Brazil 2014 World Cup | Argentina vs. Belgium (Highlights)

Following on from the match between Argentina and Belgium earlier, things definitely looked up for one certain team, as Argentina kept their cool for the whole match as it progressed. This highlights the first match of the day as it unfolded.

Argentina 1-0 Belgium

As this game progressed, there were a lot of good signs for Argentina, as they have, on some occasions, been scoring a lot of good goals recently. As they have managed to beat Belgium with a 1-0 goal strike, this has given Argentina a boost, which has made them reach their first World Cup semi-final since finishing as runners-up in 1990 with their victory over Belgium in Brasilia.

With Argentina being the ones that were sharper when it came to this match, they were more urgent in terms of their possession of the ball, meaning they were able to start quickly compared to the other sides.

Carelessness came back to bite Belgium on the bum in this match earlier, as their captain, Vincent Kompany, gave his possession of the football away too early after just 8 minutes, with the end result of Messi receiving the ball.

For the first half of the match, Belgium were lacking the effort when the ball was in their possession, and they were also not thinking their way around the match. It felt like there was not much effort put in during the first half.

The general overview of the match did seem to be atmospheric, given just how much fight both teams were putting in, as the atmosphere for the whole stadium was at an all time high, and things were looking up.

Around the last few minutes of the match, there was injury time added on as one of the players on Argentina’s team suffered an injury, but, hope was not all lost as the match continued on with both teams fighting to get through to the last few matches leading up to next Sunday’s final match.

Hopefully, with regards to Tuesday’s match between Brazil and Germany, hopefully this match will be more than just energetic than today, so let’s hope that the match on Tuesday is better for all of us.

Thank you for viewing this blog feed of the highlights :-).

-Alex Smithson

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