2014 Brazil World Cup

Brazil 2014 World Cup | Costa Rica vs. Greece

To round off a really good start to the day, I will use this blog feed as the last match feed of the night to keep you all updated on the match as it unfolds. As always, I will continue to use BBC Sport to copy over any quotes made by football commentators, my own thoughts, plus the pictures that are put up on the BBC Sport website and into this blog feed. Make sure to keep pinned to this blog feed as it will continue to update live.

Costa Rica 1-1 Greece

..and, we have kick off!!! Now let’s hope this last match of the night rounds off what has been a very good day for all of us.

Tom Rostance: “Greece with the first shot of the game, as Lazaros Christodoulopoulos fires well over the top. If you wanted Lazaros Christodoulopoulos’ name on the back of your Bologna shirt, it would cost you approximately 300Euro to have it stitched on.”

Former Blackburn Rovers Striker Jason Roberts: “For both these nations it is a huge occasion but in different ways. Costa Rica have never been to the quarter-final. For Greece I’ve heard that because of the issues back home they are going to donate their bonuses back to the Greek FA. Both have a lot to play for. I was so impressed with the way Costa Rica’s midfield contained Andrea Pirlo in their win over Italy. How Greece are able to keep up with the pace of Yeltsin Tejeda and Celso Borges will be key to who wins this midfield battle.”

Tom Rostance: “The pocket of Greece fans are making some excellent noise in these opening exchanges, but the majority of the crowd remain behind Costa Rica and Cristian Gamboa gets the ground rocking with a low skidding shot wide of the far post.”

Jason Roberts: “My last game playing for Grenada was a 0-0 draw against Costa Rica. They took us up into the hills somewhere and I seem to remember being kicked all over the pitch on AstroTurf. But today I am of course impartial.”

Costa Rica player tackles Greek rival
Credit: BBC Sport and Reuters ©

Tom Rostance: “A terrible pass from Andreas Samaris almost plays Costa Rica in on goal but Bryan Ruiz is crowded out when perhaps he could have got the shot away earlier. Both sides looking sloppy on the ball early doors. That is a nice flowing move from Costa Rica. Joel Campbell drops deep to pick the ball up, he is fouled by referee Ben Williams waves him on, Bryan Ruiz plays it out to Christian Bolanos on his left shoulder but the Copenhagen man can’t keep his shot down and drills it over the top. The crowd roar their approval to the Ticos, who have settled well.”

Bryan Ruiz
Credit: BBC Sport and Reuters ©
Christian Bolanos shoots
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “Giorgos Samaras is the Greek island furthest forward, and he chests down a long ball beautifully and looks to break in – but the offside flag was up. He needs support up top. Greece then have another effort, and again it’s Lazaros Christodoulopoulos. Not doing the commentators any favours…”

Giorgos Samaras
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Jason Roberts: “The backbone of Costa Rica’s solid defence is their 5-4-1 formation, which switches to a 4-3-3. The wing-backs are very ambitious going forward but are also very defensive minded when they need to be. A couple of sides have come up against it and tactically not known what to do. But today Costa Rica will have to be careful about the way they commit men forward. It’s different to playing Uruguay or Italy. Costa Rica are dictating this game. But when Greece need to attack they can be very good, as they showed against Ivory Coast, and are also dangerous from set pieces.”

Tom Rostance: “Someone’s let a bugler in. It sounds like the third day of a Test match down under. Half a chance for Greece again, as Sokratis Papastathopoulos nods wide from a corner. Greece may well have the advantage from dead balls. Plenty of height and strength. And letters.”

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Chuck Papadoupopoulos: Love to see us Greeks give it a good go tonight! Everyone is saying we cannot win, but we have Giorgos SAMARAS!

Tom Rostance: “Giorgos Samaras embarks on one of those mazy dribbles that occasionally convince you that under there somewhere there is a really, really good player. But he then falls over his own feet and a team-mate misplaces a pass backwards and the ball is lost 60 yards downfield. A Greek comedy of errors. Great decision! Joel Campbell is tripped right on the edge of the box by Greece skipper Giorgos Karagounis, it looks like a penalty, ref Ben Williams gives a free-kick and is proved bang-on correct.”

