Brazil 2014 World Cup | Brazil vs. Colombia

As I round off a really good day of football, I’ll be using this last blog feed of the night to round off the whole of today as this match unfolds. As always, I will use BBC Sport to copy over quotes made by football commentators, plus the pictures and I’ll also add my own thoughts in based on the last match of the night as it unfolds. Today has been a really good day, so let’s hope that this match rounds off the day on a high.

Brazil 2-1 Colombia

…and, we have kick off!!! Let’s all hope that this last match rounds off what has been a very good day for all of us.

Phil McNulty: “Spine-tingling rendition of the Brazilian national anthem here in Fortaleza. This entire arena is now a cauldron of noise. Brazil expects – can this team who have yet to convince many deliver what the nation demands?”

Brazil anthem
Credit: BBC Sport and Phil McNulty ©

Former England Defender, Danny Mills: “This is unknown territory for Colombia. It’s a huge occasion for them but somehow they have got to put that behind them and play the match. They have to just focus on their game – on what has got them this far in this tournament. They have to show Brazil respect, but not be overawed by them. Brazil have not been great so far and they have to perform today if they are to win this World Cup.”

Tom Rostance: “Maicon, the surprise addition, sees plenty of the early ball out on the Brazil right before Mario Yepes makes a great sliding tackle to strip Paulinho of the ball.”

Former Englanf Defender, Martin Keown: “It’s a brave call to bring in Maicon. Scolari has been so supportive of his players, it’s a real surprise to leave out Dani Alves.”

Credit: BBC Sport, Martin Keown and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “Brazil win an early free-kick which Neymar lines up, he gets the ball up and down in classic style but there’s no pace on the ball and it drifts wide.”

Danny Mills: “Neymar is playing out wide on the right-hand side, he is still close to Fred and being a second striker but he usually starts out on the left. He and Hulk seem to have swapped sides. Neymar will possibly have been asked to run at Mario Yepes. At 38 years old, Yepes is very experienced but he also lacks pace.”

Tom Rostance: “Always good to see one of football’s more unusual touches, and here’s one as defender Cristian Zapata takes a goal-kick. Is David Ospina injured? We may find out over the next 90 minutes or so…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Objective Kritic: “Neymar vs Rodriguez! The spotlight is beaming on both of them tonight, they have huge burdens on their frail shoulders.”

Dr Beaker: “If Brazil play as they did against Chile and the referee is fair, Brazil will lose. I can see a 3-1 Colombia.”

Gordon Phillips: “There is no way that Neymar will get a yellow card today…. or indeed for the rest of the competition.”

Tom Rostance: “It’s another scrappy goal, but Fortaleza does not care! Neymar’s corner is missed by David Luiz in the middle, but fellow centre-back and skipper Thiago Silva arrives behind him to smash in with knee. Like some Dutch courage before a night out, maybe that will settle the nerves and we will see some classic samba action now…Colombia behind before they’ve barely touched the ball, and the stadium is rocking now. This is some ask to turn this around for the men in red.”


Martin Keown: “Perfect start to the game. A teasing ball from Neymar that should have been dealt with. Thiago Silva – a captain’s performance. He improvises brilliantly but what a ball in. It’s just what the crowd wanted but there will be a reaction from Colombia.”

Danny Mills: “What a fantastic start for Brazil. Everything they could have wanted to happen has happened. The corner came in and not one single Colombia player really attacked the ball. Thiago Silva was allowed to drift in at the back post and he bundles it in. Colombia are in trouble now. They haven’t been in the game so far and need to settle down. But if Brazil go on to win this game 2-1 or 3-1 that will give them massive confidence and then they will be a real threat.”

