Brazil 2014 World Cup | Uruguay vs. England

My apologies, the Japan vs. Greece blog feed was meant to go live at 11:00PM, but I will make sure to update that feed as that match starts later on, for now, this live feed will be based on the Uruguay vs. England match.

Uruguay 2-1 England


Nearly 20 minutes in and already there are some good signs showing for England. It will be interesting to see if England can rack up some goals in the 90-minute match against Uruguay.

Former England Defender Phil Neville: “It has been an outstanding start to the game, with a real high tempo from both sides.”

Tom Rostance: “Martin Caceres and his ridiculous shorts lump the ball downfield for Uruguay, Luis Suarez is offside though and he blames Caceres for delaying the pass. A few tackles flying in early doors in the middle. What a strike! Phil Jagielka miscues his clearance, it runs out to Cristian Rodriguez 25 yards out, and he catches it sweet as a nut! Lovely hit, always rising and just over Joe Hart’s crossbar. Not by very much though. At all!”

Former England International Danny Mills: “The game hasn’t really settled, everyone looks a bit nervous and there are one or two needless passes going astray. Luis Suarez will be the key. England have to concentrate around their box, those little one-twos will be their downfall, if anything.”

BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty in Sao Paulo: “No surprise that Luis Suarez is fired up for this – a few of his Uruguay team-mates have already been on the receiving end of some strong verbals from him for failing to close England down quickly enough.”

Tom Rostance: “Nice. Nice. Good stuff from England, with Wayne Rooney and Raheem Sterling linking up neatly before Daniel Sturridge has a shot deflected over the top. Uruguay conceded from a set-piece against Costa Rica…but they defend that one well.”

Former England International Chris Waddle (BBC Radio 5 Live): “A great effort from Cristian Rodriguez, it just went about a half-yard over the bar and Joe Hart was beaten. Uruguay are playing a good tempo and closing England down. I’m sure Luis Suarez will have said press England and they will give the ball away and that is what’s happening. Down the other end England attack but you just want them to slow the ball down, it’s very hard to play so quick.”

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HABIB JAN: Come on England, move ahead, it’s your day, plz do it, don’t rush, stay calm and hit it on target. Make England Proud.

Team Germany: England not aggressive as many expected.. They are lacking tempo.

Andrew Insley: England looking edgy, need to relax.

Tom Rostance: “Raheem Sterling is on a booking and needs to keep his cool as he flies into a tackle in midfield, referee Carlos Carballo of Spain just leads him away from the tussle. No card as of yet. England have outpassed Uruguay 104 to 80 so far. They’re basically the new Spain…”

Phil Neville: “Every time Raheem Sterling gets the ball two or three Uruguay players are around him. He is obviously going to be a marked man. I was speaking to Paulo Sergio at breakfast this morning and he said Sterling was the closest player to a Brazilian footballer, that is some compliment.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil Neville

Tom Rostance: “Another fluffed clearance, this time from Gary Cahill, but England are OK. Touch wood, we’ve not seen much from Luis Suarez yet…”

Former England International Chris Waddle: “Luis Suarez looks about 75% fit. You can really tell any time he has to run more than 10 yards, they want to get it into his feet. So far England have not settled. They look edgy and nervous. Uruguay don’t look brilliant but they look more relaxed than this England side and they are moving the ball quicker and causing problems. You just want England to get a bit more width and switch the play earlier. I think a few of these players look a bit leggy from the first game.”

Phil Neville: “Luis Suarez doesn’t look fit to me in the way he is moving around. He has only just had a knee operation, 28 days is not a long time to get back playing.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil Neville

Tom Rostance: “The game just slowing down a touch after a frantic start. Raheem Sterling guilty of another foul on the wing as he looked to get away from his man.”

Via Text Message

Frank, Cwmbran: If Jordan Henderson is an international central midfielder then I’m George Clooney, what an error to leave our Andrea Pirlo – Michael Carrick – in Ibiza.

