Brazil 2014 World Cup | Germany vs. Argentina (FINAL)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the final, last ever match of the Brazil 2014 World Cup, here, I will blog about the final match of the Brazil World Cup as it draws the 2014 World Cup to a remarkable close, it hasn’t been easy for all of the teams, including Germany and Argentina, but hopefully, this last match will be a match to remember. For the final time, I will use BBC Sport to copy over the quotes made by football commentators, plus the pictures, and I’ll also add my own thoughts into this last live blog feed, so that all 3 combine.

Germany 1-0 Argentina (FULL TIME)

…and, we have kick off!!! Let’s all hope this match rounds off what has been one of the best World Cup’s in history.

Tom Rostance: “And we are under way! Germany start the game with an extended spell of possession before Jerome Boateng shins it out of play down the left-hand side. Bastian Schweinsteiger appears to be sitting deep in midfield with new boy Christoph Kramer further forward. Thomas Muller is flattened by Marcos Rojo as he chested down a long ball! Good start from Germany. Germany have four or five men over the free-kick and it’s a case of too many cooks, they make a real hash of it. Great counter from Argentina too, Ezequiel Lavezzi finding Gonzalo Higuain and he flashes in a low shot across goal. Close!”

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Neilo: Got to feel for Sami Khedira. Must be gutted.

Callum Mackenzie: As much as I would like Lionel Messi and Manchester City’s Argentine contingent to achieve greatness, the more complete team deserve it more.

Jonjo, Reading (via text): Remember when Germany were supposed to walk all over Italy in the semi-final of Euro 2012? Everyone was talking like it was a done deal then as well. People never learn!

Former England Defender, Danny Mills: “There will be a lot of tension on the pitch early on. Players will just want to relax with that first touch or first pass, and get into the game a little bit. Gonzalo Higuain is up front pretty much on his own, at the moment Lionel Messi has dropped in to a midfield position. That is what Argentina will have to do – play on the counter attack. Gonzalo Higuain almost got lucky there. But Manuel Neuer knew exactly where the ball was going. He has such consistency. He is the man, he is the one you trust.”

Tom Rostance: “A promisingly open opening few minutes in Rio, both sides looking fluid in attack. The Argentina support is deafening already. They are ready for this!”

Miroslav Klose takes on Javier Mascherano
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

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Six-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt on Twitter: “Lionel Messi’s brilliance or Germany’s teamwork to decide World Cup final. Who will it be?”

Tom Rostance: “The BBC pundits were extolling the virtues of Germany’s right-wing before the game – there’s a sentence to be careful with – and that is where the first danger comes from. Philipp Lahm finds Thomas Muller, and he swings in a testing early cross which Sergio Romero does well to gather in. Lionel Messi hits the afterburners, lovely stuff, as he flies away from Mats Hummels down the wing. So much pace and control from the Argentine number 10 as he enters the area, but his cut-back is well collected by Bastian Schweinsteiger with Enzo Perez waiting. Pablo Zabaleta gets well forward to cross before Lucas Biglia has a shot well blocked by Benedikt Howedes. It’s a good spell for Argentina, and a very decent game so far.Miroslav Klose is inches away from connecting with Philipp Lahm’s teasing cross, down that right again. Germany have had nearly 75% of possession so far but Argentina look a real threat when they counter.”

Lionel Messi puts in a cross
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Mark Lawrenson: “Germany look sharp. I’m a little bit worried for Argentina down their left side. Germany have come down there three times already and Philipp Lahm basically has no one opposing him.”

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Tor Noppharat: Now this is already looking to be a cracking one! Come on, make the world watch in awe!

Danny Mills: “Argentina are playing a little more adventurously than we thought they would. They have had more possession than we thought too. But in the first 10 minutes of the Brazil game Germany looked nervous and gave the ball away a too often.”

Tom Rostance: “A strip of bright sunshine right in the heart of the Argentina goalmouth is causing goalkeeper Sergio Romero some difficulty as Germany whip in a corner. Get him a cap! Argentina clear and almost counter well again. That’s how they will hurt the Germans.”

