The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games | Day 2 – Highlights

Hello everyone, my apologies for the delay, the internet was acting up a bit, but not to worry, I will still cover the highlights of yesterday’s events as they unfolded, plus I will also give a quick summary based on the events that took place yesterday.

The success from Thursday’s events carried on for England as we earned ourselves more Golds in a wide variety of the different Commonwealth events. Joanna Rowsell won Gold for England, while Jason Kenny won Silver. In Judo, Danny Williams, Megan Fletcher and Owen Livesey won Golds for England, and also Scotland‘s Clark won Gold.

It’s amazing how we are still at the top of the medal table two days running, and we’re not just at the top, Australia have also earned the same amount of medals as us. Scotland, so far, are 3rd in the medal table, which is actually really good considering they’re the hosts of the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games.

Nations Gold Medal Count Silver Medal Count Bronze Medal Count Total Medal Count
England 12 11 9 32
Australia 11 9 12 32
Scotland 7 3 5 15
India 3 4 3 10
Canada 4 1 4 9
New Zealand 2 2 4 8
Republic of South Africa 0 2 5 7
Wales 0 3 3 6
Cyprus 1 1 1 3
Nigeria 1 0 1 2
Malaysia 0 1 1 2
Singapore 1 0 0 1
Bangladesh 0 1 0 1
Cameroon 0 1 0 1
Jamaica 0 1 0 1
Papua New Guinea 0 1 0 1
Sri Lanka 0 1 0 1
Ghana 0 0 1 1
Northern Ireland 0 0 1 1
Samoa 0 0 1 1
Zambia 0 0 1 1

Overall, with England at the top, that is fantastic, I was shocked to find we earned more and more medals in the space of 24 hours, I know we only got another 15 medals, but an additional 15 medals to total our medal count overall to 32 is perfect.

Before I conclude this blog post for the night, I would like to say that the performance’s so far from all of the Commonwealth countries that have taken part in the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games have been fantastic, England have been fantastic, and have continued to strive high for the best result, and also, all the other Commonwealth countries that have taken part have been fantastic too. The medal table will glow like shining stars. At the end of the day, it’s the taking part that counts, and every Commonwealth country, including England, have done just that, they’ve all taken part, and are determined to strive for the best result they possibly could get.

Thank you for viewing this blog post :-).

Alex Smithson


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