Tom Rostance: “It was Colombian midfielder Carlos Sanchez who switched off for the goal, he just didn’t move at all as Thiago Silva came in behind him to score. But there’s a great response, Juan Cuadrado firing in a low shot into the side-netting! Not far away at all. Colombia’s danger man James Rodriguez has not seen much of it in the opening stages, he’s had just two touches so far. Brazil making all the running, real high tempo stuff.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

John Dykes: “While I still want a Colombia win, an early Brazil goal is exactly what this needed. Game of the tournament on the cards!”

Chris Gilbert: “Sloppy, sloppy defending from Colombia. Back post left completely open, keeper didn’t come out. Comedy of errors.”

Alan Bell: “Colombia look absolutely starstruck! Was expecting Brazilian nerves and Colombian flair though it appears to be the opposite.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “Have some of that! Just after I say that, James Rodriguez does pick the ball up in midfield and Fernandinho just bodychecks him, takes him clean out with his hip. Rodders is a marked man.”

Danny Mills: “I’m surprised Fernandinho didn’t get a yellow card for that challenge on James Rodriguez, it was very cynical. But Brazil are at the moment winning that midfield battle. What a difference a goal makes. I cant emphasise enough the lift Brazil will have been given. They have been under so much pressure and haven’t played particularly well but after just a couple of minutes they are in control of this game.”

Phil McNulty: “Now comes the test for Colombia – a goal behind early on and fighting against the sort of noise, fevered atmosphere and support that makes Brazil such a special sporting country. This World Cup has seen enough from Jose Pekerman’s side to know they have strength but they will need it now like never before.”


Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “Brazil looking so dangerous from corners, Neymar’s delivery is half cleared and Juan Cuadrado faffs about with it on the edge of the box, Not there! Hulk takes it off him, beats a man and puts in a low cross which David Luiz attacks and almost gets to. Tremendous last-ditch clearance from Mario Yepes, who is cajoling his troops now. Stay together…Hulk is alive now! The burly forward plays a great one-two, swapping passes with Neymar before driving into space and testing David Ospina at his near post. Brazil buzzing. First into the tackle, winning every second ball. They want it…”

Martin Keown: “Hulk has got better as the tournament has gone on and is starting to look the part now.”

Tom Rostance: “The first piece of James magic! Good game this now, James Rodriguez spinning away from two men in the middle, committing and beating Fernandinho with ease before sending in Juan Cuadrado on his right. Cuadrado has to hit it first-time but takes a touch and the chance has gone. It’s breathless, magical stuff. Everything the last few games haven’t been. Open, naive, brilliant…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

John McEnerney: “Maicon has done more in 20 minutes than Dani Alves did in four games!”

Said Madrid: “Colombia defending very deep and disorganised. Brazil with very little causing havoc.”

Alexander: “Thiago Silva is the best defender in world for me, in second is Hummels, they both score today, great positioning, and composed.”

Tom Rostance: “Chaos! Fernandinho hacks down James Rodriguez in midfield, the Colombians all pile in around the referee but the men in red take the free-kick quickly. Nobody realises, Brazil win it back and the Colombian defence are all over the place! Oscar has a three-on-two break but messes up his pass. You’d think this was the last two minutes the way this game is being played!”

Martin Keown: “David Luiz has got to be very careful. He comes in very deep, James Rodriguez lays it off quickly and then gets around him. It’s going to be a test for these two Brazilian central defenders.”

Danny Mills: “A warning for Brazil. The breakaway was started by James Rodriguez, who ran past two Brazil players before playing a great pass. This is a huge game for Rodriguez now – Colombia are so reliant on him and he has started to drop a little deeper. But up until that break the Colombian players have looked overawed, they have been nervous and slow to react to everything. Meanwhile Hulk looks a completely different player today, twice already he has threatened from in behind the defence.”

Tom Rostance: “Hulk is everywhere now, thrashing in a low shot from a fine pass from Marcelo and David Ospina makes the save, strong wrists to repel Hulk’s venomous strike. How’s this only 1-0?”