Danny Mills: “When Argentina break like that, one player is going to have to run 60 yards of the pitch on his own. Maybe Lionel Messi can do that but the Germans are fit and strong and will get organised to get tackles in.”

BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at the Maracana, Phil McNulty: “Lots of Brazilian shirts – and Brazilian supporters – inside the Maracana on the day they hoped to be watching their country contest the World Cup Final. In their absence, not surprisingly, they are very obviously throwing their support behind Germany against the old enemy Argentina.”

Tom Rostance: “Ouch! German replacement Christoph Kramer takes a real whack to the jaw as Ezequiel Garay cleared the ball downfield. One of those collisions when Kramer was looking the opposite direction and took a huge hit. After some treatment it looks like he will able to continue. Germany don’t have many midfield options if he can’t…”

Christoph Kramer
Credit: BBC Sport
Christoph Kramer
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Danny Mills: “That impact was almost like a Carl Froch – George Groves punch, Christoph Kramer will do very well to recover from this, he looks shell-shocked.”

Tom Rostance: “Christoph Kramer is back up on his feet and back in midfield. Javier Mascherano strips him of the ball with a cracking tackle. That early open feel has just closed up. But what a chance for Argentina! A horrible moment from Toni Kroos, heading back a pass to his goalkeeper without looking, and Gonzalo Higuain is clean through! He has to wait a half second for the ball to reach him, and his composure leaves him altogether, the Napoli forward dragging his shot wide. A wretched finish! In the World Cup final…”

Gonzalo Higuain
Credit: BBC Sport

Mark Lawrenson: “Not to make the keeper make a save from that situation is criminal. He obviously couldn’t believe it because he snatched at it. He tried to hit it too hard. What an opportunity.”

Danny Mills: “It was headed back by Toni Kroos towards his own goal, I’ve no idea what he was trying to do, but Gonzalo Higuain almost panicked and hit it off his shin – a great opportunity but such a poor finish.”

Tom Rostance: “Gonzalo Higuain won’t need me to tell him that you don’t get many chances like that in a World Cup final. A career highlight up and gone in a flash…”

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Dosti Ali: If Argentina lose this Gonzalo Higuain will be mortified.

Tom Rostance: “He will. He could end up a recluse like Ray Finkle in Ace Ventura, his whole career defined by that clanger…Since that miss Germany have been on top, keeping the ball well, with Pablo Zabaleta making one fine tackle to stop Miroslav Klose getting a shot away.”

Former England Captain, Gary Lineker: “Gonzalo Higuain has to nudge that forward with his head. Makes the chance easier. Poor decision making.”

Tom Rostance: “No shots on target yet, but it’s still a decent game. Miroslav Klose makes a well-timed burst forwards but Sergio Romero is off his line well to sweep up. Thomas Muller is then close to another cross from the right from Philipp Lahm – having a stormer – but the offside flag was raised. Bastian Schweinsteiger is the first man in the book for a cynical challenge in midfield. No need there, he had plenty of cover.”

Alistair, Cardiff (via text): Miroslav Klose will become the first player to receive four World Cup medals (consecutively too) and if Germany win, he’ll be the only player with a medal of each colour. World Cup legend!


Tom Rostance: “It’s not your day Gonzalo! Not your day. Gonzalo Higuain sweeps in a low cross from Ezequiel Lavezzi, he sets off on a near lap of honour – but the flag was up. And it was the right call too, he was clearly offside. Almost the opener…Germany are relieved by that offside flag – but they have had to make an early change. It could be crucial too as Andre Schurrle is on to replace Christoph Kramer. That means Mesut Ozil is in central midfield, interesting…”

Linesman's flag
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “Gonzalo Higuain was away celebrating for what seemed like 30 seconds but there were two players clearly offside. It’s a warning for the Germans though.”

Mark Lawrenson: “The flag went up very, very quickly. The referee’s assistant is explaining to Lionel Messi why it was disallowed. Schurrle has now come on and we know what he is about.”

