Brazil 2014 World Cup | Germany vs. Algeria

To round off a really good day of sport, I will be using this last blog feed of the night to round off the last of the match as it ends. As always, I will continue to use BBC Sport to copy and paste over quotes made by football commentators, plus the pictures, and also my own thoughts, so that all 3 of the above combine.

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Germany 0-0 Algeria

…and we have kick off!!! Let’s hope that the last match that is on now rounds off a really good day, and also a really good month. Let’s also hope that this match for either team goes well and also makes the month go out with a bang :-)!!!

Germany: Neuer, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Boateng, Howedes, Lahm, Ozil, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Gotze, Muller. Subs: Zieler, Weidenfeller, Grosskreutz, Ginter, Khedira, Schurrle, Podolski, Klose, Draxler, Durm, Kramer.

Germany team
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Algeria: M’Bolhi, Mandi, Belkalem, Halliche, Ghoulam, Lacen, Mostefa, Feghouli, Soudani, Taider, Slimani. Subs: Si Mohamed, Zemmamouche, Bougherra, Mesbah, Yebda, Ghilas, Brahimi, Medjani, Bentaleb, Cadamuro, Djabou, Mahrez.

Algeria team
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “Germany start brightly as they look to play in Thomas Muller in behind the Algerian defence but they sweep him up neatly. The ever-versatile Jerome Boateng has switched to centre-half tonight for Germany and he starts a glowing move which releases Shkodran Mustafi into the channel – but he’s offside. Hold the line!”

Former England Winger, Chris Waddle: “Germany have got the experience and have players playing at big clubs – they’ve been here many times before. For Algeria, this is where everyone thinks their run ends. But they will be determined, try to frustrate Germany and be dangerous on the counter attack and at set pieces.”

Tom Rostance: “The pattern may have been set early doors, as 21 players are camped in the Algerian half, only Manuel Neuer in the German half. Germany will control the ball but Islam Slimani will fancy taking on Per Mertesacker in a foot race with the ball over the top…”

Cameraman wears Mexican hat
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Steve Lloyd: Got to fancy a solid Germany win by a two or three-goal margin. Hoping Algeria can spring a surprise, remember 1982 fellas.

Chad Ogollah: Time for a group winner to fall. They all leave it late. If it’s not Germany today, then Belgium will.

UTID: Algeria to win 1-0. Germany’s passing game will fail against the compact Algerians.

Tom Rostance: “Thomas Muller, with his socks round his ankles, like a young uber-Claridge, is drifting all over the place and seeing plenty of the ball. The torschutzenkonig – or top scorer – is the danger man.”

Via Text Message

MNG: I was 10 in 1982 and it was my first World Cup. Even then l knew the terrible arrangement between the Germans and Austrians had denied Algeria a place in the second round. I know there is little chance but l hope that Algeria come through and right that wrong.

Tom Rostance: “That’s the ball! Algeria hit the pass they need, long and in behind Per Mertesacker to free Islam Slimani. German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer meets him 35 yards out, like Rene Higuita in 1990. It could go all wrong for the Bayern man but he makes a cracking sliding tackle in the right-back position. That’s the ball for Algeria though.”

Manuel Neuer tackle
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “If the two German centre-halves fall asleep, like they did there, then they could be in trouble. Slimani likes to play on the shoulder, is willing and has plenty of pace. Neuer did ever so well.”

Tom Rostance: “Algeria in again after a mistake from Jerome Boateng, Islam Slimani puts the pedal down but Per Mertesacker makes a fine tackle this time around. Algeria have the pace up front. They won’t have much of the ball but they have the weapons to hurt Germany…”

Gary Lineker (BBC Sport): “The German high-line is bordering on suicidal. Cannot understand why they would play that way with Per Mertesacker.”

Tom Rostance: “Germany turn the ball over and suddenly there is real danger. Toni Kroos tees up Bastian Schweinsteiger on his left who hits a piledriver, goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi is able to make the save. At the other end Algeria get in as Sofiane Feghouli turns Jerome Boateng inside out, he drives in on goal and has two men to his left – but fires it wildly over. Boateng is all over the place at the back.”

Bastian Schweinsteiger shoots
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “A very promising start. Algeria look like they can get the better of this shaky German defence.”

