Brazil 2014 World Cup | Spain vs. Chile

Hello everyone!!! I apologise if I haven’t blogged the live feed straight away as I have just purchased a Space Upgrade for this blog, but, now I’m back to the live feed, I will read updates from BBC Sport, and any quotes that any of the football commentators put up on BBC Sport, I will make sure to copy and paste here for all of you to read.

Spain 0 -2 Chile

In almost 20 minutes, there are no current signs showing for either team, but, if Spain don’t win today’s match, they will not only lose, but will also mean that they’ll be knocked out.


Already 30+ minutes in and there is some sort of a sign of another goal on the way from either Spain or Chile, things seem to be looking up a bit.

BBC Sport’s David Ornstein in Rio: “It is impossible to explain the celebrations inside the Maracana as Eduardo Vargas put Chile ahead but let’s just say the wild dance of delight performed by coach Jorge Sampaoli in the technical area was replicated – but with even more vigour – by seemingly every single one of his team’s fans in the stands. The widest of smiles, the tightest of embraces and even some tears. The noise is impossibly loud. Spain coach Vicente del Bosque has retreated to his seat in the dugout; his team are under immense pressure to respond, their World Cup title defence hanging by a threat.”

Tom Rostance: “Nice idea from Jordi Alba with a clever reverse pass but Diego Costa is a few pages behind in the instruction manual. Or is that Manuel? Eduardo Vargas, by the way, has scored 13 goals in 17 games for Chile. The Valencia man is a class act. A lot of people feel that way about Spain, Rob. When they move it at speed they are brilliant to watch but when they slow it down I have to admit it can be tedious. Tedium is not an option for them now though. They will be out unless they score at least once.”

Rob, Sheffield (by text): Hopefully Spain will go out and it will be the final nail in the coffin of the hideous and tedious tiki-taka. If I want to watch six midfielders knock it about amongst themselves for minutes on end I will go watch a training session. Chile to win 3-1.

Tom Rostance: “A few frustrated looks as another slick Spain move comes to nothing. Diego Costa was an island up front again, nobody bursting forwards to join him and Chile’s three-man defence snaffled it up. Into the last 10 minutes of the half.”

Diego Costa
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Murphy: “Seeing them in the flesh it’s painfully obvious that Spain really lack pace in the final third. Only Pedro has the pace to go past people. Andres Iniesta can do it in a silky way but David Silva and Diego Costa don’t have the pace to get in behind so everything’s in front of Chile at the moment. Tactically Chile have been spot on and their work-rate is excellent. It’s about doing it for the 90 minutes because Spain will keep passing and they have got options on the bench. The intense pressure from the Chileans creates sloppiness.”


Tom Rostance: “Xabi Alonso‘s scrappy half boils over into an ugly sliding tackle on Mauricio Isla, and he is booked. The silky smooth man has been sandpaper rough today.”

Xabi Alonso of Spain against Chile
Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Alex Nunez: Spain have no midfield. Chile have pressed them very well and Spain are not having a a good evening!

fromthekidrauhl: Spain are playing badly but Chile are playing dirty. How many fouls have there been already? About a hundred.

Tom Rostance: “There have been 13 fouls in the game so far. Let’s not exaggerate. You can’t give Charles Aranguiz that much space! Again it’s poor goalkeeping from Iker Casillas, who punches out a straightforward free-kick from Alexis Sanchez right back in to danger. Hats off to Aranguiz though, whose finish from there on in is magnificent. One touch to tame the spinning ball, before planting a curler into the top corner with the outside of his right foot. Spain in a real, real mess. They are heading out of the World Cup…”

Charles Aranguiz pokes home Chile's second against Spain
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Murphy: “That is crazy from Iker Casillas, I’d have caught that. It’s an average free-kick and he should catch that all day. Great touch from Charles Aranguiz, a little toe end, you have to give him all the credit in the world. If he’s punching that he has to punch it wide and there isn’t too much pace on the free-kick. I’d say I felt sorry for him if he hadn’t made three mistakes against the Dutch but that’s a huge mistake from the goalkeeper. It’s easy to criticise goalkeepers and I don’t say it flippantly but that’s a terrible decision from him.”

Spain keeper Iker Casillas after Chile take the lead
Credit: BBC Sport and Danny Murphy


Tom Rostance: “A noticeable shift in gear early in the second half from Spain. Pedro tries to get in behind but he is well closed down.”