Penalty appeal
Credit: BBC Sport
Penalty appeal
Credit: BBC Sport

Jason Roberts: “Giorgos Karagounis was absolutely done by the skill of Joel Campbell. He and Bryan Ruiz are the players who can do something a little different and bring some magic to this Costa Rica side. Greece are comfortable holding their positions but strangely enough it is when they get the ball that they start to look vulnerable. Giorgos Samaras has started the game really well, I played up front in that position myself for much of my career and it is a very important job. The way he holds up the ball will allow his team-mates to get the ball out of the danger area, he is a very important player for Greece.”

Tom Rostance: “Thee free-kick comes to nothing and Greece are able to clear their lines. At the midway point of the half it’s the Central Americans who have seen 58% of the ball. We’ve not had an effort on target and are ominously close to Mexican Wave territory.”

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John McEnerney: Giorgos Samaras will be putting himself about tonight, not just for Greece but for himself. Shop window, no club! Celtic were nuts to let him go.

Tom Rostance: “Two facts about ages that will warp your mind. Michael Owen was 27 when he scored his last goal for England. Giorgos Karagounis was 27 when he won Euro 2004 with Greece. The former Fulham man still covers the turf like a racehorse, albeit a quite slow but well-built racehorse. Remarkable engine for a 37-year-old.”

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Steve Huish, Surbiton: Giorgos Samaras is one of the most frustrating players of all time. Watching him play for Manchester City was painful. It’s OK knocking in goals for Celtic but on the big stage he is sadly lacking.

Tom Rostance: “Now listen up Giorgos Samaras – if you go beyond the last defender, you’ll be offside. That’s twice now the big man has wasted a good break by straying into the red zone. I agree with you Steve. A frustrating man to watch.”

Jason Roberts: “When they get the opportunity Greece are happy to shoot from 35 yards out. One of the reasons they are doing that is they are not getting many runners into the box. You can see how they kept eight clean sheets in their World Cup qualifying campaign but you can also see why they’ve only scored the two goals here in Brazil, against Ivory Coast.”

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Ed, West Sussex: What happened to the Costa Rica that ripped Uruguay apart? Can we have them back and return these imposters please?

Paul Gekapadolopolous: Four 1-0 wins and we are world champions, come on!

Action shot of Greece v Costa Rica
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “This game is doing a solid job of reminding us that sometimes it’s not romantic to see two underdogs duke it out.”

Action shot of Greece v Costa Rica
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “Well you have to say that is brilliant! Greek left-back Jose Holebas delivers a gem of a cross from deep, it cuts out the entire Costa Rican defence, Dimitris Salpingidis steams onto it at the back stick but keeper Keylor Navas somehow keep it out, turning it away with his right knee. Fantastic reaction save.”

Keylor Navas saves shot
Credit: BBC Sport
Keylor Navas saves shot
Credit: BBC Sport and Reuters ©

Jason Roberts: “Dimitris Salpingidis gets the run on Junior Diaz and hits it true but what a save! Fantastic from Keylor Navas, his positioning was excellent. But that is what Greece can do in wide areas, the ball in from Jose Holebas was absolutely fantastic.”

Dimitris Salpingidis
Credit: BBC Sport and Jason Roberts ©

Tom Rostance: “Can we have more quality like that please? A stupendous cross. Other than that it’s been poor. Oscar Duarte takes a bad touch, Lazaros Christodoulopoulos nips in to take the ball off him, the Costa Rican pulls him back and gets booked.”

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Kyle, Liverpool: In what’s regarded as the best/most exciting World Cup for years, how ironic if Greece repeat 2004 Euros and go on to win the whole thing! Come on Costa Rica do it for Bryan Oviedo!

Tom Rostance: “Offside from a throw-in! Greece have just ticked off one of my footballing pet hates. Good grief.”


Jason Roberts: “Maybe we will have to get some people to send in some swapsies for him. I never have done that myself but I do have a fair collection of those sent in by various family members. But you always look weird in them. They always catch you at the wrong moment, or maybe it’s just my face.”