Guy Mowbray (BBC Match of the Day Commentator): “Germany are rocking at the back, while Algeria are just rocking and rolling. They look so impressive going forward. After the opening we have seen this will not be a simple stroll through to the last eight for Germany. Islam Slimani is already looking really dangerous at the sharp end for Algeria and they have come close to threatening the German goal. But you wonder if coming forward might be their undoing if they leave space for the Germans to exploit.”


Tom Rostance: “Brilliantly done! But he’s offside! What a cross from El Arabi Soudani, he whips it in brilliantly from the left, Islam Slimani is ahead of Jerome Boateng to fire in a low header in off the post. He was offside though – great call!”

Islam Slimani header
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
Islam Slimani
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
Offside decision
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “What a chance again! Algeria are absolutely flying as Faouzi Ghoulam gets away down the left, Mezut Ozil can’t or won’t track him back into the box and his left-footed strike fizzes just past the top corner. Wonderful attacking again from the Desert Foxes…”

Faouzi Ghoulam  shot
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “When you get chances against a quality side like Germany you’ve got to take advantage, because Germany will at some stage have a period of play where they will cause problems. So far it is all Algeria. Their game plan has been spot on. They are breaking in numbers and breaking at pace. Germany have got to break the play up higher up the field and then break forward. For me they are playing too slow.”

Tom Rostance: “Germany are ragged. Benedikt Howedes plays a slack pass out of play and Joachim Low is out of the dugout to give him what for. If you let this German side play, you’ve had it. So Algeria are just not allowing them to. Great stuff from the underdogs thus far.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Mac Jerry: Germany looking really vulnerable. The back four doesn’t look convincing enough. The Desert Foxes can cause a shock.

Brit in Bethesda: The high line, Philipp Lahm playing centre midfield, Sami Khedira benched, four centre backs. Joachim Low is playing World Cup Russian roulette.

Stephen Rasp: It’s always the same with Germany. They play underwhelming football, but still end up winning.

Tom Rostance: “Thomas Muller has not seen or heard the ball since the opening 10 minutes but now he gets on the end of a decent cross from the left, heading over the top. On the bench, 70-goal man Miroslav Klose looks nervous. But then Germany put together a crafted move as Muller picks out Mesut Ozil on the left, he doesn’t know whether to shoot or cross and does neither really. Slick.”

BBC Sport’s David Ornstein at Estadio Beira-Rio: “How much could these missed changes come back to haunt Algeria? After a nervous start, the Desert Foxes have rattled the Germans with an intense pressing game that is exposing their opponent’s shaky back line. We’ve just seen a missed pass from Mario Gotze that caused coach Joachim Low to jump off his seat in the dugout and berate his players. That was most out of character – he seems very agitated, while normally-volatile opposite number Vahid Halilhodzic looks as cool as the temperatures inside this arena. The Germany fans have fallen silent, too.”

Former England striker Michael Owen on Twitter: Been so impressed by Algeria this tournament. Look so dangerous going forward. Germany don’t know what’s hit them here.

Algeria player takes on German
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©

Tom Rostance: “Germany have just raised their tempo since that appearance on the touchline from coach Jogi Low, much better. Toni Kroos and Philipp Lahm are pulling the strings in the middle but they’ve not caused anywhere near as much panic in the penalty area as Algeria have.”

Chris Waddle: “There has been a lot more energy about Germany in the last five minutes. Germany have been pressing more and when they press they look more of a threat. They take the ball off Algeria higher up the pitch and can move forward with Algerian players committed forward.”

Tom Rostance: “Germany are basically playing rush keepers here! Per Mertesacker is caught under a high ball again and Islam Slimani would be in until Manuel Neuer tackles him, again a good 40 yards out of his goal. He’s been brilliant at that so far, but his margin for error is nil. One false move and he’ll be off…”

Manuel Neuer a long way from goal
Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Ubaidullah Budye: Sensational footwork, Algeria are defying the odds here. So positive when they pinch the ball back.

Ricky Lee Everett: Philipp Lahm might be a great player but he has looked out of his depth in central midfield at this World Cup. And four centre-backs? Why Germany, why?

