Brazil 2014 World Cup | Brazil vs. Chile

Hello everyone, to make up for the blog posts that I was unable to publish yesterday due to BBC Sport playing up, I wanted to make it up to all of you by updating this blog post with the new results for today’s match between Brazil and Chile.

Brazil 1-1 Chile


Andy Cryer: “The winners face another South American side in the quarter-final, with Uruguay and Colombia playing it out for a spot in the final eight later this evening.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Andy Cryer: “An early free-kick for Chile after Thiago Silva got to tight to Arturo Vidal on the touchline. Fernandinho rises well to head clear and it is greeted by a huge roar from the stands.”

Kevin Kilbane (BBC Radio 5 Live): “Immediately there are challenges going in but that is what Chile want, they want that this game to be played at a high tempo.”

Former England Defender Martin Keown: “The atmosphere is spine-tingling. Rarely will you witness an atmosphere like it.”

Brazil fans
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images

Andy Cryer: “English referee Howard Webb is in charge and he has his first big decision to make as Fernandinho leaves Charles Aranguiz on the floor with a late, late tackle. No booking. Chile respond as Aranguiz launches into Neymar. Again, no action apart from a free-kick..Marcelo shoots just wide of the post from 20 yards after a neat drag back. The home fans perhaps get a bit more excited than the effort warrants. But a quick start from both sides.”

Players surround Howard Webb
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images

Kevin Kilbane: “It was a great touch by Marcelo, he just could not get enough bend on his shot but I think the keeper had it covered. Positive start, though, by Brazil. Every time Neymar gets the ball three players lock on to him. We all know he is the main threat for Brazil and he is being targeted with some heavy challenges.”


Kevin Kilbane: “We spoke about set plays being key for Brazil today and it was proven there. A really pacey cross put in, a good header across and then David Luiz is there to put it in. Great goal and what about the crowd’s reaction? Incredible.”

Martin Keown: “That was the Achilles heel for Chile – from set-pieces nobody over 6ft. Luiz couldn’t miss.”

Andy Cryer: “In the play building up to Neymar’s corner, Chile defender Mauricio Mena was booked for a blatant handball. He will miss the quarter-final through suspension should his side get back into this game.”

Martin Keown: “The Brazil central defenders are worried about Sanchez’s pace. He’s pulling off the shoulder. He really is rapid.”

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Adam Patterson: Brazil v Chile is one of the most anticipated games of the World Cup.

James Birch: What an atmosphere. It’s electric. This is what the World Cup is all about.

Oliver Buckley: Feel devastated that I’m two days ago I was watching the World Cup on Copacabana. Now I’m at home watching it on BBC Sport.

Former England Captain Rio Ferdinand: “Gooooaal!! Fireworks going off on the Copacabana – amazing scenes!! Brazil pressing like Chile in 1st 2 games in group stages!”

Andy Cryer: “Chile haven’t let Brazil’s opener get to them. Since the goal they are actually enjoying more of the ball but have yet to get in behind the host’s defence. Having said that, Neymar breaks with lightening quick pace before dragging a shot wide of goal. The Barcelona man is so dangerous.”

BBC News presenter Ben Brown: Fans gather on the Copacabana to watch Brazil v Chile on the beach big screen – amazing atmosphere.

World Cup
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Andy Cryer: “What a tackle that is from Arturo Vidal. The Juventus man isn’t shy of a challenge and he leaves Neymar writhing in agony after going through him near the touchline. No yellow card though from Howard Webb. You haven’t forgotten them have you Howard? Neymar picks himself up after lengthy treatment as the fans chant his name. He is already a hero, imagine his status if Brazil win this World Cup! Game on. Brazil show a bit of over confidence, a bit of sloppiness and Chile are level. Hulk gives the ball away from Brazil’s own throw deep inside their half and Eduardo Vargas slots the loose ball into the penalty area to Alexis Sanchez.The Barcelona man keeps his composure to roll his shot past Julio Cesar for his 10th goal in his last 14 international games. Brilliant finish. How did that not go in? Brazil fans are on their feet as Neymar rises to meet Oscar’s cross just yards from goal. The Brazilian looks certain to head home but his effort bounces of Francisco Silva’s shoulder and deflects agonisingly wide of the goal. From the resulting corner, Chile goalkeeper Claudio makes a mess of his punch but comically carries on to somehow get the ball clear.”