Phil McNulty: “Colombia’s coach Jose Pekerman moves to the edge of his technical area to gesture to his players to calm down – a move that falls very much into “easier said than done” territory in this environment. Seeing the first flashes of James Rodriguez now, though, so that will encourage Pekerman.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil McNulty ©

Tom Rostance: “Colombia just take their time over a throw, just to give a breather more than anything, wise given the tempo of this game. Juan Cuadrado then has a shot charged down and the madness re-appears. David Luiz wins it on the the edge of the box and runs it, he beats two men, another, he’s right down by the corner flag when he is dispossessed. Both teams’ heads have gone here. It’s a brilliant watch but a tactical disaster. Play like this against Germany and they’ll be picked off like fish in a barrel.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Ricky Lee Everett: “Colombia should just go home now or slap themselves to wake up quick – they are all over shop. Totally different side tonight.”

Tom Mizkowski: “Brazil doing a job on Rodriguez at the moment. Hope he gets an opportunity to show what he can do.”

Andrew: “Colombia may as well be playing Shakira at the minute.”

Diego Montes (Spain): “Is the Colombia defence still in the changing rooms?”

Juanillo (Spain): “Unrecognizable Colombia. Unrecognizable Brazil.”

Rosendo Garcia (Peru): “Carlos Sanchez let the man go, good run from Thiago Silva. Colombia are nervous, Brazil commanding and gaining territory.”

Credit: BBC Sport and AFP ©

Martin Keown: “Brazil’s ball retention is much better than in the Chile game. Nothing works harder than the ball. Colombia are desperate, they just can’t get the ball back.”

Tom Rostance: “So much space! Who was marking Juan Cuadrado? In oceans, but he hesitates and is fouled on the edge of the D. Chance here. Central, 20 yards out. Get it over the wall and you score…Never 10 yards! The ball is rolled to James Rodriguez and Neymar charges it down, he was never 10 yards away! Another free-kick, this time on the left wing. Good spell from Colombia.”


Danny Mills: “David Luiz – what is he? A centre-back-forward? What are we going to call him? Colombia need a spark of inspiration. All the belief they had coming into this game has been drained by the goal. It is difficult for them, playing in this sea of Brazilian shirts, they will have to change something at half-time. Brazil meanwhile do not want half-time to come. The game is being played at a frantic pace, it is incredible, especially in this heat.”

David Luiz
Credit: BBC Sport and AFP ©

Tom Rostance: “Hulk! Lovely touch but the decision making of a man in the Trafford Centre at 7pm on Christmas Eve. Anything will do – and he batters a shot high and hard over the top with two men waiting for the cut-back. He is also the first captain to score for Brazil in a World Cup game in 20 yeas, since Rai in the 1994 tournament.”

Thiago Silva
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Andrew, via text: “I don’t know who’s better out of the European teams vs the Americas but I know who I’d rather watch. Fantastic stuff.”

Richard in Felixstowe, via text: “Great game. Much better than the first game.”

Danny Mills: “Colombia are struggling with the running power of Paulinho, Hulk and Neymar. When they run at the defence they cannot cope. They have to get tighter to players and stop them from turning. Colombia have got to get into half-time still 1-0 down, so Jose Pekerman can maybe make a few changes and calm his players down. They are still in this game. Brazil are on top but it is only 1-0.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Jamie Baker: “Hulk is the footballing equivalent of Happy Gilmore- grip it and rip it!”

Adam Palmer: “I liked the magic foam at first but there’s been a few times players have gone past it and the ref’s done nothing.”

John Finn: “This Brazil match is insane. They’re going to run out of legs by half time at this rate!”

Tom Rostance: “Happy Gilmore – I like it! He needs to learn to tap it in though. Tap, tap taparoo Hulk. Go home ball! Neymar bullies him off a free-kick and puts it over. Almost half-time of a classic quarter-final so far.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “Is that the best we’ve seen from Brazil so far? You bet.”


Tom Rostance: “Bad travel planning – great travel facilities; Brazil fans watching the big match while waiting for a bus at a bus station in Brasilia.”