Craig, Bangor: Currently drumming at a primary school play, streaming the game on my tablet and watching it on my music stand! I’d prefer the sofa, but this’ll have to do!

Tom Rostance: “Good goalkeeping from Joe Hart, he comes and claims a very dangerous free-kick from Luis Suarez.”

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Matt Barron: Noticeably, England less willing to shoot from range in the final third as they were against Italy. Let it fly lads! ‏

Daniel Hirst: Very shaky start and lots of slipping over from #ENG players. Worried.

Pooksalater: It’s not good but it was never going to be- too much at stake. 1-0 will do.

Tom Rostance: “Uruguay looking a threat now, Edinson Cavani is almost in on a diagonal pass but Gary Cahill reads it well and hooks clear. Great defending. England then almost concede from another smart corner, as Cavani shoots over the top after a neat pull-back.”

Juliette Ferrington (BBC Sport): “Edgy looking England fans on the Copacabana.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Juliette Ferrington

Chris Waddle: “There is only one team playing at the minute. England are all over the shop, there is no composure and nobody wants to put their foot on the ball.”

Tom Rostance: “Lovely touch from Daniel Sturridge sends Danny Welbeck away down the left, but the Manchester United man runs it out of play under pressure. If only Wayne Rooney was on the left…I’m joking before you start. Cynical stuff from Diego Godin too, he’s on a booking and obstructs Raheem Sterling. Lucky man. Steven Gerrard’s free-kick is a tester but Uruguay head it out well. Should Diego Godin have seen red there? He’s a fortunate man in my book. Another wild challenge! Martin Caceres this time, hooking Danny Welbeck down. Can England make one of these count? Wayne Rooney hits the crossbar! It is a good delivery again from Steven Gerrard, looping over the keeper and Rooney on the stretch heads against the bar from almost in the goalmouth! So close again…”

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RossCo: England needing higher tempo. Get Jack and Ox, On!

Gareth Griffiths: Bring on Lallana.

Andrew: At the moment, England don’t look like they want to win this. Make that, don’t look like they can win anything.

Match stats
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “Wayne Rooney was no more than two yards out there but he couldn’t do a lot more, it was a great ball in and he just couldn’t get over it.”

Chris Waddle: “Wayne Rooney does well to get on the end of Steven Gerrard’s free-kick but it just doesn’t come down, he’s about a yard off the line but can’t get over the ball and is oh so unlucky.”

Tom Rostance: “Wayne Rooney has gone close twice in the first half in Sao Paulo, he’s been much more involved in what has been a strong display so far.”

Via Text Message

Mo, Manchester: I don’t understand Roy Hodgson, Raheem Sterling is better in the centre, and Daniel Sturridge is better as a finisher, so there’s better players to play Wayne Rooney’s role. Instead of changing the team around him how about just take him out the starting 11.

Guv, London: I never thought I’d hear Andrea Pirlo and Michael Carrick mentioned in the same breath but Frank did it…

Rob, Warrington: I really don’t see the point of Jordan Henderson, when we need a link between midfield and attack there are so many better options!

Tom Rostance: “Not from there Daniel. Sturridge lines up a shot from 40 yards out and nearly clears the temporary seating behind that goal. Highly ambitious stuff. Into the last 10 minutes of the first half.”

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Steve G: If Rooney hadn’t had that hair transplant that’s a goal!

Danny Mills: “Not massively better from England. Uruguay are still snapping into challenges and working a bit harder. England need a bit more composure at times. Steven Gerrard has got to start bossing that midfield area. It was so unlucky for Wayne Rooney though, he was almost too close to the goal. Uruguay have got a very young and inexperienced centre-back in Jose Gimenez but he hasn’t really been tested yet.”

Wayne Rooney falls in the net after his header
Credit: BBC Sport and Danny Mills

Uruguay scored against England with a 1-0 goal strike (Luis Suarez – 39′)

Credit: BBC Sport

Phil Neville: “They got lucky in the middle of the field, the ball ricocheted off Steven Gerrard. Luis Suarez has not been in the game, has not even looked fit at times but the cross from Cavani had goal written all over it.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil Neville

Tom Rostance: “England levelled against Italy instantly – and they almost repeat the trick. Wayne Rooney sends in Daniel Sturridge and his shot is beaten clear by Fernando Muslera.

