and Neymar delivering set pieces will cause Mexico big problems.

Tom Rostance: “You can’t knock David Luiz for optimism as the defender smashes a 45-yard free-kick into a Mexican chest.

How far out is too far out for Luiz to have a crack?”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Benjamin Thomas: Too much simulation in every game is making the football to hard to watch!! The associations need to put it right!!

Andy Patterson: So, will the Brazilians have a 12th man in the officials this match too…

Darren Sanderson: Surely a red card due in this game, this ref is renowned for it.

Mexico formation
Credit: BBC Sport

Mexico line up with wing-backs in a 5-3-2 formation. Oscar Peralta, who scored the only goal against Cameroon in the opener, is up top with Giovani Dos Santos just off him.

Daniel Sturridge
Credit: BBC Sport and Daniel Sturridge

“England striker Daniel Sturridge on Twitter: It’s crazy I’m still a fan watching the World Cup even though I’m playing. Swear down I love my job…”

Tom Rostance: “It’s a bright opening from Brazil. Some slick passing frees Dani Alves down the right but he can’t quite catch up with the pass and it runs out of play.”

Brad Friedel: “There were three occasions when Mexico’s players felt they’d been fouled and the first foul the referee blows for is for one on Neymar in the Mexican half. Do you think he might be feeling the pressure from the crowd today? What I like about Mexico’s back five is that it quickly turns into a back three allowing the two wing-backs to fly forward. They are going to try and cause Brazil problems, which is great to see.”

Neymar on the ground
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “No, he hits the side-netting, and was offside anyway, but what a pass from Oscar to pick the big man out. Lovely stuff, outside of the foot bender from the left wing. Oscar having a cracker of a World Cup so far. Four Mexican players have only had one touch each so far, but they are compact. Tackles flying in form both sides.”

Jon Gilbert: All those fans wearing the yellow top almost makes the ground look half empty.

Mark Lawrenson: “The fans were up and down the sea front at 5.30am and all the locals had something to do with Brazil on. Incredible.”

Tom Rostance: “Go on Fred! The lumbering target man causes havoc in the box after a jinking run from Neymar and Marcelo almost finds a man with a cross from the left. Has there ever been a less Brazilian striker than Fred? What a handful.”

Credit: BBC Sport

BBC Sport‘s Ben Smith in Fortaleza: “Fascinating opening to the game. Brazil have taken time to find their rhythm but they now appear to have a measure of control on this game. The atmosphere inside Estadio Casteloa is nothing short of incredible. The Mexico fans are generating a huge amount of noise and that is, in turn, pushing the Brazilian fans up another notch. Breathless start, brilliant atmosphere.”

Neymar has been fouled again and is now receiving some forms of treatment.

Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “I spent two evenings with thousands of Mexico fans in Germany eight years ago. They know their way around a party and they are making their contribution heard despite being hugely outnumbered. Luiz Gustavo, don’t ever do that again. The anchorman shoots left-footed from 35 yards and it’s as bad as you imagine it to be. Dire, and he sheepishly trots back to halfway. Brazil have had 70% of the ball so far but they’ve not forced Guillermo Ochoa into a save.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Donato: Good to hear a passionate Brazilian crowd which was positively lacking in opening game.

Jamie Brilley: I don’t think this ref is strong enough for this game. Too afraid to punish the players.

Benson Eji: Neymar is positively on fire.

Tom Rostance: Dani Alves into Fred – great ball but the big lad is just offside. He went too early. Mexico will be pleased with this, they’ve soaked up plenty of Brazilian ball without any real scares.

Brad Friedel: “I don’t really know what to say about that shot, it was from about 35 yards out and Luiz Gustavo got a few jeers from the crowd. Mexico to me look to be tiring just a little bit, they stopped pressuring Brazil and given the ball away a few times. They will have to get some of their energy back if they are to beat this Brazil side on home soil. Three or four times Brazil have revealed a weakness on the Mexico left. Paul Aguilar’s defensive capabilities have been exposed and Oscar has twice gotten past him too easily. It seems to me like that is where the goal is going to be coming from.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Yasin: Got to say Mourinho was right. Oscar is the best player for Brazil or possibly in the World Cup so far, sublime touch.