Brazil fans
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Martin Keown: “It’s interesting to see how Colombia can accomondate to this new system. Pablo Armero, you can leave the left flank to him basically. James Rodriguez has gone out to the left but he’ll look to play centrally when he can.”

South American football expert Tim Vickery (BBC Radio 5 Live): “I’d like to see Colombia bring on Juan Quintero, who is a lovely passer of the ball. I’m not sure about the fitness of striker Carlos Bacca, who was excellent in the warm-up games. While it is 1-0 there is a still a chance for Colombia. But I have seen Brazil in the past control a game through tactical fouling. The referee has seemingly given them carte blanche to do that.”

Tom Rostance: “James Rodriguez is fouled again by Maicon. Every time he gets on the ball he’s being hit. Brazil know they have to stop him and they have so far.”

Conor McNamara (BBC Commentator in Rio): “All eyes on Copacabana beach glued to big screens showing the match live.”

Copacabana beach
Credit: BBC Sport and Conor McNamara ©

Tom Rostance: “Do not adjust your sets…Colombia bossing the early moments of the second half but with no real joy so far.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Jeremy Yeomans: “James getting kicked out of the game. Brazil should be as ashamed as trying to kick Cryuff out of ’74, disgrace.”

Matthew Bennett: “Fernandinho has to be booked. We want a flowing game but clever fouls and “taking one for the team” stunts the beautiful game.”

Tom Dunn: “Slowly going off Rodriguez in this game. Awesome skill but diving like a salmon.”

Brazil tackle
Credit: BBC Sport

Tom Rostance: “Foul, foul, foul, foul. Very stop start since half time, that will suit Brazil just fine. They are 35 minutes away from a place in the last four. The tempo, the verve, the intensity has gone from the game. Can Brazil manage this one and see out the win? That’s the question now.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Danny Mills: “When you’re 1-0 up there is always a fear, especially when you have missed chances to score a second. We’ve seen James Rodriguez score some phenomenal goals in this tournament and Brazil will have to be wary.”

Martin Keown: “We haven’t seen much of Cuadrado in this second half. If he can turn and run at Marcelo, he’s in trouble. But the nerves are building a little on Brazil. They will want to keep possession and dominate the ball. But Colombia have got that fighting spirit and will keep going.”

Tom Rostance: “There are plenty of teams in the tournament who are lacking a good number nine, and both of these can go on the list. Colombia do manage to put a slick move together, despite a bad pass from their nine Teo Gutierrez. James Rodriguez takes a lovely touch on the chest again but when he lays it on one more Fredy Guarin hooks a shot over. David Luiz and then Thiago Silva just hammer the ball away into touch. Away! Where’s the composure?”

Nick, via text: “This game is made for a Kevin Philips-like Jackson Martinez nicking a late equaliser. Heard it here first.”

Salford Dave, via text: “There’s more whistles blowing in this match than a scooter song. Ref needs to chill.”

Tom Rostance: “Still half an hour to go. And there’s only one side on top now – Colombia…”

Credit: BBC Sport ©

Martin Keown: “You’d think it was the last five minutes the way Brazil are finding touch. I don’t see too many leaders out there. They’ve stopped playing. This is about the pressure, the tension and the emotion of the game.”

Tom Rostance: “I’m not one for calling for yellow cards, but this is quite remarkable from referee Carlos Carballo. He hasn’t booked anyone yet and Juan Cuadrado is the latest to get away with one, nailing Neymar in full stride.”

Phil McNulty: “This World Cup quarter-final is very disjointed now and you suspect that suits Brazil nicely. It is Colombia who need to find some rhythm and cohesion to build a threat and the game is simply not allowing that at the moment. Brazil fans do not mind how their team get the job done – a hoofed clearance into the stand by Thiago Silva brought rapturous applause.”