Tom Rostance: “Samaras! Giorgos wins a header from a decent free-kick wide out on the left but it’s right at Costa Rican keeper Keylor Navas. The winner of this one face the Netherlands next up remember. Good luck.”

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Gareth: What a shame to lose Chile and Mexico, yet suffer the victor of this bore draw going on.

Tom Rostance: “Maybe we should just close our eyes and pretend that it’s actually Italy v Ivory Coast. Andrea Pirlo is having another blinder, pinging some delicious long passes but Yaya Toure is just starting to look at his best…”

Bryan Ruiz shoots
Credit: BBC Sport


Tom Rostance: “Ole, ole ole ole! Ticos! Ticos! Recife rocking to the Latin beat.”

Bryan Ruiz celebrates
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “Costa Rica should have a penalty as a cross is turned away by the hand of Greek defender Vasilis Torosidis! There’s no real appeal and it looked like a header initially – and substitute goalkeeeper is then booked for his protests on the bench.”

Jason Roberts: “Bryan Ruiz side-foots it in on the floor and Orestis Karnezis the Greece goalkeeper will be disappointed. I think he is unsighted, the ball does not move very quickly but he is rooted to the spot. There is a defender stood right in front of him but Karnezis will be disappointed with his positioning. Credit to Ruiz, he swung across it and passed it into the corner, the accuracy was incredible. And now the game was changed totally. Greece are now leaving gaps in behind. They have made that decision to make this game a forward-thinking game.”

Tom Rostance: “Greece goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis may well boast the best nickname in the game. After an inspired performance for Garanda in a 1-0 win over Barcelona at the end of the season, Spanish paper Marca labelled him as ‘The Missile Deflector.’ Not so much a nickname as a fully-formed Marvel comic book character. In Greek, by the way, that’s ‘ο πύραυλος εκτροπής’…He didn’t deflect anything there though. Fulham’s big money signing Kostas Mitroglou is on, he replaces Andreas Samaris. Now now Bert. Bryan Ruiz is apparently nicknamed ‘La Comadreja’ – the weasel – for his ball control and slippery ways in his homeland. Do weasels have particularly good ball control?”

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Sheelagh: Now that’s what I call a cool, calm and collected finish! He’s just passed that into the net. Pure joy for Costa Rica.

Bert: Last night James Rodriguez gave us the tournament’s best goal, tonight Bryan Ruiz has given us the luckiest, total miss-hit!

Jason Roberts: “Kostas Mitroglou gives Greece a totally different option, he is big, strong and difficult to deal with. But does Giorgos Samaras go with him up front or does he play wider out on the left? They are both powerful men so let’s see just how proactive Greece are going to be going forward. What I like about it is that Greece have made the change early. Now they look like a 4-4-2 side looking to get the ball into the channels and up to the strikers. Costa Rica, you score a goal and you go five yards deeper. You might ask yourself why but it is just a mental thing. But they need to make sure they keep positive and play as they have done so far.”

Tom Rostance: “It turns out that Costa Rica scored with their first effort on target. The Missile Deflector hasn’t had a single projectile to prevent. Greece are 25 minutes away from going home.”

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Anoop Saxena: Now expect the Greeks to step up. This game should get better… and we may see penalties.

Simon Kalolo: And Fulham said Bryan Ruiz wasn’t good enough. Great goal.

RED CARD!!!!!!!!


Tom Rostance: “That makes it interesting! Costa Rica are down to 10 men for the final 25 minutes after picking up a second yellow for tripping Jose Holebas. It was a silly one, and he knows it. He will miss the quarter-final – if they get there…Greece introduce Theofanis Gekas to bolster their firepower. They need an equaliser, can they conjure one up?”

Oscar Duarte tackle
Credit: BBC Sport
Oscar Duarte is sent off
Credit: BBC Sport
Oscar Duarte walks off the pitch
Credit: BBC Sport

Via Text Message

Niall, Norwich: Anyone got his postal address? I have five Joel Campbell swapsies and he is welcome to them all.