Former England International, Chris Waddle: “It’s been a bright start. Germany have had more of the possession as we expected but so far Argentina’s game plan, to play counter attacking football on the break, has been excellent.”

Tom Rostance: “Germany looking as ragged as they have all tournament. An enforced early change and now a real swinger of a tackle from Benedikt Howedes, catching Pablo Zabaleta in the groin. High and not particularly handsome. A yellow card for the makeshift left-back. Can Argentina capitalise?”

Danny Mills: “Germany now have got to show the game management skills they have showed in the past. They lost Sami Khedira in the warm-up and now with Christoph Kramer coming off, they’ve had to change their formation. In the past they have been very good at adapting to that. They will have to do it again today.”

Mark Lawrenson: “That is a naughty foul by Howedes. Fortunately Zabaleta is a tough character but Germany need to settle down.”

Tom Rostance: “Another great break from Argentina, Ezequiel Lavezzi eating up the yards to beat two or three defenders for pace, he carries it 45 yards before finding Lionel Messi. It needs to go one more, Messi tries to flip the pass through and it’s just cut out. Last-gasp defending…Germany now on the attack down the left, Thomas Muller cuts it back for the fast arriving Andre Schurrle, the Chelsea man middles his shot but Sergio Romero is always right behind it and beats it clear. The offside flag was raised as Mesut Ozil closed in on the rebound, but a good stop nonetheless. A goal before half-time? It feels like we may get one.”

Lionel Messi scratches head
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
Andre Schurrle shot
Credit: BBC Sport


Tom Rostance: “Argentine coach Alex Sabella is on the prowl down the touchline, as is Lionel Messi! The little magician bursts into space down the right, somehow twinkling his way into the penalty area and flicking it past Manuel Neuer, but Jerome Boateng is back to hack it away from inside the goalmouth. It’s just threatening to burst into life…Thomas Muller nutmegs Marcos Rojo and then throws himself to the ground under very little contact – that triggers a reaction from the men in blue who are not all happy. Referee Nicola Rizzoli has to step in and calm it all down.”

Lionel Messi chats to referee
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Mark Lawrenson: “Muller and Rojo are having a bit of set to. This will play into Argentina’s hands but the game is so fantastically poised.”

Tom Rostance: “Lovely feet from Mesut Ozil as he skips away from two men on the edge of the box, almost Zidane like, before laying it off to Toni Kroos. He needs the driver from there, but hits a seven iron and it’s tame and easy for Sergio Romero.”

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Sil (Brazil): Germany deserves all the respect from Brazil. Come on Germany! Brazil is with you!

Mark Lawrenson: “That was a back pass by Kroos.”

Tom Rostance: “Thomas Muller is playing as an orthodox right-winger now, as Germany look to stretch the Argentine defence. Two minutes of time added on as Germany force a corner. He has to score! From the corner Benedikt Howedes is totally free! Six yards out, and he smashes a header against the post. The second big miss of the half…Should be 1-1. Two big chances, two bad misses…”

Kevin, Hornchurch (via text): There is no greater sight in football than Lionel Messi running with the ball at his feet towards the the defence. Defenders look petrified. Brilliant. Only Gareth Bale has similar ability.


Tom Rostance: “Javier Mascherano springs a cracking pass over the top to find Gonzalo Higuain – he’s in on goal again but he’s offside again. Almost the way through though. Argentina starting the second half on top. What a chance! Lionel Messi gets in behind, he’s onside this time, wide out to the left of the penalty area, he hits a low shot, the ball beats Manuel Neuer – and beats the far post. A fraction wide. The right man in the right place. The wrong result.”

Lionel Messi shoots
Credit: BBC Sport
Lionel Messi with head in hands
Credit: BBC Sport

Mark Lawrenson: “Of all the people. There was a massive intake of breath. You’re just waiting for the net to bulge.”

Danny Mills: “Could that be the moment? Lionel Messi, from not the easiest of angles, just tries to roll it in the far corner. How often have we seen him score from there?”