Gwalch Mon: Algeria battering the Germans early on. Just a matter of time till the Germans score a fluke then!

Tom Rostance: “Per Mertesacker is a man of many strengths. But playing as the last man on the halfway line is not one of them. A dangerous game, and one that Algeria are more than happy to play…I dread to think what the Dutch could do to this German side, who have no answer to any form of pace on the counter-attack at all. Algeria win the ball back on the edge of their own box after a good move from the Germans, and within five seconds they have won a free-kick 25 yards out after more haphazard defending from dream bugler Per Mertesacker. However, Sofiane Feghouli curls it wastefully over the top. German coach Joachim Low will be pleased to get his lads in for half-time here. They’re not at the races. That’s excellent movement from Thomas Muller though, beating his marker to head wide from a fine right-wing cross. Never write off the Germans.

Worried German fans
Credit: BBC Sport and EPA ©

Guy Mowbray: “There’s been talk of Brazil being fortunate to reach the latter stages of the World Cup given their form, and Germany likewise really. This is their worst showing at this tournament so far. But there’s something about Porto Alegre that Algeria like. Their 4-2 win over South Korea here was their biggest ever World Cup win. While arguably their best win was their 2-1 victory against West Germany at the 1982 World Cup.”

Chris Waddle: “Algeria are playing some fast football – they are not hanging about. They are looking to break quickly with green shirts flying forward. They are a dangerous side but they do run out of steam in the second half. That happened against Belgium, who came back to dominate the last half-hour and ended up winning the game.”

Tom Rostance: “Algeria must tire in the second half, they are playing at a tremendous pace. And as the half comes to an end Germany have a good little spell, Mesut Ozil fires in a dipping shot from 25 yards which Rais Mbolhi just about pushes away.”

Gary Lineker: “Never ever thought I’d say this, but Germany look tactically inept.”

Tom Rostance: “Germany have failed to score just four times in 40 against non-European opposition. Wow. And that is close! Aissa Mandi hammers in a low shot from 25 yards, it hits Jerome Boateng, wrongfoots German keeper Manuel Neuer totally but spins just past the post.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Chris Gilbert: This is the World Cup of the football powerhouses underperforming, and the lower ranked teams pulling out amazing performances.

C/Brian: Am loving the Algerian underdogs, trying to bite at every opportunity.

Craig Peterson: ‘Per Mertesacker’ is German for ‘tortoise in concrete moon boots’. Maybe.

Tom Rostance: “What a save! What a game! Toni Kroos picks up space for the first time all night, he has a five-yard circle of grass to work in and lashes in a dipping shot, Algeria goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi makes the save but can only steer it out, Mario Gotze is there first, it looks like goal time but Mbolhi brilliantly blocks the rebound. Ouch – that is a bad’un! Algeria defender Rafik Halliche gets his timing all wrong and slides through the back of Bastian Schweinsteiger, who is lucky not to pick up an injury. It was a knee-twister, and Halliche is rightly added to referee Sandro Ricci’s notebook.”

Toni Kroos shot
Credit: BBC Sport
Rais Mbolhi save
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “Barring a couple of shots Germany have done nothing. The Algeria keeper did well to get up and save the rebound. But Gotze has got to take advantage of that spilling.”

Tom Rostance: “It’s been an excellent half, and Germany are ending it on top. They look in control for the first time now, keeping the ball and getting space away from the Algerian pressing. The Desert Foxes calling out for the interval…”


Tom Rostance: “The stadium is very slow to fill back up again as Germany boss possession early doors. The fans must be getting the Brazilian equivalent of a Bovril in. Chris Waddle’s got his coat on, that’s how cold it is…Instant impact from Andre Schurrle! He bursts on to a cute lay-off from Thomas Muller, hammers in a drive which deflects off the heel of a defender and spins wide of the target. No more than two foot wide. From the corner, Toni Kroos beats a man and stands it up, Shkodran Mustafi meets it with a powerful header but it’s straight at Rais Mbolhi. Great start from Germany.”

Shkodran Mustafi  header
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “That was Germany’s best chance of the match. Either side of the goalkeeper and it’s in. It has been a good start by Germany, who are playing a lot quicker.”