Alexis Sanchez celebrates
Credit: BBC Sport
Alexis Sanchez scores
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images

Gary Lineker: “This is an exhilarating game of football played at a breathtaking pace in the most unbelievable atmosphere. Love it!”

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Steve Lloyd: Gggggggggggooooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllll. Come on Chile.

Ash Day: Sign him up Arsene! Get Sanchez at any cost!

Danny Dixon: Sanchez silences a whole country. If Luis Suarez has to leave Liverpool it would more than soften the blow if he was the replacement.

Andy Cryer: “Five of Chile’s six goals at the World Cup have come before half-time. Brazil are again so close to regaining the lead. First Oscar’s searching pass finds Neymae inside the penalty area but, after he is crowded out, Fred strikes over. The ball came to him very quickly but he should do better. Chile might not have any players left for the quarter-final if they keep going at this rate. This time it is Francisco Silva booked for a challenge on Neymar and he will be suspended for the next match – if his side have one. Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo brilliantly tips Dani Alves’s long-range strike over the bar. Stunning strike from Alves.”

David Ornstein (BBC Sport in Belo Horizonte): “A Brazilian journalist told me before kick-off that if Scolari’s men score in the first 15 to 20 minutes there would be no coming back for Chile – and the opening goal seemed to calm nerves and put them in the driving seat. But they’ve proved the architects of their own downfall with that equaliser. The wild celebrations from from every one of Chile’s players, substitutes and coaching staff tells you all you need to know about how vital they think that was.”

Kevin Kilbane: “I think Chile are quite fortunate to be in the game. It was a poor goal Brazil conceded. Brazil started with a high tempo and they can count themselves slightly unfortunate that Chile equalised.”

Rio Ferdinand: “Copacabana silenced, Sanchez is not playing games. Top player.”

Ross in Kent via text: Awesome by Sanchez, but never understood his rolled up shorts look!

Andy Cryer: “You have to wonder how Chile are still in this game. This time Fred heads weakly towards goal after more mesmerising skill from Neymar. Chile’s defending has been schoolboy at times but they are still very much in this. Into injury time and Chile are nearly ahead. Charles Aranguiz runs through but is crowded out by a mixture of Brazil’s defence and goalkeeper Julio Cesar. A corner to Chile…The initial corner is cleared and Eugenio Mena volleys wildly wide. And breathe. An utterly brilliant first half of football comes to an end with Brazil’s Fred and Chile’s Gary Medel having a bit of an argument on their way off. Both teams are giving this their all. Best first half of the World Cup perhaps?”


Former Scotland defender Alan Hansen: “It has been relentless so far. But the way Chile press with Sanchez and Vargas means that everyone else behind them has to press. But that means there is space for Brazil to get in behind. It just takes one ball to be in the right place at the right time and you’ll be in. Brazil had the better of the chances and if they continue in that vein they will win the match. Whatever happens it was the best half we’ve seen in this World Cup. You just couldn’t take your eyes off it.”

BBC World reporter Alex South: Half time in Brasilia. Stop the clocks.

Credit: BBC Sport ©

Rio Ferdinand: “I still fancy Brazil. They are the ones creating the chances and taking this game by the scruff of the neck and if they can continue that in the second half I don’t think Chile can handle them.”

Andy Cryer: “Brazil are immediately on the attack at the start of the half and look to some Neymar magic to inspire them. This time his cross is poor and Chile counter. Will these player ever tire? You tend to think not. Chile have a free-kick in a dangerous area…Marcelo Diaz’s deep free-kick is punched well clear by Julio Cesar, who came through a crowded penalty area to sort.”

Martin Keown: “What we have here is a meeting of philosophies. They are both going all out attack. Not sure if that’s the best policy for Brazil.”

Andy Cryer: “Close. Fernandinho strikes from 20 yards out and his shot is off target.”

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Steve Johnson: When two teams are evenly matched, then luck decides the outcome and so it will today.