Chris Waddle: “It’s a very well worked goal – every pass was quality. Uruguay broke on England after pinching the ball, Edinson Cavan ran on Glen Johnson and we were waiting for the shot but Cavani plays the most beautiful little chip for Luis Suarez, who heads brilliantly across Joe Hart into the bottom corner. It has been coming”

Tom Rostance: “England fans do not despair. Even in defeat to Uruguay tonight, qualification is possible. There are presently 81 different permutations for Group D. Should England lose to Uruguay in Sao Paulo, they will need Italy to beat Costa Rica on Friday. Then England must overcome Costa Rica next Tuesday and hope Italy simultaneously defeat Uruguay. If level, goal difference splits teams, then goals scored, finally results and goals in games involving the teams concerned. Should England draw tonight, they would finish level with Uruguay at worst with victory against a Costa Rican side beaten by Italy. If England win, a draw against Costa Rica could be enough, depending on goal difference. England win a flurry of corners. Uruguay defending really well…”

Chris Waddle: “We’ve seen a good response from England with Daniel Sturridge’s shot and a series of corners. England have upped the tempo and Uruguay have dropped off looking to protect their lead before half-time.”

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Calvin Oldham: And that is why Suarez always scores past Everton, Phil Jagielka what are you doing?

Matthew Harris: Oh well. Hopefully we’ll have some defenders by the next World Cup.

Tom Rostance: “The cross from Edinson Cavani was perfect. He was only about 10 yards away from Luis Suarez and got it up and down over Phil Jagielka. It was wonderful technique. England still pushing as we close in on half-time. This could be a frustrating second half coming up.”

Edinson Cavani beats Danny Welbeck
Credit: BBC Sport

Phil McNulty: “England undone in the most inevitable fashion. Everyone looking for vital signs of Luis Suarez’s shortage of match fitness but still fit enough to pull away from Phil Jagielka on to the end of Edinson Cavani’s cross. Thinking Suarez is unfit is rather like standing over someone playing dead – who suddenly leaps up and punches you on the nose. Huge roars of appreciation coming from Uruguay’s fans now.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil McNulty

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Terry Vaughan: For a big lad, Welbeck seems to spend a lot of time falling to the ground.

Karl Tarachand: What is Rooney doing?? Id go for Jack Wilshere instead of him!!!!

Ralph Brooker: All that possession. All those set pieces. It’s coming to nothing. We need to change it up front.

Uruguay stat
Credit: BBC Sport ©


Danny Mills: “Maybe play a diamond in midfield. You have got to change something because at the moment it is just panic. Maybe bring on Adam Lallana, somebody who is good on the ball, rather than panicking and giving it straight back to the Uruguayans.”

Tom Rostance: “Diego Forlan is out warming up for Uruguay as Raheem Sterling leaves a foot in on Alvaro Pereira, before Daniel Sturridge also clobbers the anchor man with a swinging forearm. Free-kick, no cards.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Manchester United and England midfielder Michael Carrick on Twitter: Scrappy 1st half. Great ball by Cavani for the goal. Still game on though, loads of time to turn it round. We will score !!! Come on boys.

VB: Why do we “give it 10 minutes” to make a change? We’ve proven in the previous 45 it isn’t working!

Tom Rostance: “Well it’s no fluke, as Luis Suarez almost scores from a corner again! It’s a brilliant inswinger which almost catches Joe Hart out and the keeper has to scramble it away. A second goal would be curtains. Chance here! England clear a corner but it ricochets back to Luis Suarez out on the right, he drives on and takes aim but drags the shot well wide. Uruguay look really dangerous right now, England just need 10 minutes to get a foot on the ball.”

Phil Neville: “England are under the cosh a little. They look a little ragged and haven’t settled for the second half. That shot wide was very unlike Luis Suarez, he usually composes himself in those areas.”

