Brazil 2014 World Cup | Colombia vs. Uruguay

As I round off a really good day, this will be the last blog post of the night before tomorrow’s matches commence. As always, I will be using BBC Sport to copy over any quotes that football commentator’s put up, and also add my own thoughts into this blog feed while the match unfolds.

Colombia 2-0 Uruguay



Tom Rostance: “We are under way in the battle to face Brazil.”

Former England International Chris Waddle: “Colombia have three or four flair players but this will be a big test for them. This Uruguay side is very dogged, they work hard and have great belief. They know how to win matches.”

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Rob Cole: Brazil unconvincing. Germany, Holland aside, no one talking about France. Balanced midfield, potent up top. Allez les Bleus

Tom Rostance: “Colombia making the early running as Uruguay sit off and watch, a cautious start from the men in blue. The first flashpoint comes with Uruguay’s Alvaro Pereira nibbling the heels of Juan Cuadrado – who has been excellent thus far in the tournament.”

Uruguay's Alvaro Pereira nibbling the heels of Juan Cuadrado
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty: “The game starts with thousands of Uruguay fans chanting Luis Suarez’s name. They really seem to believe he has been the victim of injustice.”

Tom Rostance: “Jackson Martinez has started out on the left for Colombia – that’ll please Clarke Carlisle. He sends Juan Cuadrado away down the right and the trickster beats two men before being fouled again. Cuadrado the danger man early doors…”

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Garreth Frank: Ready for part 2 of this South American special. Cheering on Colombia

Alex Mugan: The dark horses against the forces of darkness. Delightful football team against deluded press conference hosts. Come on Col

Chris Waddle: “We’ve already seen Colombia’s James Rodriguez get on the ball two or three times but he hasn’t been able to do anything with it. What’s interesting to see is that Jackson Martinez is playing on the left.”

Tom Rostance: “There’s been a lot of niggly fouls in midfield in these opening exchanges. I can see a few cards in this one, Uruguay have not got going yet.”

Uruguay players tackle Colombia player
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

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Timon Lesage: I don’t know where all the other pennants end up, but the 1984 Anderlecht-Forest one is in my room as usual #bbcworldcup

Tom Rostance: “That is outstanding…”

Credit: BBC Sport and Timon Lesage ©

Tom Rostance: “Diego Forlan whips in a free-kick for Uruguay but it’s easily dealt with and Colombia’s counter-attack comes to nothing. Colombia can’t get their main man James Rodriguez into the game.”

Chris Waddle: “Listen, a 70% fit Luis Suarez is better than Diego Forlan. That’s no disrespect to Forlan who is now 35. Suarez has such a good footballing brain. He’s a massive loss to Uruguay.”

Tom Rostance: “It all opens up in midfield for Juan Zuniga, but the Colombian gets giddy when he reaches the 25-yard mark and fires off a speculative shot which Fernando Muslera deals with easily enough. Disappointing. After the 100mph game between Brazil and Chile earlier, this one has had the traffic calming measures enforced.”

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Mikey Sweeney: Colombia could be a half decent shout to go the distance

Tom Rostance: “Colombia fans bringing out the ‘oles’ as they keep the ball for an extrended period but Uruguay are superbly well drilled, dropping off into a back six at times and denying the dangermen James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado any space in which to operate.”

Chris Waddle: “This game hasn’t settled. Colombia started the brighter of the two but they are not hurting Uruguay. Uruguay are well set up, they’re getting behind the ball, frustrating Colombia and trying to catch them on the break.”

Action shot from Colombia v Uruguay
Credit: BBC Sport, Chris Waddle and Associated Press ©

Tom Rostance: “In the absence of Luis Suarez, Uruguay need more from Edinson Cavani, and the big lad almost gets in behind as he chases a long throughball but can’t bring it down. I can’t help but think that the £55m man is a tad over-rated. I recall a bad miss at Stamford Bridge last season. Can he deliver the goods here?”

Edinson Cavani
Credit: BBC Sport and EPA

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Bola Akinola: If Uruguay eliminated England and Italy, then, Colombia can’t beat them! Uruguay to go through

Saidmadrid: Uruguay playing very old fashioned football

Phil McNulty: “After all the noise surrounding the build-up to this World Cup last-16 game between Colombia and Uruguay, the actual event has so far been a let-down. Little cohesion, little quality and no clear chances.”