Tom Rostance: “That was another huge chance. Lionel Messi did everything right. Everything but the goal. It’s all Argentina since the break. Lionel Messi seems to be playing a few yards higher up the pitch and Jerome Boateng has to stretch to cut out another raking pass through.”

Danny Mills: “Just like in the first half, Germany are a little bit rattled. Argentina have started very well and are getting in behind the German defence.”

Mark Lawrenson: “It’s been a really bright start by Argentina to the half. Every time they go forward they are posing problems.”

Tom Rostance: “Sergio Aguero’s first involvement sees him skip down the left wing but that man Jerome Boateng slams the door shut in his face again. A cracking 0-0 so far, but it’s goals we want…Germany’s first moment of danger in the second half. Andre Schurrle skips inside a man on the edge of the box, he is clipped but referee Nicola Rizzoli waves play on and Thomas Muller’s low cross-shot is hacked away. That was better from Joachim Low’s men.”

Mark Lawrenson: “The game is quickening up which is great. Schurrle is saying to the referee ‘why did you not give me a free-kick?’ but the referee was actually giving Germany advantage.”

Tom Rostance: “Oooof! Manuel Neuer comes flying out of his goal, he punches the ball clear but catches Gonzalo Higuain with his knee.He reaches the ball fairly, but he clatters the striker on his follow through. Higuain is OK to continue I think but in real time that was a sickening collision. Somehow that is given as a foul against Higuain.”

Danny Mills: “Sergio Aguero is playing more centrally than Ezequiel Lavezzi was and Argentina are trying to play balls over the top for him, Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain to chase. But I’m not sure Messi is fit. His head is down, and I think he might have a slight problem with is hamstring. He has held it a few times already and is just walking around.”

Tom Rostance: “A few head injuries in this game then, and Gonzalo Higuain is hoping to run this one off.”

Mark Lawrenson: “Was Neuer inside the box when he made a connection with his fist? The replays suggest he is. You can see why that went his way – a 6ft 4in keeper hurtling through the air.”

Danny Mills: “I can’t believe the referee has given that as a free-kick. Gonzalo Higuain just carries on running and Manuel Neuer takes him out. Higuain gets one fully in the face. Poor decision, it should have been nothing more than a throw in.”

Phil McNulty: “The two coaches are an interesting study in body language. Germany’s Joachim Low is an upright figure, shirtsleeves rolled up and looking relatively calm. Argentina’s Alejandro Sabella is pacing his technical area, animated and often stooping with his hands on his knees, almost as if he is tempted to get on and join his players. Sabella never looks relaxed.”

Tom Rostance: “Into the final half an hour in Rio. Are we going all the way to extra time and beyond again? We’ve not seen much from Lionel Messi since that golden opportunity at the start of the half.”

Credit: BBC Sport

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Andrew Larkin: Manuel Neuer is Harald Schumacher in disguise.

Tom Clempson: It’s more of a penalty for Gonzalo Higuain than a free kick against him.

P.D Smith: Argentina playing as they did in the semis – disciplined in defence and positive in attack.

Tom Rostance: “Andre Schurrle bursts in down the left and hits an early cross, Mesut Ozil is charging in at the near post but the ball is always behind him and he can’t gather it in.”

Andre Schurrle
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “Good pressing from Argentina forces Manuel Neuer into kicking it clean out of play. Germany looking rattled, but then Javier Mascherano makes a mistake in midfield and slides through to bring down Miroslav Klose and a yellow card which he accepts readily. Sergio Aguero is then booked for a late one on Bastian Schweinsteiger. Getting a bit edgy. Lionel Messi on the ball for the first time in 15 minutes, easily beating two men in midfield before earning a free-kick which is easily claimed by Manuel Neuer. The quality has just edged out of it…”

Dom, Leigh on Sea (via text): Very strange watching Lionel Messi in a team having this little possession.

Tommy, Clevedon (via text): It’s been a great game so far but we’ve just hit the dreaded 60 minute no one wants to lose mark! Pens anyone?

Tom Rostance: “Another good claim from Manuel Neuer, hurtling out to punch this time, ends an Argentine attack. The best keeper in the world?”

