Brazil 2014 World Cup | Netherlands vs. Costa Rica (Highlights)

Following on from the match between the Netherlands and Costa Rica that has just finished, this has been really good for all of us, as both teams came close to the final winning result, when the Netherlands won 4-3 on penalties against Costa Rica.

Netherlands 4-3 Costa Rica (ET, THEN FULL TIME)

Despite the match being a little out of the blue, what shocked me was there were no goals scored during the full 90 minutes since the match unfolded, although with this match going to extra time after both teams drew, it was quite a sudden move for Costa Rica, as they were just close to winning during the penalty shootouts, when the Netherlands scored their final goal.

A few penalties during the shootout in extra time were saved, paving way for the Netherlands to win, as Costa Rica’s two players, Bryan Ruiz and Michael Umaña, failed to take note of certain opportunities that would have put not only them, but the whole of Costa Rica out in front.

There was a 67% chance that the Netherlands would most likely win the match via the penalty shootout, while the other 33% proved otherwise for Costa Rica, as they were nearly unlikely to score more goals, given the overall performance of the 90 minute match before both teams went to extra time after full time.

Yeltsin Tejeda diverted at a close range with an alike of Van Persie effort when the ball hit the crossbar, as a tiring appearance from Costa Rica themselves managed to hold on.

Los Tico’s penalty appeal was denied after Vlaar had challenged the substitute, Marcos Urena, who then managed to force a full-length save from Cillessen.

The only threat that Costa Rica had when it came to this match that finished earlier was Christian Bolanos free-kicks. This meant that one of his free-kicks went flying just a little too high for Celso Borges, with another that eventually headed back across the goal by Borges, only for the end result of Johnny Acosta failing to make any form of contact.

Hopefully, the next match on Tuesday should soon become an interesting match to watch, as Brazil and Germany face-off in the Semi-Finals at 9:00PM that day, so things will definitely be hotting up for both teams when the match gets underway and into the swing of things. So, fingers crossed for Brazil woohoo!!!!!!!!

Thank you for viewing this blog feed that highlighted the last match of the day :-).

-Alex Smithson


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