Tom Rostance: “Colombia try that cheeky corner when you take it but make out as if you are just leaving it for a team-mate, who then just sprints into the box. The linesman spoils everyone’s fun with an instant flag though. Is that now allowed? It’s the most interesting then we have seen so far though. This has been poor.”

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Mark Whittaker:‏ Is it just me but can’t help think Cavani wouldn’t look out of place in Game of Thrones?

Text Message Debate Based on the Match

Evan from Cardiff: Uruguay’s General reaction to Suarezgate has been nothing short of disgusting. Doubt anyone who isn’t Uruguayan wants them to win tonight, myself included.

Bob: Seeing all the Uruguayan support for Suarez makes me really want Colombia to give them a pasting.

Phil: I can’t be the only one who hopes that Uruguay’s cheating/biting/diving/lying moaners get stuffed. Come on Colombia.

Chris Waddle: “It’s not James Rodriguez who is Colombia’s most threatening player, it’s Juan Cuadrado. He’s already gone on a couple of dangerous runs and if they can get him in the final third then he could unlock the door. I don’t think Uruguay’s Alvaro Pereira is a good defender and I think that’s where Colombia are going to get their joy.”


Chris Waddle: “I have to say I didn’t think we’d see a better goal than Tim Cahill’s at this World Cup. But we’ve just seen the goal of the tournament. That was fantastic technique.”

Tom Rostance: “Sensational stuff. A poor game has been lifted into the stratosphere by that strike. The best thing to come out of Monaco since the underground car park.”

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James Starling: Better than Cahill’s goal. Best goal of the tournament!!!

Charles Kahanji: No doubt goal of the tournament, we thought Cahill’s won’t be toppled, it has

Richard Underwood: James Rodriguez: goal of the tournament so far

Hassan Aljumah: I can’t stop clapping!

Tom Rostance: “Muller, Messi, Neymar – and now J-Rod. The big boys have come out to play at this World Cup, with four goals the going rate thus far.”

Daily Telegraph football writer Mark Ogden: One or two English clubs could have had Rodriguez when he was at Porto. They all sat on their hands and allowed Monaco to sign him.

Tom Rostance: “Uruguay have been kickstarted into life by that superb goal, and Edinson Cavani spins a free-kick just over the top from 25 yards. Their gameplan of restriction has got to change or it’s the first flight back to Montevideo.”

Phil McNulty: “This World Cup in Brazil has produced some magical moments and there is another right there from James Rodgriguez. The classic in-off-the-bar volley. We have another World Cup star.”

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Sam Thomas: James Rodriguez what a hit! If he had better exposure, he’d be amongst the world’s finest

Sam Payne: Best player of the tournament scores the best goal of the tournament. How fitting. Also in my fantasy team. Get in!

Kahill: Excellent stuff from James Rodriguez. Player of the tournament so far. Let’s see Uruguay play now

Tom Rostance: “Children around the land will be re-christening the ‘Yeboah’ the ‘Rodriguez’ come Monday morning. Was there a better moment in your youth then smashing in a ‘Yeboah’ off the guttering in the playground and in? No.”

Text Message Based on the Match

Ed in West Sussex: Wow! Spectacular goal. Always love them when they go in off the top of the crossbar.

Tom Rostance: Diego Forlan and Mario Yepes have a bit of a coming together in the middle, and it comes after Yepes shut him off from a cross by barging him in the back off the ball. Wily defending from the 38-year-old.”

Diego Forlan and Mario Yepes
Credit: BBC Sport

Mark Lawrenson (Football Analyst): “That goal was so not in keeping with this match and at this moment in time Uruguay seem unsettled by it.”

Times chief sports correspondent Matt Dickinson: Colombia fans singing J-Rod’s name and making praying gestures inside the Maracana. Electrifying moment. They’ve just shown the goal again on the big screen. More gasps.

Tom Rostance: “Uruguay are opening up, they have to, and it is making for a better game. Colombia almost get in on the left wig but Jackson Martinez’s touch is not up to scratch.”

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HNIC: I don’t see Uruguay’s front men doing the damage.. Colombia should be wary of one man, and that is Diego Godin

Chris Waddle: “Since Colombia’s goal Uruguay have upped the tempo. They’re really pressing Colombia up the field.”