Manuel Neuer
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Danny Mills: “Germany still haven’t really created a golden opportunity in this second half. At the moment, if Argentina can keep their concentration, you could see a half chance falling to Sergio Aguero. But when Argentina do attack they have to be careful they do not leave space for Germany to counter. That is the only time they really look dangerous.”

Tom Rostance: “Thomas Muller is able to ghost into the area for the first time since the break, he floats away into space but Andre Schurrle can’t control his pass. We are getting toward ‘one goal wins’ territory.”

Mark Lawrenson: “What a poor touch by Schurrle. His body wasn’t in any shape to take it. But this game is opening up.”

Tom Rostance: “Nope. Not happening for Lionel Messi, whose touch lets him down as he tries to collect a crossfield pass. We are 20 minutes away from full-time. Can Messi inspire his side to the trophy? Right on cue, he cuts inside and bends a shot wide…”

World Cup trophy
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “We are either going to see a horrendous mistake or that one moment of individual brilliance, because at this stage in the game you start to feel one goal might be enough to seal the victory. Lionel Messi is dropping deeper and deeper. He just needs one moment to come up with that fantastic goal.”

Mark Lawrenson: “When Messi is up against defenders they seem mesmerized by him. His movement is so quick, short steps, and fantastic control. He was thinking Iran all over again.”

Tom Rostance: “Rodrigo Palacio, who has made four substitute appearances during the World Cup, has a fifth in the final. The Inter striker replaces Gonzalo Higuain, who will still be thinking about that first-half chance. Lionel Messi may be coming to life. He bursts past two defenders with a wonderful turn of pace but new man Rodrigo Palacio is not on the same page and can’t react to his touch through.Chance at the other end! Thomas Muller puts in a cracking pass from the left this time, it finds Benedikt Howedes who is not the man you’d want there, and he can’t gather it up. Into the last 10…”

Rodrigo Palacio
Credit: BBC Sport

Chris Waddle: “I was expecting Argentina to have come well off the pace by now but Germany have looked rattled since the start of this second half. They have not settled down at all.”

Tom Rostance: “Lovely! Philipp Lahm frees Mesut Ozil down the right, the Arsenal man gets his head up nice and early and finds Toni Kroos on the edge of the box. Kroos has time, goes for the early side-footer, but passes it tame and wide. Great pass from Ozil. The last two World Cup finals have both gone to extra time. Are we on for a third one in a row?”

Argentina boss Alejandro Sabella
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Danny Mills: “That is the second big chance for Toni Kroos. It was brilliant play from Mesut Ozil to pull it back and Kroos almost tried to be too precise and that has cost him. You want him to put his foot through that and at least make the goalkeeper work.”

Mark Lawrenson: “You never felt as though Kroos was going to make the net bulge. There wasn’t even a bobble, no excuse really.”

Tom Rostance: “It’s now or never really. Germany perhaps looking the fitter and stronger side.”

Aerial view of Maracana at night
Credit: BBC Sport


Tom Rostance: “Last change for Argentina. Enzo Perez, who looks finished, comes off and Fernando Gago takes his place.”

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Tristan Comley: Lionel Messi looks absolutely knackered… Can’t blame him though!

Ash: No doubt Miroslav Klose has been outstanding for Germany but his lack of pace has severely let him down and held him back today.

Lionel Messi
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “Lionel Messi takes it on his shoulder, beats one man and plays a one-two. It all opens up for him – until a brilliant tackle stops him in his tracks. Miroslav Klose gets a huge ovation as he is replaced by Mario Gotze. Lucas Biglia needs some treatment, Argentina have used all three subs but he’s OK. Into the last two minutes of the 90.”


Danny Mills: “I think Miroslav Klose will be 40 at the next World Cup. It may be a little too much for him. What a fantastic player. He gets an applause from everyone in the stadium as he goes off.”

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Bhaz: Mario Gotze on for Miroslav Klose. Take a bow, goal machine.



Tom Rostance: “Here we go then – extra time in the World Cup final.”

Alan Hansen (Match of the Day Analyst): “It just needs one piece of individual brilliance and Messi is the man.”