The Special One: Players who haven’t done well in domestic season are dominating in the world cup already e.g. Neymar, Fellaini and RVP.

Rob Clements: Hazard has the premiership headlines but Oscar is going to completely outplay him this World Cup.

Tom Rostance: “I’m not sure Marouane Fellaini is ‘dominating’ the World Cup…

Lovely run from Oribe Peralta, as the Mexicans threaten for the first time. He beats one man before being wrestled off the ball. He could have had a good penalty shout there but stayed on his feet.

Moments later Hector Herrera cannons in a shot from 25 yards which Julio Cesar turns over. The Mexicans are coming…”

 Brad Friedel: “That should be a corner for Mexico. Hector Herrera hits a good strike with power and it’s dipping. Julio Cesar makes a good save.”

Tom Rostance: “And what a save that is! At the other end Dani Alves bends in a peach of a cross, Neymar gets up to beat his man in the air and flick the ball toward the corner, only for Guillermo Ochoa to make a one-handed save. Quality stuff, and this game is coming to life.”

Guillermo Ochoa of Mexico dives to make a save
Credit: BBC Sport

Mark Lawrenson: “A marvellous cross and a great leap from Neymar.”

Tom Rostance: “It’s an option that no doubt Neymar would take himself, but you can watch every move the Brazilian number 10 makes on and off the ball should you wish.”

Brad Friedel: “This has really livened up. Guillermo Ochoa has had a very good season with Ajaccio in France. I think he is a very good goalkeeper and as you can see he is quite a calm figure in the goal. A terrific save down low to his right from an excellent Neymar header.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Rafi Max Dover: Oribe Peralta looks a quality player, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in Europe next year even though he’s 30.

AbkibaarModiSarkar: Now some end to end stuff and perhaps the 1966 Gordon Banks kinda save by the Mexican keeper.

Chris: Is Fred Brazilian? He doesn’t look Brazilian or play like one. In fact you couldn’t have a more un-Brazilian name.

Ben Smith: “This has been a gripping 30 minutes of football. We’ve had chances at both ends, thunderous challenges, brilliant saves and some moments of genuine magic. And all played in a cauldron of an atmosphere here in Fortaleza. What a tremendous advert for the World Cup, even without the goals. Brazil marginally on top, but Mexico look very dangerous when they come forward.”

Tom Rostance: “After 10 minutes of Brazilian pressure Mexico get out and win a free-kick which comes to nothing in the end. We are closing in on half-time and there’s perhaps the first sense of impatience in the air.”

Brad Friedel: “Brazil defend the free kick and it is in situations like that you want your big men to take charge. Thiago Silva heading away the danger. For me so far he is the focal point. I know everyone talks about Neymar but Thiago Silva is the foundation for this team.”

Tom Rostance: “This has been the difficult second album for Brazil thus far. We’ve given it 40 minutes but I’ve not heard a killer single yet. A few meandering guitar licks from Neymar aside it’s not really grabbed the attention. Hopefully Side B will be wall-to-wall gold. Mexico work the ball well from right to left, they tee up Jose Vazquez for a drive from 25 yards and he cuts across it, firing it just wide of the far corner.”

Mark Lawrenson: “You can tell by the goalkeeper’s dive he wasn’t so sure that was going wide. Brazil just haven’t got going at all so far. I’d be worried there is no flowing football at all.”

Brad Friedel: “The tactics of both managers have been very intriguing, I think both have got it spot on. It looks like a goal will only come through after a mistake or a loose pass in the middle for Brazil. As for Mexico, perhaps they will score from a free-kick, or breaking down the left wing where they could draw Thiago Silva out of that central position, because he he has been totally dominant there so far.”

Tom Rostance: “Another top save! Brazil work a clever free-kick, they snap the offside trap and the ball ends up at the feet of David Luiz eight yards out, he tries to flick it home but Guillermo Ochoa is on him in a flash, smothering the effort at source. Great stuff. Moments later Ramires goes in the book for a hack on Paul Aguilar.”

