Brazil 2014 World Cup | South Korea vs. Algeria

Hello again!!! Apologies for the delay. This match at the moment has been very good, Algeria have scored 3 times in the space of the first half, though things don’t seem to be looking up for South Korea at this stage. At this stage, I will continually use BBC Sport throughout the next couple of weeks leading up to the end of the final day of the World Cup to copy football commentators’ quotes into every blog post I create, plus adding my own thoughts as well so that both combine.

South Korea 2-4 Algeria


Neil Johnston: “First test for Algeria’s defence. Koo Ja-cheol surges into the Algeria penalty area but gets his feet in a tangle and the ball runs away. South Korea win their first corner but Algeria keeper Rais Mbolhi makes sure it comes to no harm with a ferocious punched clearance. This game, after a promising start, has gone quiet.”

Former England Winger Chris Waddle: “South Korea looked rattled early on but the last two or three minutes they have got the ball down. They have got some clever players and they look dangerous now.”

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Patrick Foster: Watching two obscure footballing countries with teams I know nothing about – this is what the World Cup is all about.

Daniel Tierney: Algeria’s nickname is the Desert Foxes, and with that you have won my support.

Neil Johnston: “Did you know South Koreans drink the equivalent of 11.2 shots of alcohol per week, more than twice as much as the next most spirit-friendly country, Russia. No, you’re not missing any of the action. There’s little going on. Abdelmoumene Djabou shoots narrowly wide for Algeria before Islam Slimani spurns another chance from close range. The Africans are knocking on the door.”

Algeria's Islam Slimani, No 13 right, heads the ball past the goal
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “Algeria are all high tempo, getting the crowd going and they do have a big following. They want that passion, but you want them to calm it down. They are good technical players but they are playing too fast. There are no leaders, no presence for South Korea. The Korean defender is miles away from it. You have to say the way this is going it could end up three or four for Algeria. The next goal decides the game. If Algeria get three, they could end up with six. If South Korea get one back, we will see.”

Rafik Halliche of Algeria celebrates scoring his team's second goal
Credit: BBC Sport

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Sheikh Ismail: As I came out of the bathroom I hear Algeria score. By the time I washed my hands, they scored their second!

John Pierce: You know this game is going to end 5-3. Such a tidy finish. Keeper’s fault.

Tokunbo: Algeria have been stronger, quicker and more willing to have an impact on the game.

Neil Johnston: “Unbelievable scenes. We had thought Algeria would have been happy to have scored in this World Cup. They now have four in two games. Abdelmoumene Djabou sweeps home from 10 yards. Remarkable.”

Abdelmoumene Djabou scores
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “This makes we wonder how South Korea got a point against Russia. They have been shocking, it is like they don’t understand the game. The defenders can’t defend, they are all over the place. It is an open goal from 10 yards.”

Algeria's Abdelmoumene Djabou celebrates after scoring Algeria's third goal
Credit: BBC Sport

Gary Lineker: “Algeria have been terrific. Quick, forceful, intelligent, compact and incisive.”

Neil Johnston: “It’s worth remembering that Algeria have not won a World Cup finals game since 1982. They’re making up for that now. South Korea don’t know what has hit them. The half-time whistle cannot come soon enough for South Korea. They are a shambles. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for those who have got up early in South Korea to watch this.”

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John McEnerney: The old saying of being vulnerable after you score? Maybe Algeria have never heard that one.

Matthew Bevis: If Algeria had pressed and played this lovely attacking football against Belgium, they would surely had won.

Daniel Woodley: You would think that with former defenders as coach and assistant coach, South Korea would be defensively sound. Far from it.



Chris Waddle: “That draw against Russia in the opening game for South Korea was a magnificent result from what I have seen so far. This game is all about Algeria. South Korea have been woeful, they have to come out more determined. They might as well go for it but they are so lacking in confidence. You can see Algeria adding to the lead. It looks like the South Korea’s players have just been dragged in, it is like a trial match.”

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Capital R: Algeria have been dominant and taken their chances. One of the most impressive first half performances of the World Cup so far.

Gavin Richmond: How good are Algeria? They are battering South Korea! Just shows what coming out and playing positively does.

Paul Mulligan: We’ve found a team at the World Cup that defends worse than England does.

Neil Johnston: “Algeria had scored just two goals in their previous 11 hours and 25 minutes of World Cup action before this game. As it stands, Algeria are heading second, above Russia and South Korea, in Group H. Algeria’s final group game is against Russia on 26 June, while South Korea face leaders Belgium. Algeria lead 3-0 at half-time in a World Cup match for the second time in their history – in 1982 they led Chile 3-0 before winning 3-2. No changes for South Korea at the interval as we get back under way.”


Inaam on text: I’m sure Paul Scholes said to England to adopt a method like Liverpool. I think Algeria have listened more.

Neil Johnston: “As one-sided a first half as you are likely to see. Men against boys. Algeria are very much alive in this World Cup. South Korea are a mess. No African team has ever scored four or more goals in a World Cup game. Algeria are well on their way. South Korea are trying to pass their way back into this but they still cannot threaten the Algeria keeper.”