Bahman Nooraei B: I don’t think Chile will be able to keep this up for 90 minutes. They are going to buckle.

Shane Gillard: There is no way Brazil can win this World Cup with Fred leading the line and the liability that is David Luiz.

Andy Cryer: “Brazil striker Fred has had his critics in this tournament so far and he has done little to impress so far today. His touch has to be better as he lets another pass bounce off him and back to Chile.”

Times football reporter Rory Smith: Chile always seem to play on the very brink of complete chaos. Even when they’re playing well, not immediately apparent why or how. Fun.

Andy Cryer: “Chaos inside the stadium as Brazil think they have taken the lead. Hulk collects Marcelo’s pass before shinning a volley into the net. Hulk spins away to celebrate before being called back for handball by referee Howard Webb. Hulk is booked as well to rub salt into the wound.”

Hulk handball
Credit: BBC Sport
Hulk celebrates
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images

Andy Cryer: “Everyone is waiting to see a replay. Did it hit Hulk’s chest or did it hit his hand? Howard Webb isn’t popular but he has got that right. Brilliant refereeing Mr Webb. Top marks.”

Kevin Kilbane: “It was a great ball by Marcelo, a great diagonal pass. The ball hit Hulk at the top of his left arm. The ball was a little behind him. A great moment, but unfortunately ruled out. That disallowed goal just adds to the tension in the stadium.”

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Femi John Atoyebi: Howard Webb has just become public enemy No 1 in Brazil.

David Ornstein: “The Brazil fans around the press box are apoplectic about that decision by Howard Webb. Hulk is continuing to protest but the English official is ignoring his appeals. Big moment of controversy. We have just seen a fresh TV replay angle and that showed the ball touching part of Hulk’s arm. At the time, it looked like a certain handball, but confusion reigns.”

Andy Cryer: “Brazil frustrations grow as Luis Gustavo is booked for a foul on Arturo Vidal. The Wolfsburg midfielder would also miss the quarter-final through suspension should Brazil make it.”

Gary Lineker (BBC Sport): “Just cancelling our dinner with Howard Webb!”

Rio Ferdinand: “Because of Hulk’s muscles the linesman and Howard Webb did well to see that handball. I thought it was the big pec he brought it down on!”

Andy Cryer: “The Brazil fans still seem stunned at Hulk’s goal being disallowed. To be fair to the big man, it was a great finish but that doesn’t take away from the fact the ball hit his arm. Chile would have been mightily annoyed if they got knocked out of the tournament by that goal. Has the momentum turned in Chile’s favour? They are almost ahead as Julio Cesar brilliantly turns Charles Aranguiz’s close-range shot wide.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Hal in London: Hulk’s active overarm, not shoulder. Correct decision by Howard Webb.

Luke Liddle: Big decision from Howard, top of the arm I reckon.

Matt Bellingham: Hulk is now angry. This could be dangerous!

Andy Cryer: “Brazil attempt to breathe new life into their attack by replacing the ineffective Fred for former Manchester City man Jo.”

Raj in Wolverhampton via text: Howard Webb didn’t disallow the goal, the linesman did. Secondly, I don’t think it was handball. And I want Chile to win.

Kevin Kilbane: “Outstanding. What a save that is. Julio Cesar was going back to his right hand side, he had to come back the other way and it was a wonderful, wonderful save.”

Julio Cesar
Credit: BBC Sport ©

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Teresa Guerreiro: Julio Cesar is not as clapped out as I thought. Good save to deny Aranguiz.

Andy Cryer: “The longer this game goes on, the more you start fancying Chile. Brazil have slowed down after their Hulk disappointment and Chile are noticeably growing in confidence. Twenty minutes left, possibly more.”

Kevin Kilbane: “Hulk is playing a lot deeper. He has gone back to the left with Oscar on the right but Brazil are playing too deep and that is because of Chile and their high tempo play. Momentum is with Chile now, can they get themselves in front with the pressure they are putting on now?”

Andy Cryer: “Still think Hulk’s effort should have been allowed? You can watch it again by clicking on the highlights tab at the top of the page.”

BBC News presenter Jon Sopel: If Brazil go on to lose this, I am going to guess Howard Webb is not going to be hanging around for a holiday in Brazil.