Lionel Messi
Credit: BBC Sport and Alan Hansen ©

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Stepan Benyovszky: Once again most “experts” are wrong, Argentina comfortably holding their own. Germany nervous and will need luck. Lots of it.

Lionel Messi star
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “What a chance! Right at the start! Andre Schurrle, who scored at the start of extra time against Algeria, has a chance but lashes in a shot straight at Sergio Romero.”

Andre Schurrle shoots
Credit: BBC Sport

Mark Lawrenson: “Great break by Germany and terrific save by Romero. I hope that’s set the tone for extra time.”

Tom Rostance: “This is so open now! Sergio Aguero gets on the burst, flying down the left wing before delivering a poor ball across. Mats Hummels was so slow in the middle. This extra period could be a real test for one or tow out there. Manuel Neuer took a throw-in there for Germany. One for the fans of the niche acts in football…Joachim Low still remains calm. I wonder if there is any scenario in which he loses it. Maybe not being able to park in a shopping centre, running late for a flight…Someone get Carlos Tevez back from Disneyland. How Argentina could do with him now.”

Phil McNulty: “There has been talk about Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano giving the team talks but it was a fired-up coach Alejandro Sabella who was delivering the motivational speech during the break there.”

Former England Captain, Rio Ferdinand: “Jerome Boateng has been immense today. Mats Hummels is lacking mobility – outside the box he has been left a few times. Ezequiel Garay and Martin Demichelis have been very good too.”

Mark Lawrenson: “Schurrle seems to be frightened of Zabaleta. He won’t take him on at all.”

Tom Rostance: “Mats Hummels is gone – absolutely gone! He can’t run and he can’t jump, he gets right under a cross from the left, gets it all wrong to allow Rodrigo Palacio in. Manuel Neuer is out in a flash though, getting right in the striker’s face and forcing him to chip it wide. Just run at Hummels. The man has lost his legs…”

Rodrigo Palacio chip
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “There was that opportunity I was talking about. The first touch was brilliant, you’re thinking surely now he has to score but in fairness to Manuel Neuer he came out very quickly. I think Rodrigo Palacio was just panicked by that and he scooped it well wide.”

Tom Rostance: “Germany are lacking a focal point since Miroslav Klose came off, with Thomas Muller doing his best to get in the mixer.”

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Fabian McNeilly: I’d feel more sorry for Rodrigo Palacio if his hair wasn’t so terrible.

Tom Rostance: “Javier Mascherano cuts the ball out with a great tackle and then catches Bastian Schweinsteiger on his follow through. He’s on a booking but no further action taken, or needed. Germany have one change left. I’d take Mats Hummels off. He’s playing like someone’s dad.”

Danny Mills: “It is so tense down there. The substitutes behind the German goal who are supposed to be warming up are just stood watching the game. Julian Draxler could come on for Germany, but then who do you take off? Do you take off a defender and go for it?”

Tom Rostance: “This has got the distinct whiff of penalties about it now, both sides looking tired and devoid of ideas. It’s a shame to end this tournament like this really. Someone still has time to lift it though.”

Germany fans
Credit: BBC Sport


Tom Rostance: “We are go. The winner in the 2010 final came from Andres Iniesta in the second period of extra time, in the 116th minute in fact. There is still time. Javier Mascherano is playing a dangerous game as he catches Bastian Schweinsteiger again with a late tackle. Do not get sent off now…Bastian Schweinsteiger getting all the treatment now. Sergio Aguero catches him with a swinging arm and again there is no card from the referee. He’s cut under the eye too. Blood flows from the wound. Aguero could have been dismissed for that, he gets nothing. Bastian Schweinsteiger is rightfully angry after that clash. Sami Khedira was off the bench and in the linesman’s ear.”

Sergio Aguero elbows Bastian Schweinsteiger
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
Bastian Schweinsteiger  bleeds from under his eye
Credit: BBC Sport
Bastian Schweinsteiger  bleeds from under his eye
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Alan Hansen: “The first five minutes of extra-time was like the first half – end to end. You have to find the extra reserves from somewhere – the most important 15 minutes of your life.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Alan Hansen ©

Mark Lawrenson: “Manuel Neuer certainly won’t be lacking confidence if it goes to penalties. He might even take one.”