Tom Rostance: “And there is a yellow card! And it’s significant too. Thiago Silva is booked for charging down goalkeeper David Ospina as he tried to clear his lines. He’s booked – and he will now miss the semi-final if Brazil get there…Not many smiles on the faces of Colombia supporters at a live screening of the quarter-final in Bolivar square in Bogota. Still it only takes a minute…..Chaos. An absolute omnishambles in the Brazil goalmouth as Colombia whip in a free-kick, David Luiz misses the header, it hits him on the back and there are three Colombians waiting for it! Mario Yepes eventually lashes in but the goal is ruled out for an initial offside. That looks tight…James Rodriguez is now in the book for a lunge on Hulk. Just over 20 minutes to go and it feels tense in Fortaleza. Someone needs to get hold of this game…”

Thiago Silva
Credit: BBC Sport
Credit: BBC Sport and Associated Press ©
Brazil offside
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “The flag went up pretty much immediately and it is a good call. There were two players offside and they were definitely interfering with play. But just moments ago Luiz Felipe Scolari did have his head in his hands. Being without Thiago Silva for the semi-final will be a massive blow for Brazil.”

Tom Rostance: “Wow! Talk about getting hold of it! David Luiz takes a free-kick 35 yards out. He’s not going to try one from here is he? He is you know…OOOOHHHH I SAAAYYY! Brilliant! David Luiz, into the top corner. Wooosh! You don’t save those. Brazil on their way to the last four and the tension has evaporated.”

David Luiz goal
Credit: BBC Sport


Tom Rostance: “Brilliant, brilliant goal. One of the great World Cup strikes and Brazil are heading through with goals from each centre-half.”

Danny Mills: “What a free-kick by David Luiz – that is absolutely outstanding. He has that technique where he hits the ball with the inside of the foot and and the ball just dips into the top corner. Absolutely fabulous. A fantastic moment in the World Cup. A truly spectacular free-kick.”

David Luiz
Credit: BBC Sport and Danny Mills ©

Tom Rostance: “He had no right to be scoring from there. Sensational…”

Martin Keown: “An unbelievable goal. It’s lifted the lid off this stadium. And it’s lifted the lid off the pressure that’s been building on this Brazil team. Cometh the hour cometh the man. Sidefoot? David Luiz has got no right to score from there. I’ve seen him miss loads of those and he doesn’t care. He knows there’s one in there somewhere.”

Phil McNulty: “Bedlam inside Estadio Castelao after that David Luiz free-kick. Brazil’s fans had been getting increasingly frantic but the explosion of noise was a release of tension as well as glorious celebration.”

David Luiz
Credit: BBC Sport, Phil McNulty and AFP ©
David Luiz
Credit: BBC Sport, Phil McNulty and AFP ©

Tom Rostance: “Is that goal of the tournament? It has to be up there. Given the time, given the situation, given the pressure of 200m Brazilians watching on, given the distance, given the fact that he’s (on paper at least) a centre-half – it has all the ingredients of a remarkable, remarkable goal…”

Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Naveed Afzal: “What a goal. A £50m goal. David Luiz you absolute beauty.”

Richard Harrison: “Great free kick from Luiz. Real Jekyll and Hyde performance from him. Can’t see Colombia coming back into it now.”

Tarquin Fauntleroy: “This World Cup has been awesome, but if Brazil keep getting favours from terrible referees like this, it becomes a farce.”

Chris Correa (Brazil): The Brazilian players are playing as a team. For the first time in this World Cup, Brazil are very convincing.

Diego-Cai (Argentina): Colombia they are robbing you!

Tom Rostance: “Anywhere will do now for Brazil, they are just launching it downfield and letting Fred chase it. Which he isn’t doing. Not the best performance again from Brazil but that stupendous goal is taking them through.”

Danny Mills: “Brazil’s will to win this game has carried them through. This means so much to them. They have lost their heads a little bit at times, there hasn’t been an awful lot of composure and they have been fortunate not to pick up more bookings, but the desire and passion they have shown has been absolutely incredible.”