South Korean players react after Algeria's Abdelmoumene Djabou scored
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “It’s a wonderful goal, again a long ball up in to the box and the two Algeria centre-backs should deal with that given their size and strength, but they’re not the most mobile. The ball hits Son Heung-min on the back, he controls it and now it is game on.”

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Danny C: A goal! That’s the least we deserve here in Korea for waking up at 4am to watch that first-half rubbish!

Neil Johnston: “Surely they can’t, can they? South Korea claw one back with their first shot on target as Bayer Leverkusen’s Son Heung-min produces a smart finish through the legs of the keeper after a mistake by Madjid Bougherra. Lee Yong is booked for a cynical challenge on Djamel Mesbah. South Korea have come alive after a woeful first half display. Still plenty of time for themselves back into this.”

Son Heung-min
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “This is a vast improvement on what we saw from South Korea in the first half. If in the first 45 they looked like a Sunday league team then this half they look like a Premier League team. Algeria are feeling the pace, they are not the same side we saw in the first half, when they were in your face and hustling. Now they have dropped off. If South Korea can get a second goal this really will be game on.”

Jamie in Wakefield via text: How do you say hairdryer treatment in Korean? Because it looks like they might have had that at half time. Game on.

Neil Johnston: “Striker Kim Seung-gyu has come on for Park Chu-young. South Korea can smell another goal. So close to a second for South Korea! Ki Sung-yueng lets fly from outside the area forcing Rais Mbolhi into a flying save. This is another terrific game.”

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Paula Chapman: This game is actually shaping up to be a bit of a cracker. It’s all South Korea now. Is the comeback of the World Cup on?

Neil Johnston: “What a time to score your first international goal! Algeria restore their three-goal cushion with a super team move which is finished off by Yacine Brahimi’s low composed finish from 10 yards. South Korea had been threatening to get back into this. They have it all to do now.”

Yacine Brahimi scores
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “It’s a much better second half, there are actually two teams playing now – credit to South Korea for the way they started the half. But the first time we’ve seen Algeria go forward since half-time they score and that has got to be South Korea finished.”

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Ashic Mahtab: Love it when two lesser teams produce a more interesting match than the big guns manage.

Kenneth Gyang: An African team has finally scored four goals in a World Cup match. Algeria. Legends.

Ross Evans: Porto Alegre the place to be this World Cup. 13 goals in 3 matches!

Neil Johnston: “Ouch. Algeria captain Madjid Bougherra is booked for a crunching challenge on Son Heung-min. The Africans are showing little sign of easing up. They’re challenging for absolutely everything. Can they get five?”

Chris Waddle: “When you’re chasing the game you have to give it a go and that’s what South Korea did. They upped the tempo after half-time, Algeria sat deep, South Korea got one back, then had one headed off the line but then Algeria go and score. It’s tough but they’re not out of the World Cup yet.”

Neil Johnston: “Lovely pictures of Algeria’s fans celebrating in the crowd. It has been 32 years since they last won a World Cup finals game. It’s going to be mad in downtown Porto Alegre later. South Korea aren’t going quietly. Koo Ja-cheol slots home from close range after Lee Keun-ho’s pass across the six-yard area. It’s raining goals in Porto Alegre.”

Chris Waddle: “South Korea are going to get a lot more of the ball, but can they make use of it? If South Korea were to get a third, what an end to the game that would be.”

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Arijit Basu: The fourth goal from Algeria..that’s the best team goal so far in the world cup.

Mohamoud Abdi: Algeria are proving Ivory coast and Nigeria are not the only African teams who could go through.

Neil Johnston: “South Korea have not given up on this. And why should they? There’s still another 12 minutes remaining.”

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Jasdip Sagu: This is turning out to be the game of the tournament.

Oscar Wilde: South Korea were awful in the first half, but this is a superb game and the best World Cup finals I’ve ever seen.

Mark Whittaker: I love this World Cup. Awful defending but oh so many, many goals.

Neil Johnston: “Let’s just remind ourselves of Mark Lawrenson’s pre-match prediction…”

Lawro's predictions
Credit: BBC Sport

Neil Johnston: “Lawro may have been a little bit out there. But who honestly predicted a six-goal thriller between these two? And it’s not even over yet. There’s a delay in play as Islam Slimani goes down with cramp. Algeria have started running down the clock. Lee Keun-ho blazes a difficult chance over after the ball bounces off the head of defender Djamel Mesbah. Free-kick to South Korea 25-yards out. Son Heung-min blazes the ball into the Algeria wall. Three minutes remaining. Lawro may have been a little bit out there. But who honestly predicted a six-goal thriller between these two? And it’s not even over yet. There’s a delay in play as Islam Slimani goes down with cramp. Algeria have started running down the clock. Lee Keun-ho blazes a difficult chance over after the ball bounces off the head of defender Djamel Mesbah. Free-kick to South Korea 25 yards out. Son Heung-min blazes the ball into the Algeria wall. Three minutes remaining.”

Chris Waddle: “South Korea are getting a lot of joy playing high balls into the box but it would be cruel for Algeria to lose this after their excellent first-half performance.”

Neil Johnston: “Algeria have won this barring a catastrophic ending. South Korea’s players have run out of steam. The noise in the stands is all coming from fans of the Desert Foxes.”




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