Tom Rostance: “If I was Brazilian, I think I’d be worried about the prospect of facing this Colombia side in the last eight. They look very decent and have done since day one. Actually, if I was Brazilian I’d be several hours into an intense all-dayer so I probably wouldn’t be right now…James Rodriguez has now scored in each of his last six games for Colombia. He is also the first player to score in the first four games of a World Cup since Ronaldo and Rivaldo for Brazil in 2002. We won’t get bored of seeing that goal over and over again. A first-rate belter. Almost half-time in the Maracana.”

James Rodriguez
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

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HarveyWright: England need someone like James Rodriguez. Well we’ve got Jay Rodriguez I suppose.

Austine Christopher: it’s surprising that these guys have made us forget about Falcao

James Rodriguez goal
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©


Tom Rostance: “Here we go again…Colombia keeping their width in the opening exchanges as they threaten to get an early second.”

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Scamp27: And to think, my 2014-15 AS Monaco season ticket to watch James for the entire year cost just €160!

Tom Rostance: If they don’t sell him first…”

Chris Waddle: “The replay of the goal has been played over and over again. Looking at it again, Rodriguez cushions the ball off his chest and knows exactly what he is doing. He spins in one motion as it drops and shoots. That was brilliant technique.”


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Koyc: don’t want to make Colombia about 1 man, but J Rodriguez is a player I want to see progress!

Baz: I want to be Colombian!

Mark Lawrenson: “Great piece of play, easily the best of the game, well done Colombia they went back to go forward and well done that man James Rodriguez. Uruguay are going to have make two or three changes, completely change the way they play and go for it.”

Chris Waddle: “I have got to say that’s another excellent goal. Colombia play quite slow and suddenly get into a rhythm. Rodriguez anticipated the head back and it’s a controlled finish with his right foot. You’d expect Colombia are on their way through now.”

Pete in Pontypool (via text): James the band used to make us all sit down. James the player gets us on our feet.

Tom Rostance: “Uruguay have to make two changes. Southampton man Gaston Ramirez is one man sent into the fray, while Diego Forlan is replaced by Christian Stuani. We will have highlights from this game available on the final whistle, but in the meantime feast your eyes on five of the World Cup’s finest volleys. Is James Rodriguez’s first this evening the best of the lot?Click on the Highlights tab at the top of the screen and decide.”

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Tom Trewinnard: Is anyone else quietly relieved at this point that England didn’t qualify and get totally smushed by this Colombia team?

Phil McNulty: “A brilliant team goal to go with a wonderful individual goal. Colombia look the real deal – and what a quarter-final it sets up against Brazil if they can finish the job off. Uruguay have looked desperate ordinary so far and all coach Oscar Tabarez’s fighting words last night look like coming to nothing.”

Tom Rostance: “Colombia win a free-kick in a good area. Hat-trick time? Nope. J-Rod hits it into the wall.”

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BBC News sports correspondent Natalie Pirks: This Uruguay performance is completely different to the drive they had against England. If only Suarez hadn’t flipped again. They need him.

Tom Rostance: “James Rodriguez has been stood on by Edinson Cavani and after a worrying spell on the floor he’s up and running again. Can Uruguay respond?”

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Ken Sharp: Best individual goal AND best team goal both scored by Colombia’s James Rodriguez

Rakesh Pradhan: James Rodriguez is the player of the tournament. Could be the next £90m player.

Chris Worrall: While Uruguay desperately miss Suarez, Columbia seem not to need the mastery of Falcao – stunning football

Tom Rostance: “Into the final half hour now, and Colombia should be in cruise mode now. Uruguay haven’t really threatened at all.”

Chris Waddle: “The next goal is so important. If Uruguay get it then they will think they can get back in the game. It’s really important Colombia keep it tight but if they can nick a third then you’ve got to say it’s definitely all over.”

Tom Rostance: “James Rodriguez was priced at 150/1 with the bookies to win the golden boot before the tournament – the same odds as Rickie Lambert and Adnan Januzaj. He is now on five goals, ahead of Neymar and Lionel Messi. If he stays ahead of those two then Colombia will have some World Cup…The first real sign of Uruguayan danger! Cracking run from Cristian Rodriguez, bursting right through the centre like HS2, before he lets fly from 20 yards, a real blockbuster with his left foot and Colombia keeper David Ospina has to watch it all the way to make the diving stop. The final roll of the Uruguayan dice as striker Abel Hernandez replaces Alvaro Gonzalez. It’s got to go big now. Colombia also make a switch, with striker Teofilo Gutierrez replaced by midfielder Alex Mejia. The game-closer.”

