The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games | Day 1 – Highlights

What a fantastic day it has been!!! Following on from the events that were on earlier, England have come up on top of the medal table, just after the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday. Yesterday was a perfect start to the Commonwealth Games, so let’s hope that lucky strike keeps going for England, and all the other Commonwealth countries competing in the Commonwealth Games as well.

Here is a brief summary that covers the main highlights of yesterday’s events as they unfolded.

  • Ross Murdoch won Gold in the 200m Breaststroke, while Michael Jamieson won Silver.
  • For Judo, both the Scottish Sisters, Kimberley and Louise Renicks won Gold.
  • Alistair Brownlee and Jodie Simpson won Gold for England in the Triathlon.
  • Cycling champion, Sir Bradley Wiggins, won Silver in the team pursuit.
  • The athlete, Mo Farah, withdraws from the Commonwealth Games.

Yesterday was a really fantastic day for all of us, given the fact we are currently at the top of the medal table.

Nations Gold Medal Count Silver Medal Count Bronze Medal Count Total Medal Count
England 6 7 4 17
Australia 5 3 7 15
Scotland 4 3 3 10
India 2 3 2 7
Canada 2 1 1 4
New Zealand 1 0 2 3
Malaysia 0 1 1 2
Republic of South Africa 0 0 2 2
Cyprus 0 1 0 1
Wales 0 1 0 1
Northern Ireland 0 0 1 1
Ghana 0 0 1 1
Nigeria 0 0 1 1

(Medal count ranks from highest to lowest in order of the overall amount of medals each country in this table has overall)

Before I conclude for the night, I wanted to say that yesterday’s events were spectacular, as all the athletes, swimmers etc were on it, all systems were go, go, go and the overall display was just perfect. Let’s all hope that Day 2 of today’s games goes exactly according to plan like yesterday’s events.

Thank you for viewing this blog post :-).

Alex Smithson

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