Chris Waddle: “Who is blocking that in case they do hit it low? Joe Hart gets it away but that is twice Luis Suarez has tried to do Joe Hart at his near post on a corner. Not a bright start by England, it’s Uruguay again who have taken the initiative. Roy Hodgson will be thinking ‘How long until I make the changes?’ Because they are looking leggy. They just look flat. Confidence is massive in football. The Uruguayans look like they are really enjoying the game, they are in front and the presence of Luis Suarez has brought that confidence to the team.”

Tom Rostance: “He has to score that! Edinson Cavani should make it 2-0 as he runs off the back of Glen Johnson to meet a neat throughball, he’s one on one with Joe Hart but screws it terribly wide of the far post. A horrible contact and a huge let off for England.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “That should have been game over and 2-0. Edinson Cavani will be disappointed not to have hit the target. “The England back four are all over the shop. Nobody is taking charge and they are looking scared. It’s all Uruguay. They will be thinking let’s get this goal and kill England off.”

Tom Rostance: “Great save! That was almost the equaliser, and again it’s Wayne Rooney who brings it down and lets fly with his left foot, but Fernando Muslera makes a great block. Will he ever score?”

Phil Neville: “Great composure from Wayne Rooney but the save was just as good.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

David Harney: England are embarrassing, where’s the heart and passion? Three lions on the shirt? More like Three kittens.

Andy McNamara: Why does this feel like a friendly?! Where is the fight? England have seemingly given up!

mwangikiara: Everyone will be on Rooney’s case….but how poor is Gerrard, Johnson, Henderson, Sturridge and Welbeck.

Tom Rostance: “Fernando Muslera is in a heap after Danny Welbeck clashes with him, it’s a great cross from Leighton Baines and Welbeck has to go for that – there is contact but Muslera should be OK. A promising few moments for England though.”

Chris Waddle: “The first time we’ve seen England attacking in the box. Wayne Rooney’s first touch is immaculate, he smashes it with his left foot and you have to say the Uruguay goalkeeper makes a good save.”

Phil McNulty: “Big spell in the game coming right up. Edinson Cavani gave England a big let-off but Wayne Rooney also should have equalised. Be very interesting to see how long England manager Roy Hodgson leaves this before making changes.”

Tom Rostance: “Can we bring Zlatan on? Approaching the final half an hour. England need a lift in a big way.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Edward Poole: People trying to make Rooney a scapegoat. Changing him won’t solve the problems. He’s the only one who’s made a chance!

Gary Anderson: That’s it – Rooney’s never scoring in a World Cup, ever. Its official.

Jack Blackburn: How has Rooney not scored? When it comes, it’ll be a deluge. Surely? If there’s any justice.

Danny Mills: “Uruguay just want this more. Their attitude is much much, better. That was a great chance for Wayne Rooney. He just hit it instinctively but unfortunately it was straight at the goalkeeper. I said it before the game, these England players cannot leave anything out there. They have got to step their game up because the last thing you want is to get on that plane thinking they could have done more.”

Jules, Kent (via text message): Uruguay all over us. Did the caramel spread arrive at half time?

Tom Rostance: “Jordan Henderson fizzes a ball over from the left wing and Fernando Muslera – fit again – makes the claim. Ross Barkley looks like coming on. Raheem Sterling does well to beat Edinson Cavani out on the right and then catches Alvaro Pereira in the face with his knee – that is a bad one. Pereira took a huge whack and the doctor says he can’t carry on – he disagrees!”

Dan, Bromsgrove (via text message): Against Italy was the best England performance I’ve seen for 10 years. Business as usual against Uruguay!

Tom Rostance: “Alvaro Pereira wins his battle with the Uruguay doctor and comes back on. Is that wise? Shades of Hugo Lloris earlier in the season…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Paul Coltofeanu: A goal by Rooney now would be absolutely enormous. A nation expects.

Tokunbo: At least Wayne’s trying, the others are desperately poor.