Mark Lawrenson: “Big chance and a big save. Three Brazilians were waiting to pounce.”



Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Barneys Blarney: Fancy Mexico to snatch this 2-0. Brazil all puff and no huff.

patrick: This Brazilian team isn’t as awesome as their names sound, I get the feeling the Mexicans will steal a goal tonight.

Tom Garry: I’m not entirely convinced you can win a world cup with Fred upfront

Brad Friedel: “Mexico have played very well, after all the energy in the stadium before the game they had to do something and they came out of the traps to pressure Brazil and set the tone of the game. Brazil have tried to win the balls in the middle of the pitch and have been successful at times. Guillermo Ochoa made an outstanding save to keep it level at half time. I think people thought it would be a high-scoring game with more chances, but that may come in the second half.”

Thierry Henry: “Mexico are difficult to beat and Rafael Marquez is controlling the game in the middle at the moment.”

Dan, London: How is Phillipe Coutinho not in this Brazil team?! To watch him link up and provide for Neymar would be a joy.

Ben Smith: “Fortaleza pauses for breath. Brazil are, once again, struggling to find the fluent, flamboyant football we know they are capable of. Great credit to Mexico, they have stifled Brazil and closed down their options but they have also given just as much as they have got. Neymar, perhaps, had the best chance of the half, but Mexico drew one excellent save from Julio Cesar and went close on two other occasions. Brazil just need a bit of inspiration in the final third.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Ben Smith

Alan Shearer: “Fred has infuriated me. He has been lazy at times, it is frustrating. He has the ability and has a decent record but I’m sure the coach will be telling him he must do more.”


Pat Nevin (BBC Radio 5 Live): “Mexico will be the much happier side, they have got the ball into dangerous areas and created a couple of good chances. They forced Julio Cesar into making a good save and I think the tactics have worked an absolute treat for them.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Donna: Too much of the ref. Too many folk falling on the floor. 2nd half is sure to be a belter!

Khattab: Mexico are well organised. Herrera will do damage up front.

Stuart McQuitty: Do Brazil pick Fred to give everyone else a chance?

Tom Rostance: “Brazil do make a change at the break – Bernard for Ramires. Can the Shakhtar man do it? Mexico get us under way. Bernard in straight away! Great pace down the right to get to the line and fire i a great cross but Neymar can’t quite meet it. Incisive from the substitute. Oscar then lashes over the bar. This is better already.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Paul Burton: Expecting a Brazilian rush this half. Watch out Mexico it’s gonna get hotter.

Adedamola Olanrewaju: Can anyone pls tell me apart from Fred who else does Brazil have as a main striker. Fred is just ridiculous.

Loki: Surprised that Ramires has gone off; not #bra worst player by any means… Like Bernard though; smiley face.

Tom Rostance: “Oscar has moved back into the middle since that half-time change. Brazil seeing all of the ball since the break but can they force their way through the Mexican ranks?”

Caroline Teixeira, from Salvador, Brazil: “If Brazil carries on playing like this, we will lose! The first half was a fiasco.”

Junior Falanque, from Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil: “Neymar’s and Dani Alves’ hair aren’t bringing any luck to the team. Wake up, Braziiiiiiil!”

Tom Rostance: “No Hulk for Brazil tonight, but plenty of support for the injured forward in the stands. That early surge from Bernard was perhaps a false dawn as Brazil have been sluggish since. Mexico now win a corner.”

Brazil fan wearing Incredible Hulk mask
Credit: BBC Sport

Jake Corrigan: Bernard is such a young talent, if anyone’s going to change the game for Brazil, it’s him.

Brad Friedel: “This second half has started with much less energy, but what we have seen is an important tactical change from Brazil. Immediately you can see the effect Bernard going up to play closer to Fred has had on the Mexico team. Miguel Layun can no longer play so high up the pitch. A very good tactical move by Luiz Scolari. It looks like Mexico have set a little more to counter, but for me they have to do it a touch quicker to get anything on target.”

