Kelsey Park: Revisited

Hello everyone!!! As promised, I revisited Kelsey Park earlier this year, marking almost a year since my last visit. This time round when I visited Kelsey Park, it was like a welcome of open arms, as the weather around me was just right, it was perfect, the breeze was comfortable and I felt like I wanted to stay there all day.

When I revisited Kelsey Park back in April, I was able to get a glance at getting more photos of the squirrels, geese and some new kinds of ducks that were at the park. For the first time, I actually got to see a new breed of duck which I had never seen before. The new duck I saw when I visited Kelsey Park was the Male Mandarin, and if you look closely at its feathery wings, the tonal colours of its wings show the overall vibrancy.

Some of these Male Mandarin Ducks can often be found either on land or in water, and I saw at least one or more of them when I revisited Kelsey Park back in April. Seeing these male mandarin ducks for the first time was an all new addition to the park, as well as the heron, which was also another added addition to Kelsey Park.

As well as being there, I managed to get a few photos of some different squirrels, though the two best photo moments were when one of the squirrels sat in perfect position eating the nuts he gathered, while the other squirrel stood up with his hands almost firmly together, which showed an obvious sign he wanted to get some nuts, which I thought were the best moments that highlighted my visit to Kelsey Park.

Life is always full of surprises when you visit a place like Kelsey Park, as you can get special moments there that will live with you for the rest of your life.

As always, I aim to make every visit count and get as many photo moments I can that will highlight the days out that I’ve been places.

Before I get started on the next blog post to go live in a few minutes regarding the Brazil 2014 World Cup, feel free to download these photos and keep for use at anytime, even set them as wallpapers for anything that may be for an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, and even Android Devices.

Below this post, I have pinned the article of “A Great Day Out at Kelsey Park!”  if you want to have a look back on this article and on the first Kelsey Park article I did last year :-).

Thank you for viewing this blog post.

-Alex Smithson


    1. Thank you so much Vijay, these photos were taken as well back in April, and I wanted to re-live the experience by getting some more photos that made the visit feel more recent…again, thank you :-).

      Alex Smithson


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