Tony Pulis: It’s down to the Spain players now, they need to play the half of their lives. Defensively I am amazed they have been getting caught out two-on-two, and going forward they have got leg-beaters in the team, but they aren’t doing that, there are no runners off Diego Costa. Koke will give the team more legs and energy. They need people to break their necks to get in the box. They’ve got 45 minutes to do it. There is no hanging around now.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “Got to score! That’s a big chance for Spain as Diego Costa is picked out in the penalty area, his first touch is good but hedelays a second or two and then his shot is well blocked away. A big chance.”

Daniel Widdis (via text message): King Juan Carlos of Spain has just signed the bill abdicating, looks like his team are following suit.

Tom Rostance: “Koke’s first telling contribution sees him give it away. But there’s thumbs up from the Spanish players, get one early and they will believe.”

Tony Pulis: “It was a poor first touch from Diego Costa and the defender has done very well to cover. Costa needed three or four touches to control the ball and you just wonder whether he has lost a little bit of sharpness after being out injured. He was putting those away all season for Atletico Madrid last year.”

Danny Murphy: “Costa has looked a shadow of the player from earlier this season who was burying those chances. Of course you’re going to say you’re fit but it’s the manager’s responsibility more than anyone else’s.”

Tom Rostance: “What a sitter! Sergio Ramos hits a free-kick right at Claudio Bravo, who also punches it unconvincingly away. Diego Costa reacts well to hook an overhead kick across goal, and Sergio Busquets is open at the back stick. All he has to do is meet the ball properly and he scores, But instead it hits him on the ankle and rolls wide! What a miss…”

Credit: BBC Sport
Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Mark Lynch: I can’t believe Spain didn’t pick Navas. Might not have had a great season but genuine pace which is something this team lacks.

Gemma Hudson-Green: Costa you’re actually starting to make Torres look like the ‘go to’ guy right now!! The mighty have fallen!

Titus Kiseu: I’ve said it over and over that Spain game has been overtaken by time and pundits console them saying its reckless statement.

Tom Rostance: “The good news for Spain is that in the opening 10 minutes they have created two good chances. The terrible news is that they shanked them both and are looking at an early World Cup exit…”

Spain v Chile
Credit: BBC Sport

Tony Pulis: “I think we’ll see a lot of this now, Chile players going down and breaking the play up. To be honest I can’t see much wrong with Koke’s challenge on Charles Aranguiz.”

Tom Rostance: “Charles Aranguiz is down and having treatment, Dr, Danny Murphy has already diagnosed it…”

Danny Murphy: “Spain have to make more changes shortly, maybe 10 more minutes, maybe give Fernando Torres or David Villa a chance. I’d always leave Iniesta on but Silva hasn’t done enough.”

Tom Rostance: “Spain work it nicely down the right but they turn down two or three shooting opportunities and the chance has gone. Sometimes you have to have a dig!”

Gareth Vaughan: Watching Spain play this incompetent brand of football is like watching Claude Monet painting with finger paints.

Matt in Bristol: A little bit sad seeing Spain like this. A drunk that was sober for eight years has fallen off the wagon in front of the world. The passing has gone, the confidence has gone, the teamwork has gone.

Christian, Rickmansworth: You say that the era of tika taka has ended – but doesn’t Santi Cazorla play good tika taka football for Arsenal, as well as being direct? Get him on!

Tom Rostance: “Fernando, it’s now or never! Chile replace the injured Charles Aranguiz with Felipe Gutierrez, while Spain send on the prodigal number nine, Fernando Torres. He replaces Diego Costa. Chile working so hard to deny Spain time and space on the ball. It’s a masterclass in high pressing.”

Fernando Torres replaces Diego Costa in Spain v Chile
Credit: BBC Sport
Alexis Sanchez of Chile presses the Spanish midfield
Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Richard Dawson: I’ve an idea for you Del Bosque, why not try two strikers?? Maybe try a plan b?

Andrew Stafford: Spain desperately lacking pace and look out of ideas. Leaving Navas behind was a definite mistake.

Hamza Bhatti: Bringing Torres on when you need a goal is like turning up to a house fire with a water pistol.

Tom Rostance: “What a chance! Should be 3-0 as Mauricio Isla slides in at the back post after a great counter-attack from Chile, he is on the stretch like Gazza in 96 and can’t control the effort, firing over!”

Danny Murphy: “Spain don’t have the energy to win the ball high up they have to keep trying to build slowly and you need something different. It looks like they’ll just have to keep trying to grind away and make some chances.”