Tom Rostance: “Even stevens so far in the second half as Giovani dos Santos gets a shot away but it’s deflected into the arms of Julio Cesar. That is close though! Paulinho lets Hector Herrera turn inside and get off a shot which flies across the face of goal and over the top.”

Mark Lawrenson: “Still there is a lack of urgency from Brazil.”

Vanessa, from Sao Paulo: “A little less hair dye and little more defence, please.”

Rodrigo, from Sao Paulo: “The Mexicans dressed themselves like the Dutch to scare Brazil.”

Dan Roan (BBC Sport – News Correspondent): “View high above Copacabana as thousands watch Brazil v Mexico on giant screens on the beach.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Dan Roan

Ben Smith: “Brazil are really up against it here. Any semblance of fluency has gone, they just look short of ideas and appear to be waiting for Neymar or Oscar to conjure something from nothing. Mexico look in control of the midfield battle, there are signs of panic in the way Brazil are clearing the ball and this is now a genuine test of their credentials as World Cup favourites.”

Tom Rostance: “Time to hit Jo? Fred has offered nothing in attack since the opening 20 minutes.”

Brad Friedel: “Giovani Dos Santos is very dangerous when he cuts inside, he has a powerful left foot strike, it’s fortunate for Brazil that his shot took a deflection and the sting was taken out of it. The Premier League isn’t for everybody but he is a very good player, technically gifted. Brazil look a little static, they are not really trying to break the lines with any real pace. When Mexico get into a rhythm they are very good on the ball. I’m really surprised they struggled to qualify but that is what happens when you bring in four managers in six weeks.”

Tom Rostance: “Four managers in six weeks – just like being back at Tottenham Brad…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Simon: Brazil have been living on their reputation for a while now. It won’t be long before they can’t even do that!

Dan: I can see Mexico stealing this.

Dan, Edinburgh (via text): With Fred and Bernard on the pitch, Brazil are now just a Pat, Don and Len away from recreating the famous 1954 Cleckheaton cloth cap pigeon fanciers, West Yorkshire 5-a-side champions.

Tom Rostance: “Neymar lines up the free-kick from 30-odd yards, it’s a good effort but always flying just wide. We’ve had five shots on target tonight but only one of any real quality.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Adam Foley: Are Brazil being cautious as they don’t want to play Spain in the next round and rather play Holland??

Lynne Currie: Where is Willian? Surely he could help with attack!

Jordan Cortez: Mexico just firing at will now, can’t really see them scoring other than a lucky deflection.

Mark Lawrenson: “When that ball came into the penalty area, Fred never moved. He absolutely never moved.”

Tom Rostance: “Supersub Jo is warming up for Brazil. He did a good job in the Confederations Cup last summer. Here he is! Jo on for Fred. They are certainly lacking a top-class number nine, as are most sides these days it seems. Can the Man City reject sort it out? Better! Better! Bernard floats it in to the back post, Neymar brings the ball down on his chest and lashes in a shot which is again well saved by Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican keeper having a stormer.”

Liz Tray: I’m not entirely certain that this poor Brazil team would have qualified for the WC. Their best hope is a Man City failure?!

Brad Friedel: “Another wonderful save from Guillermo Ochoa, he is having an outstanding game. Just as we were talking about Brazil needing somebody to step up he is forced into a save by the main man Neymar. It will take a special performance to beat Brazil in Brazil, because they have so many match-winners their side. Since Jo has come on his little bit of movement makes the three Mexico defenders stay back. When Fred was playing he was stationary.”

Tom Rostance: “A bit more belief and Mexico could nick this. Manchester United goalpoacher Javier Hernandez is now on. Can he find the winner?”

Brad Friedel: “What a difference a substitution makes. Brazil now have four or five players trying to get on the end of crosses. For the first 25 minutes I don’t think I saw Fred in the box once. A little bit more movement and suddenly they are getting all these chances. Far more exciting now from Brazil, they are going forward quickly, in numbers and with conviction.”