Jason Roberts: “It’s an honest challenge from Oscar Duarte but when you are on a yellow card at this stage of the game you must stay on your feet. You can see he is absolutely distraught as he walks off the pitch. That has cost his team and now Costa Rica need to readjust, because Greece will commit more players forward. What I like about Fernando Santos, the Greece manager, is that he does not hang about, he has made another change straight away.”

Tom Rostance: “Another ‘did he mean that?’ moment from Giorgos Samaras as he falls over his own feet, before spinning and playing in a brilliant cross which Costa Rica keeper Keylor Navas flaps at but just about gets it away. All Greece now. Costa Rica look dangerous on the break…”

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Shane Saunders: A sending off. Greece might come back into it and we’ll be punished with 30 minutes of extra time. You’ve made the list Oscar Duarte.

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John, Cambridge: Silly error from Costa Rica. They need to stay calm, Greece aren’t scoring goals his tournament, they can take this game if they hold firm.

Tom Rostance: “Greece may be a pedestrian, average side, but left-back Jose Holebas can’t half cross a ball. He puts in another superb low delivery but substitute Theofanis Gekas turns it wide. Greece are 12 minutes away from elimination. But they were seconds away from elimination before finding that late goal against Ivory Coast. Plenty of time…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Richard Lambert: The world’s gone mad! Now we have a last-16 tie in the World Cup and both nations’ hopes rest with Fulham strikers!

Tom Rostance: “Unlucky Rickie, by the way. I thought you should have got a start against Costa Rica…Greece have a free-kick in a good position but Giorgos Karagounis leans back and slams it over the top. Yards over the top.”

Giorgos Karagounis free-kick goes well over
Credit: BBC Sport
Giorgos Karagounis
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “You get the feeling that a Greece goal will only come as the result of a defensive clanger or a Giorgos Samaras wonder-strike. You tell me which is more likely. They are pumping balls forward but Costa Rica look comfortable enough as we approach the last five.”

Jason Roberts: “Costa Rica just need to get the ball out of their half now and relieve a bit of pressure. They haven’t managed that for a few minutes. Greece are pushing for a goal playing with three strikers.”

Tom Rostance: “A Greece goal now and we will surely have extra time. But Costa Rica can finish it with a second, as Bryan Ruiz gets on the end of a break but runs for the corner. Lazaros Christodoulopoulos beats his man – that’s lovely! – but the cut-back is greedily claimed by Costa Rica keeper Keylor Navas. That could well be that…”

Jason Roberts: “Greece are finding space outside of the Costa Rica full-backs. Giorgos Samaras has got chalk on his boots, Johnny Acosta needs to make sure he gets out to cover a little bit earlier. Up the other end Bryan Ruiz did exactly what Costa Rica need him to do by just taking the ball into the corner flag and winning a free-kick.”


Tom Rostance: “Extraordinary! Just when it looked all over, Giorgos Samaras launches a long ball in from the left, Theofanis Gekas gets in a low shot which Keylor Navas can’t hold and defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos is there to bundle in the loose ball from six yards out. We will have extra-time!”

Sokratis Papastathopoulos scores
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
 Sokratis Papastathopoulos scores
Credit: BBC Sport
Greece celebrate
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “There are games of football that you genuinely never want to end. This is not one of them but it is serving up a barnstormer of a finish. What a save! Fulham striker Kostas Mitroglou with a bullet header and Keylor Navas tips it over!

Keylor Navas saves
Credit: BBC Sport

Jason Roberts: “Can you believe it!? Costa Rica got deeper and deeper, as the ball came in they didn’t make the challenge, Keylor Navas got a hand on the ball but couldn’t stop the rebound. The Greek players cannot believe it, they are lying on the floor. The scenes here are incredible. Costa Rica didn’t close the game down as well as they could and now look – Greece are in the ascendency after scoring the goal.”

Greece celebrate
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©

Dan Roan (BBC Sports, News Correspondent): “Even the bad games are thrillers….”

Tom Rostance: “Into the fifth of five minutes of added time…There it is. We go again…”




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