Tom Rostance: “Manuel Neuer drops an Algerian corner, he scrambles and collects though before playing an amazing through ball, 65 yards into Andre Schurle’s path and Germany now win a corner. Thomas Muller wants a penalty before Algeria counter and have a chance but Germany survive. Breathless! Neuer could easily play outfield. That was a sensational pass. End-to-end-to-end stuff. There will be some tired legs in Porto Alegre.”

Manuel Neuer  kick
Credit: BBC Sport
Andre Schurle chases ball
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “Whoever went down for Germany – I think it was Muller – wanted a penalty. It looked like one to me, but the referee didn’t give it.”

Tom Rostance: “Great noise inside Estadio Beira-Rio now as one of the best 0-0s I’ve seen in years continues at a frantic pace. Both teams slugging away looking away for a knockout, as if they know they can’t go the distance. And there it is – almost! Wonderful pass from Toni Kroos into Thomas Muller in the D, he lays it back to Philipp Lahm and he arcs a fine strike into the top corner – but Rais Mbolhi makes a wonderful flying save! Right off the end of one finger. Lahm can’t believe it.”

Philipp Lahm  shot
Credit: BBC Sport
Rais Mbolhi makes a wonderful flying save
Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Marwan: A completely different start from the Germans. However this continuous attacking play might have led to an Algeria goal.

John McEnerney: What a pass from Manuel Neuer for that attack! Like a quarterback except it was with a boot!

Wilders: Neuer’s the only decent Germany player on the pitch!

Tom Rostance: “Philipp Lahm has got five goals for Germany in over 100 caps but that would have been one to remember. He did score in the 2006 World Cup, and at the Euros last time out. Big game player. Germany have been excellent since the break. This is made for a Miroslav Klose tap-in isn’t it?”

Chris Waddle: “Thomas Muller has not had many decent chances. There is not a lot of room up there for him and he’s had no decent service. Germany have been very disappointing.”

Tom Rostance: “Into the last half an hour, Andre Schurrle makes the worst decision since I bought a pasty from a service station at 3am last night and fires well over the top from out on the right. Awful shot, and he gets a glare from Thomas Muller which leaves him in no doubts…”

David Ornstein: “‘Ole!’ chant the pockets of Algeria fans as their team enjoy a lengthy period of possession and continue to hold their own, bringing sustained whistling from the German masses. At last the crowd have been given something to cheer about: the first Mexican Wave of the evening. It’s actually pretty impressive.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Tom Edwards: Anyone else think this is set up for Miroslav Klose to come on and score? Ultimate poacher who Germany could use right about now.

Pete Hamilton: Klose to come on, score, win the match and break the record?

Chris Waddle: “Schurrle has held the width well since he has come on and used his pace – because he’s got plenty of it. But his final ball has let him down. It is all Germany in the second half. Algeria have come off the pace and tried to slow down the game. Germany are getting more space higher up the field which they didn’t have before.”

Tom Rostance: “As searches for vengeance go, this has been up there with Kill Bill. Brilliant game so far. Time for a change Jogi Low? Miroslav Klose is still sitting in the dugout. His side’s tempo has just dipped again after a manic 15 minutes at the start of the half.”

Algeria fan with revenge shirt
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Via Text Message

Simon, Canterbury: Great goalkeeping from Rais Mbolhi. Albert Camus would be proud.

Tom Rostance: “Another change to the Germany back four coming up as Shkodran Mustafi has pinged a hamstring. They will replace him with Sami Khedira, which will see Philipp Lahm move back to full-back. All change.”

Former Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann: “Lahm’s positional sense is very poor in midfield. We got two centre-halves playing full-back. Move Lahm back to full-back and bring Khedira on.”

Tom Rostance: “As you wish Didi…That could be end of Shkodran Mustafi’s World Cup I would have thought, as he leaves the field on a stretcher. Germany’s World Cup could be over tonight yet – although they will fancy it if it goes to penalties.Brilliant again from Manuel Neuer, coming off his line to head the ball clear, 20 yards out of his goal. It looks so risky, but he genuinely knows what he’s doing…”

Sami Khedira comes on
Credit: BBC Sport
Shkodran Mustafi
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
Manuel Neuer
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “Neuer is brilliant as a sweeper. He reads the game so well, he is always on edge of the ‘d’ and ready to come out to pick up long balls.”