Tom Rostance: “This is playing into Chile’s hands perfectly. Spain are leaving themselves open at the back and another great break from Alexis Sanchez ends with Felipe Gutierrez heading wide on the charge. This will either end 2-2 or 4-0…”

Tony Pulis: “For all the possession Spain have had Chile still look dangerous on the break. They haven’t stopped looking for that third goal and when they get forward they get forward in numbers. But they don’t half get back in numbers to defend as well.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

VB: If we thought the Netherlands were good, Chile have destroyed Spain too. It’s hard to draw conclusions.

Tim Marler: Spain are playing like they’ve already gone out, not like they’ve got 30 minutes to salvage their World Cup.

Philip McCosker: I feel very sorry for Sergio Busquets. Replays of that miss will haunt him for the rest of his career.

Tom Rostance: “That miss from Sergio Busquets feels like a key moment. If that had been buried we would be in for a grandstand finish. As it is it looks like a comfortable enough ending for Chile now.”

Spain v Chile
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Murphy: “Arturo Vidal isn’t playing like someone who has been injured and it’s not just his quality. His running stats, his desire to win the ball back for his team, from a so-called star has been wonderful. The amount of credit that goes to these players, what they’re doing here and playing this way in this humidity is so difficult and it takes a lot of hard work.”

Tom Rostance: “Spain are 13 minutes away from elimination. Unlucky for them. Santi Cazorla’s first foray sees him dispossessed by a brilliant sliding tackle. Chile’s pace and energy has been superb. Chile give the ball away cheaply but Spain make a royal hash of it. They had a three-on-three break but the decision making and pace was so slow. They cough it up. Seconds later Santi Cazorla bends a shot wide from 20 yards. Good save in fact.”

Spain fan
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “Into the last five minutes of Spain’s World Cup challenge. Destroyed by the Dutch and now cauterized by Chile.”

Tom, Long Sutton (via text message): Willing to bet that Diego Costa regrets his international choice now! A chance to play for Brazil at a home World Cup? Or a faltering end-of-an-era side?



Tom Rostance: “Chile showboating now, Alexis Sanchez twisting away from a man and playing it all the way back to the goalkeeper. Hang on – SIX MINUTES added on?”

Danny Murphy: “Everywhere around the pitch Chile have had commanding performances. They’ve been caught a few times but the mentality to maintain their level can’t be underestimated and it’s credit to the manager for giving them the freedom to do it.”

Tony Pulis: “That would have made for an interesting last five minutes. But we’re coming to an end of what has been a great era of Spanish football. How many of the Spain players have lived up to who they are and played to their top form? Whether that was because their season has finished later than most I’m not sure. I really wanted them to do well at this World Cup. I feel for Vicente Del Bosque – one of the great managers. Spain have had the majority of possession but the Chileans have looked more dangerous. They have played fantastically well. It will be interesting to see that last match between Netherlands and Chile, which is likely to decide who will play Brazil in the next round.”


Thank you for viewing this live blog feed. Make sure to check back in an hour for the match between Cameroon and Croatia.

Thank you for viewing this blog feed.

-Alex Smithson

15 thoughts on “Brazil 2014 World Cup | Spain vs. Chile

  1. Do you really think Chile will win? With all respect, but i can hardly believe that… my country didn’t even made it through the World Cup though…Belgium and Croatia took 1st and 2nd place in our qualification group.


      1. In honesty, if it was the other way around, with Spain winning, then the match would’ve played out a lot better, I was a little disappointed, but, life goes on, and even though Spain were eliminated, they were able to leave with their heads held high knowing they did their absolute best and tried to give the match 110% :-).


      2. Honestly, i doubt that… i don’t think they tried their best. If they did, than they would at least play it draw. 🙂


      3. Lol you are right there! 😀

        And i think Germany might win the cup. 🙂 Or even Brazil which has the top goal scorer among referees called Nishimura haha.


  2. Wow…reading your coverage was almost as intense as watching the match itself. I could imagine the commentators whipping themselves into a foamy frenzy as Spain went down like the Armada of old.
    It’s a big shame for them, never thought in a million years they would go from World Cup champions to toddlers in a nursery playground. Just amazed. Better luck in 2018, Espana.



    1. Lol thanks Vijay, I mainly copy the quotes and pictures that commentators put up on the BBC Sport website into every football blog post I make to save time. Mainly I also add my own thoughts in to show my general ideas of the match as it happens :-).

      Alex Smithson


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