Tom Rostance: “That’s better! Bernard frees Jo with a lovely slide-rule pass, the lanky striker has time but shoots wide first-time with his left foot. You had time! You had time! The most useless Sunday League shout you can do. But I’ll do it anyway. You had time Jo! Sounds like there’s a ‘Brazil are useless’ bandwagon about to depart from Fortaleza station. Stopping at Rejection, Disappointment, Backstabbing Central and Shattered Dreams Parkway…

Vanishing spray
Credit: BBC Sport

Filth from Thiago Silva as he chops down Javier Hernandez, the Brazilian defence were all over the place there. He’s in the book and rightly so. This could be dangerous. A free-kick central from 20 yards out.”

Brad Friedel: “What I like about Mexico is that each time Brazil have put them on the back foot they have come back and made a try of their own. They would have taken 0-0 v Brazil in Fortaleza all day long. Javier Hernandez is showing his sharpness, he has got fresh legs. He’s doing very well since he came on with strong, quick, sharp runs. And now he is getting all the Mexico fans behind the Brazil goal revved up.”

Tom Rostance: “Gio dos Santos hits the free-kick into the wall, Brazil break half-heartedly and Jo can’t get on to Neymar’s searching pass. Into the last 10 and it’s been one of the worst games of the tournament.”

Liam, Manchester (via text): David Luiz has consistently struggled against Javier Hernandez. Can he sneak a winner for Mexico?

Tom Rostance: “The fan parks in Brazil will be subdued by this showing. Here comes Willian though, on for Chelsea team-mate Oscar.”

Fans of the Brazilian football team watch a match on a giant screen in the "Fan Fest" area
Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

SunderlandAFC99: Surely not two 0-0 draws in two nights after no draws for ages! Hope that the best part of the World Cup is not over!

Dr Beaker: Horrid challenge by Thiago Silva but a brilliant honest reaction by him to both Hernandez and the referee.

Les Turner: Over £400 million on the pitch and no one can score. Poor game.

Tom Rostance: “Into the last five minutes and Mexico are close to a big point. Silly foul on the wing though gifts Brazil a crossing chance!”

Ben Smith: “The atmosphere inside this stadium is on a knive-edge. Brazil fans are desperately willing their side on but there is a palpable tension and fear as well. Luis Felipe Scolari looks frustrated and frenetic down the touchline below me, this really hasn’t gone to plan for Brazil. And he knows it.”

Tom Rostance: “Tremendous save again! Thiago Silva has a free header from five yards out, he has to score, but he can’t beat Guillermo Ochoa who pushes his header away brilliantly. Fine save, poor finish. And he knows it.”

Llwyd, Manchester: With so many quality attacking players on show, Rafael Marquez and Thiago Silva have been the best two players on the pitch. Top quality.

Tom Rostance: “Into the last minute and Andres Guardado curls one over the bar from wide on the right. Into three minutes of added time…Raul Jimenez tests Julio Cesar with a dipping shot and Javier Hernandez is close to turning in the loose ball. A Brazil defeat would really rock the boat…

Brad Friedel: “Another one just over the bar from Mexico – that is probably five that Julio Cesar has seen just over his bar. Those cross-shots are very difficult for a goalkeeper. Marcelo went down but the Mexico defender never touched him, you have got to book Marcelo there. It should be a yellow card for a dive. It was almost worse than Fred’s dive against Croatia.”

…and, that’s the end of the match between Brazil and Mexico. Check back at 11:00PM for the match against Russia and South Korea.

Thank you for keeping updated on this blog post, and I will make sure the last blog post for the night rounds off a very atmospherical day :-).

Thank you for reading this blog feed.

-Alex Smithson

11 thoughts on “Brazil 2014 World Cup | Brazil vs. Mexico

  1. I got to admit, this wasn’t what we normally expect from Brazil. Certainly not their best performance by a long mile. I have to hand it to Ochoa the Mexico goalkeeper though. He doesn’t look the part, but he really held his own in this game. Still a shocking result for Forca Brasil though.



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