Tom Rostance: “Hello! We may have a game on after all. What a pass from James Rodriguez, he frees substitute Carlos Bacca, he dinks it over Julio Cesar who brings him down with his knees. Cesar is booked – should that have been red?”

Martin Keown: “It’s James Rodriguez with a great pass. He’s got eyes in the back of his head. It’s a clear penalty. The only thing that saved Cesar from red is David Luiz is getting back.”


Tom Rostance: “Cool as you like. Golden boot? Golden touch. Goal number six of this World Cup as James Rodriguez waits and waits for Julio Cesar to move before sliding his spot-kick into the opposite corner. We have a game on our hands now…Those nerves that were growing and growing before David Luiz’s wonder strike are back. With a vengeance. Carlos Bacca floats a header wide for Colombia but he was offside. LAST TEN!”

James Rodriguez
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “I think that is Colombia’s first shot on target. James Rodriguez was very cool under pressure, he had to wait a little to take the penalty but as he ran in he stopped, waited for Julio Cesar to dive to his left, and put it in the other corner. Now we have a game on our hands. Brazil have to just weather the storm. Colombia have suddenly got their tails up. This next five minutes will be absolutely crucial.”

Tom Rostance: “Fred doing the donkey work now, clearing a Colombia corner at the near post. Everyone’s a centre-half now…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Theo Bowyer: “Game on… come on Colombia! Cesar lucky to be on the pitch, this kid Rodriguez is some player!”

Anina M: “Things. Just. Got. Interesting! Love watching Rodriguez play! Brazil need to keep their cool now.”

Tom Rostance: “Get onside man! Colombia put together a lovely flowing move, they have men in the middle but Pablo Armero has strayed offside and the momentum comes to a sudden halt. Brazil are six minutes away from a place in the last four. Six minutes and a whole world of pain away…”

AP, via text: “Its suddenly gone very quiet and nervy now for Brazil. A few minutes ago they were dancing in the streets of Rio. grandstand finish.”

James Rodriguez
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “Brazil send on Hernanes into midfield and Ramires is on too. Energy, energy. Neymar is down after taking a whack in the back – no rush here…Tears for Neymar again, but it’s not at the anthems, the atmosphere or a match-winning goal. It’s through injury. He was kneed in the small of the back and leaves on a stretcher. Defender Henrique is on to try and see this one out.If that’s the end of Neymar’s World Cup all manner of scripts will have to ripped up…”

Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Freddie Ashworth: “James shown he has got everything. Even can head. So silky, lovely to watch.”

Caz Coronel: “Colombia you can do it!!!!!!!!!! Brazil are looking nervous.”

Koyc: “What an enthralling World Cup. James Rodriguez scores a penalty and makes 2-1. Also takes his world cup tally to six goals.”

Tom Rostance: “Into the last minute of normal time – but there will be plenty added on. Do you believe, Colombia?”

Danny Mills: “Neymar did not move after taking that knee in the back from Juan Zuniga. We don’t want to see that. That could take a couple of days to recover from at least, but he will need to see a chiropractor because a back injury can affect your hamstrings and other areas.”


Danny Mills: “The Brazilian players on the bench are biting their nails, biting their bibs. This will be a really nervous final few minutes.”

Tom Rostance: “FIVE MINUTES added on. Can you Colombia, can you? Hernanes breaks away for Brazil, the pragmatist in me thinks ‘go to the corner!’ but he’s Brazilian and tries an outlandish pass over the top. It goes out of play and Colombia have it back. They win a corner…Corner’s good, and won by Adrian Ramos – but he’s wide! Still three minutes left…Into the 94th minute. Fergie Time. Is it Colombia’s time? Free-kick – the keeper’s up! But Adrian Ramos heads up and over…Brazil have done it! They are into the semi-finals!”




More to follow…

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