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Former France and Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira: “Both defences have been excellent. I hope one team wins it before penalties as I know how difficult it is to lose that way.”

Brent, London (via text): Don’t Germany have a sub left? Get Lukas Podolski out there now!

Mark Lawrenson: “That should have been a sending off. Aguero is very fortunate.”

Tom Rostance: “Bastian Schweinsteiger’s cornerman has done a good job on that cut and the midfielder is back on. No real danger at the moment, pretty pedestrian stuff in the centre.”

Duncan, Richmond (via text): The World Cup final should be the one game allowed a replay. It’s just not right that after two years of qualification and 64 games in the finals, the world champions will be decided from the penalty spot. It’s not football.

Tom Rostance: “Super sub! Super Mario! What a moment for Mario Gotze, as he gives Germany the lead. And surely wins the World Cup! Andre Schurrle sprints down the left, showing rare energy at this stage of the game. His cross finds Gotze, he takes it on his chest and then flashes the volley across Sergio Romero and into the corner. Wonderful, wonderful technique…”

Mario Gotze goal
Credit: BBC Sport
Mario Gotze goal
Credit: BBC Sport
Mario Gotze scores
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©
Mario Gotze celebrates
Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “What a fantastic goal, it was a great cross into the box, Mario Gotze drifted into the near post, took it on his chest and fired it into the far corner. He had the composure to provide a brilliant finish that deserves to win a World Cup final.”

Tom Rostance: “Even in the aftermath of that goal, Joachim Low remained unmoved on the sidelines. The man has anti-freeze in his veins. A minority of supporters inside the Maracana are rocking. Germany minutes away from a fourth World Cup win…”

Mark Lawrenson: “That was a fantastic first touch and superb technique. He didn’t even look where the keeper was, he just knew where he was going.”

Danny Mills: “You look at the Argentina players now and their heads have dropped. We haven’t seen enough from Lionel Messi, he is clearly not fit at all.”

Tom Rostance: “Five minutes from glory. And brilliant from Manuel Neuer again, off his line like a flash to snuff out a promising Argentine attack.”

Mark Lawrenson: “There’s four minutes left and Argentina just can’t get the ball.”

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The JakeWaller: That’s how you become a hero! No German will EVER forget your name. Well taken son!

Tom Rostance: “Lionel Messi heads the ball on to the roof of the net. Mario Gotze’s goal by the way was the 171st of this World Cup, which ties with France 98 for the record. Per Mertesacker is coming on for Germany. Everyone’s up top for Argentina, with Javier Mascherano playing as a sweeper.”

Mark Lawrenson: “Neuer knew exactly where Messi’s header was going. He saw it coming and decided to stay on his line.”

Phil McNulty: “Germany fans counting down the clock and the Brazilian supporters in here roaring on Joachim Low’s side – even jeering Lionel Messi when he failed to keep the ball in play. Can Argentina somehow beat the imposing presence of the magnificent Manuel Neuer?”

Tom Rostance: “Germany may get a second on the break – Thomas Muller is in and pokes it across goal but Mesut Ozil can’t get there. Here comes the BFG – Per Mertesacker on for Ozil. Two World Cup winners at the Arsenal next season?”

Danny Mills: “There will be more than dancing in Dusseldorf this evening, but this will be massively celebrated in Brazil as well. The last thing they wanted was an Argentina victory. Argentina had plenty of chances to win it but unfortunately for them their chances fell to the wrong players.”

Germany fans celebrate
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “120 mins done – we have TWO MINUTES added on. Two minutes between Germany and glory. Free-kick to Argentina. Get up there Sergio Romero! Long delay here. Lionel Messi lines up the free-kick, he’s a long way out. He can’t from here – can he?”

Mark Lawrenson: “Romero is asking to go forward. Why stop him? He is asking to go forward but is being ignored.”





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