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Les Oakley: Born in 1945 seen a few WC apart from 1966 & 1970 this one is up there

Dr Jamie Barker: I envy Colombian, Chilean, Argentine football fans- so much to get excited about- drive, commitment, expression, confidence

Chris Waddle: “This is a game too far for Uruguay. People will ask if it’s because of the absence of Suarez, but they look very leggy and it’s just not happened for them. It’s not been good enough. Edinson Cavani hasn’t had a great tournament. I was expecting a bit more technically from him. I was expecting him to take on players more than he has done and see some goals from him.”

Tom Rostance: “Uruguay are throwing men forward but they can’t seem to find a chink in the yellow Colombian wall in front of them. In these tight games you need a player who can make the difference. Colombia have got one out there, Uruguay’s is back at home starting a long ban…”

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Paddy Emmerson: On the few occasions I’ve watched Cavani play he has looked distinctly average. Don’t get the fuss about him at all #overrated

Phil McNulty: “Colombian fans indulging in some serious taunting of nearby Uruguayans – who respond with universally accepted signal for “go away.”

Tom Rostance: “The stats tell you that Uruguay have had 12 attempts on goal, but other than the one good strike from Cristian Rodriguez they haven’t tested Colombia’s keeper David Opsina. Colombia are just over 15 minutes away from booking a place against Brazil.”

Lucas on text: Let’s be honest, this Colombia side would’ve destroyed England, even with our supposed amazing young players.

Tommy on text: Metallica tearing up Glastonbury like James Rodriguez at the World Cup! Loving them both.

Tom Rostance: “Anyway, enough of music in Somerset. The football in Rio is kicking off as Pablo Armero is booted up in the air by Gaston Ramirez, before the referee books the Uruguayan bench for their reaction! Can you book a whole bench? The TV graphics suggest that it was a booking for Diego Lugano. We’ll ask him about that incident tomorrow but I can’t promise that he will have seen it or know what we are referring to…”

Australia’s Tim Cahill on Instagram: “Watching from home in NY and great to see people talking about my goal against Holland. This is the biggest show on Earth and a game where it brings everyone together. Goal of the tournament seems to be a massive talking point. To score is one thing but to be in the hat of top names like #Messi #James #RVP etc is why I love playing the game.”

Tim Cahill
Credit: BBC Sport and Tim Cahill ©

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Gully: Neymar vs James Rodriguez in the quarter finals will be some match up

James Rodriguez
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©

Tom Rostance: “Half chance for Uruguay! Don’t switch off just yet Colombia, they just turned off a bit and full-back Maxi Pereira has a chance, he makes a strong connection but goalkeeper David Ospina stands tall and makes a fine save. Into the last 10 minutes and Colombia just need to keep going. It’s a bit risky to shut off in the World Cup.”

Chris Waddle: “Maxi Pereira had a glorious chance to make this game very interesting.”

David Ospina saves shot
Credit: BBC Sport and Chris Waddle ©

Tom Rostance: “At last Edinson Cavani looks dangerous! He thumps in a low skidding shot and forces another good save from Dave Ospina. Adrian Ramos comes on for Colombia, a forward who is on the brink of joining Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund. He replaces the man of the moment, the man of the world Cup, James Rodriguez.”

James Rodriguez
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “It’s a risky game that Colombia are playing They’ve dropped off the pace and Uruguay are coming forward at will. But Uruguay are running out of time. I just think Colombia could use the ball better than they are doing.”

Tom Rostance: “Diego Godin heads wide from a corner before some more tussling in the penalty area involving Mario Yepes. He’s the enforcer of this side, a real battler who was a liability for pace in the AC Milan side on a certain console game. And that was a good 10 years ago…”

Chris Waddle: “There’s a lot of pushing and shoving going on. Cavani and Godin are involved. Uruguay are frustrated. The game is slipping away and they are heading out of the World Cup.”

Tom Rostance: “Still Uruguay push resources forwards, but still they don’t really threaten. Lump a long punt downfield and hope Steven Gerrard and Phil Jagielka mess up, that’s my advice.”

Phil McNulty: “James Rodriguez taken off and saved for the quarter-final against Brazil – that’s a game that has all the makings.”







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