Andy Cryer: “This doesn’t look tactical for Brazil. Manchester City’s Fernandinho limps out of the action and is replaced by Chelsea’s Ramires. Can his all-action style spark the host nation back into life?”

Luiz Felipe Scolari

BBC Sport presenter Jason Mohammad: “Ramires coming in – Juninho next to me saying not what Brazil needs. He says Bernard.”

Andy Cryer: “It looks at first like Jo has missed a sitter but replays show the former Manchester City man is denied putting Brazil back ahead by some brilliant defending. Hulk’s stunning cross from the right is arrowing towards an unmarked Jo just yards out but, as he pulls his foot back to volley home, defender Eugenio Mena gets a slight touch on the ball to divert it against the Brazil striker’s leg. Desperate stuff from Chile.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

BBC’s Manuel Toledo: TV presenter has said twice that Chile are playing better in the second half. Worried faces in Recife.

Credit: BBC Sport and Manuel Toledo ©

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Frankie Kain: It’s like Howard Webb thinks he is Ross Kemp.

Bob Kingsbury: Yes, Howard Webb got it right. However rule should be renamed “hand/arm ball” because many people don’t understand it.

Rick Whitehill: Can someone please take the pea out of Howard Webb’s whistle.

Andy Cryer: “We are at the stage where no-one wants to make that crucial mistake. A little more than 10 minutes remaining of normal time but extra time is looming ever larger. Anyone thinking about penalties?

Brazil v Chile
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Andy Hercock in Exeter via text: “The assistant referee who ruled that goal out is Mike Mullarkey from here in sunny Exeter. I don’t fancy his chances of getting a free meal in any Brazilian restaurant in town when he gets back – if there are any in town that is!

Andy Cryer: “Neymar should do better. A diagonal pass from Dani Alves finds his Barcelona team mate just eight yards from goal but his header is straight at goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. Brazil are getting on top again, as Chile very much look to have settled for extra time, and maybe penalties.”

Kevin Kilbane: “The tempo has visibly slowed. Chile are putting pressure on Brazil centrally but no real pace to either attacks now. I think Chile are quite happy with the pace of this game now. David Luiz is always looking for the long balls to Jo and it has been quite poor. You want to see Brazil playing through the lines.”

Andy Cryer: “Brilliant from Hulk and even better from Claudio Bravo. The Brazil striker dances through Chile’s defence but his fierce strike is parried away by the diving goalkeeper. It is all Brazil now. Chile are playing a bit of keep ball as the time ticks away. Brazil fans voice their disgust with a loud chorus of whistles. Four minutes to go.”

Kevin Kilbane: “Great play from Hulk. Struck it well enough but good save, good hands from Claudio Bravo. He has been fairly anonymous in this game, but that was brilliant from Hulk.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Daniel Hirst: Chile need to score now. Extra time will favour Brazil.

Scott Sinclair: Brazil lack midfield playmaker, no one dictating tempo.

Steve Grout: Neymar has drifted out of the game. Sanchez showing him up at the moment.

Andy Cryer: “Arturo Vidal is replaced by Mauricio Pinilla for Chile.”

Gary Lineker: “It hasn’t been Hulk’s day. Penalty shout turned down, at fault for Chile’s goal, disallowed goal and wonder play denied by a great save.”

Andy Cryer: “Few neutrals will be disappointed to have another 30 minutes of this gripping stuff. Still time for someone to make themselves a hero though…”


Andy Cryer: “Alexis Sanchez goes down on the edge of Brazil’s penalty area. No foul and Brazil break before giving the ball away. Three minutes of injury time to be played. Brazil have a throw deep, deep inside their own half. It is going to take something special to win the game in normal time now.”

Jason Mohammad (BBC Sport Presenter): “Big Phil. Big decisions. Fans not happy here.”

David Ornstein: “The Brazil fans have been calling for the introduction of 21-year-old Belo Horizonte-born winger Bernard, but coach Scolari only has one more substitution to make and he needs to be careful how he uses it with extra time and possibly penalties looming.”

Andy Cryer: “Wait a moment, corner for Chile……”





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