Angel Oronoz: Uruguay have really turned the engines on for this game, much better than their first one and better than England.

Tom Rostance: “Here is the first change – Ross Barkley is on for Raheem Sterling. No pressure Ross, but it’s all on you…Daniel Sturridge gets in on the left but his cross is poor, with Wayne Rooney barelling in at the near post. Not good enough. Into the last 25 minutes. We are approaching now or never time for this one, though remember that England could still sneak through even if they lose this one…”

Chris Waddle: “Daniel Sturridge looks very leggy as well now. But Uruguay too have really come off the pace. How long will they wait before making a few changes themselves. How long will Luis Suarez last?”

Tom Rostance: “Uruguay make a change as Nicolas Lodeiro is replaced by Cristian Stuani – who has real pace.”

Phil McNulty: “England will now look to Ross Barkley’s fearless running and invention to make the breakthrough they need so desperately. England’s fans roaring their team forward but there is still that ever-present threat of Luis Suarez.”

Tom Rostance: “Steven Gerrard is in the book for clattering Cristian Rodriguez. He has to inspire his team-mates but that’s not the way.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Steve G: At this point it’s well worth contemplating the notion that these are the best players in the entire country.

Sean Castle: Hodgson’s mistake is not learning who was ineffective in the opener. Bring on the players with more spirit and less fear.

Richard: On comes the new English messiah. Despite only having half a good season, he’s suddenly the great England hope.

Tom Rostance: “Raheem Sterling was excellent against Italy in Manaus but he never got near that level this evening.”

Raheem Sterling stats
Credit: BBC Sport ©


Chris Waddle: “Uruguay have come off the pace. They have worked very hard for an hour and now England are all over them. No doubt that substitution is a defensive move from Uruguay because they are getting overrun. They will take a point.”

George (via text message): I’m worried that I may have done considerable damage to my voice box after that goal!


Wayne Rooney stat
Credit: BBC Sport

Phil Neville: “Ross Barkley looks totally fearless. Every time he says ‘give me that ball I am going to do something special’. Uruguay have done nothing as an attacking force in this half.”


Tom Rostance: “That finish was tremendous. Top quality striker with a top quality finish, and the head on actually came from Liverpool team-mate Steven Gerrard…”

Phil Neville: “When you put Luis Suarez through on Joe Hart, he doesn’t miss from there.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil Neville

Tom Rostance: “Rickie Lambert is on for Jordan Henderson. Time to hit the big man!”

Chris Waddle: “It’s that man Luis Suarez again. But what a bad, bad goal that is to concede. Talk about Sunday morning football, that defending was atrocious. A long ball, everybody falls asleep, you can’t take anything away from the finish but nobody reacts apart from Suarez. One touch, in the back of the net.”

Tom Rostance: “It looks like being two 2-1 defeats in the group stages then for England. A reminder that they won’t be technically out yet though…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

sam rigby: Our defence is shocking! Honestly i’ve seen better defensive performances at Sunday league!

Paul Byrne: Great pass from Gerrard to his team mate Suarez ….. #gerrardassist.

Tom Rostance: “Luis Suarez has finally gone off with cramp – too late for England fans…”

Chris Waddle: “Uruguay have got three centre-backs on the pitch now, six at the back in total and they will just run this clock down now. Italy knew how to win a game, they knew how to slow it down and quicken it up, and Uruguay have done the same tonight.”


Phil Neville: “We have played well, we have kept possession well, we have been the better team but two lapses in concentration have cost us.”

Tom Rostance: “Steven Gerrard has not had the best few month on a personal level. I suspect he will get plenty of stick in the national press tomorrow too. There are three minutes remaining. Gary Cahill stays up front.”

Chris Waddle: “You’ve got say Steven Gerrard, in both England’s group games, hasn’t looked sharp. He has not dictated the games. The little guy in midfield for Uruguay has bossed the game tonight. There was no composure anywhere in that build-up, and Gerrard’s shot goes well wide. Uruguay have been the better team. No doubt about that.”





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