Tom Rostance: “Under 20 minutes to go. Algeria just starting to look leggy in attack and remember, Nigeria held France to 0-0 until the last 10 minutes. As soon as I say that, Algeria have a decent opening through main man Islam Slimani. He is allowed to run at the heart of the German defence and fires a shot right at Manuel Neuer! Moments later they get in again but the cross is no good. We could be in for a blockbuster 15 minutes…Change for Algeria. The dangerous Yacine Brahimi is on in place of Saphir Taider. Brahimi scored against South Korea, he’s a tricky character…Tremendous work from Thomas Muller! He beats two men down the right wing, beating them for skill and then strength, before picking out team-mate Bastian Schweinsteiger dancing in at the front post. His connection is good, but his header flies just wide. 11 minutes left…”

Guy Mowbray: “We are in for a grandstand finish here. Algeria are still looking just as likely as Germany to score what could turn out to be a winning goal. It is opening up in Porto Alegre and Algeria again are threatening.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Matt Flecknoe: Germany losing on penalties to Algeria would make England’s exit feel less depressing!

Bahman Nooraei B: Algeria are playing such an attractive football it’s impossible not to root for them.

Rob Kennedy: Oh for a final ball!

Tom Rostance: “Great save again! Sami Khedira delivers a brilliant cross from the right, Thomas Muller has all sorts of space 10 yards out but Rais Mbolhi makes another fine save to turn it away. Andre Schurrle can’t convert the rebound. A great, great chance! And one Muller should have taken…There’s got to be a late a goal here, got to be! Thomas Muller again, beating his marker with a great touch and then serving up a toe-poked finish wide of the near post. He goes from the sublime to the ridiculous with each movement…”

Thomas Muller header
Credit: BBC Sport
Algeria keeper saves
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “Mbolhi is the man of the match without a shadow of a doubt. What a great save. But Muller should score. If he heads it down into the ground, he scores. Then, he has another chance moments later but he should hit it with his left foot. He tries to poke it in with the outside of his right foot. Another opportunity wasted by Germany.”

Tom Rostance: “It may be madness to call a 0-0 one of the games of the tournament but there you go, I’ve said it. Brilliant stuff. Like a cracking Test match all three results are still on in the dying stages…”

Via Text Message

Joe: Well done to the Algeria manager. He has got his tactics completely right, attacking Germany in weaker areas. Just lacking a decisive striker.

Algeria coach
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Gary Lineker: “Thomas Muller has forgotten he’s a Muller!”

Tom Rostance: “We are into cramptime now, a few Algerian defenders having treatment as Thomas Muller looks to the skies as he reflects on those chances. Klose o’clock? Not yet…”

Daily Telegraph northern football correspondent Mark Ogden: Rais M’Bolhi had a week on trial at Manchester United during 2009-10 season. Looks a keeper tonight…

Tom Rostance: “We’ve all had a trial…German free-kick in a good spot. This would do it…Thomas Muller pretends to slip over and then runs into the box, but Bastian Schweinsteiger can’t find him in the middle. Have a shot! You’re in! Algeria are clean through again but Manuel Neuer is again to the rescue, a third brilliant slide tackle 35 yards from his goal. Into the last minute – and what a chance! Germany this time, Philipp Lahm picks out Bastian Schweinsteiger in the middle but he can’t get his neck around it and gets no power in the header. Big chance. Last chance? There are four minutes added on. This is going the distance. Unless, unless we have late drama…”

Thomas Muller on ground in elaborate free-kick routine
Credit: BBC Sport

Guy Mowbray: “Manuel Neuer has spent most of the match outside of his box playing as a central defender. And he’s been Germany’s best defender by a mile.”

Chris Waddle: “If you win the ball around the halfway line I wonder if anyone is going to have a shot to try to catch Neuer out. He’s always well off his line – in fact he’s out of his box. I bet France have taken note.”

Joachim Low
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©

Tom Rostance: “Germany swing it out wide, Andre Schurrle delivers the low cross – wide for a corner. My heart’s in my mouth, never mind the Algeria fans. Keeper Rais Mbolhi then claims the corner. Brilliant.”






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