The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games | The Closing Ceremony in Review

Hello again everyone. Following on from the Closing Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games, I will now do a review based on the Closing Ceremony as it unfolded. This blog post marks the final, last ever blog post for the Commonwealth Games.

For England, we managed to come up on top of the medal table with an astounding 174 medals overall, with Australia finishing with 137 overall medals. All the other Commonwealth countries that took part in this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow did absolutely well, given the fact that the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games were on for just 11 days. Everyone’s excitement was at an all time high, as the medals were constantly building up for every Commonwealth country that took part.

The Closing Ceremony was absolutely wonderful, as famous acts such as Kylie and Lulu made appearances throughout the ceremony while it was slowly drawing to a close. There were a wide number of clips that took us all through a look-back over the past 11 days since the first few events got underway. Prince Imran delighted all the crowds that turned up to see the Closing Ceremony, as he branded the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games the best Commonwealth Games ever. He went on to add: “Scotland, and Glasgow, you really have delivered in every aspect the best Games ever.”

Lulu started off the Closing Ceremony with her classical rendition of one of the most famous songs she has ever done, which was Shout. Before singing Shout, she said to everyone: “tonight is all about saying thank-you” and then she introduced the athletes of this year’s 20th Commonwealth Games that took place in Glasgow.

Many pop-up tents were in place, and with such a remarkable display, Kylie sung one of her most well-known songs, Can’t Get You Out of My Head. For Kylie Minogue to sing one of her best remembered songs like this one, this was the song that would most definitely allow everyone to remember the best of the Commonwealth Games, as this song described perfectly just how well everyone did, and I’m thankful and absolutely proud of every Commonwealth country that took part, as all of us came together as one, and also made sure that none of us would ever give up. The determination was there from the very start of the 20th Commonwealth Games, and continued all the way from the very start to the very end of the Commonwealth Games.

When you consider that the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games would run for only 11 days, it’s a shock how all of the Commonwealth countries went from no medals to loads of medals, in an instant, time just flew so quick that it was slightly impossible to keep up with the excitement. I mean, I was absolutely excited, but the time needed to slow down. It made me laugh how the time flew, but time flies when you are having a lot of fun.

The 21st Commonwealth Games (XXI) will take place in Australia at the Gold Coast in 2018. From me, I bid a massive farewell to the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I wonder what the next Commonwealth Games will hold for all of us come 2018. For now, bring on the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games!!!!!!!!

Thank you for viewing this final Commonwealth Games blog post :-).

Alex Smithson

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