Pivvot: A Thrilling Game of Strategic Avoidance

Hello everyone, as I always share my love for games, I’ve been granted permission by the developer, Whitaker Trebella, to create a gaming review based on his own famously crafted masterpiece, which is Pivvot. Pivvot is a fast-paced action game that will speed your reaction times like never before. It’s the type of game that will go from a few minutes to endless hours of gameplay. Because of how well Pivvot has done since it saw it’s official launch last year, it has become one of the biggest games around, and from then to now, it’s gone from being available as a universal app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch via the iTunes App Store to being a multi-platformer app for App Store’s such as Google Play and Amazon App Store, and now on Laptop and PC via the Humble Store and now Steam.

When I first downloaded Pivvot, Pivvot became the Free App of the Week sometime near the beginning of the festive season last year, and after playing Pivvot for the first time, I loved it, as this was the type of game where minutes would quickly turn into hours. This game has a really similar style to Terry Cavanagh’s game, Super Hexagon, as the elements from both games always match up well.

Just recently, Whitaker Trebella released Pivvot for Steam after Valve Corporation’s Steam engine service gave the game the Greenlight.

When Pivvot was released for Steam, I played the game, and it was absolutely perfect. The sound quality of the music playing during the course of the game was perfect, as it was cleverly crafted to perfection, and to be guided on how to play the game before going ahead and actually playing it was an absolute must-have.

This game, since it was released on Steam has become one of the most popular games that have been cleverly crafted to perfection.

The tagline: “A Thrilling Game of Strategic Avoidance” lives up to its name very well as you have to avoid any obstacles that come your way.

The 8 modes that are included in this game are:

  1. Voyage
  2. Endless
  3. Expert Voyage
  4. Expert Endless
  5. Berserk
  6. Random Endless
  7. Random Expert Endless
  8. Looper

The Verge commented on what they thought of the game, and they said: “You might not be able to stay alive much longer than a minute, but those minutes quickly add up to hours of bleary eyed gameplay.”

Other technology websites, such as Destructoid, Pocket Gamer, TUAW and a few others described Pivvot to be one of the best games around, given just how well it’s done in its first year.

A flawless masterpiece such as this game should never be underestimated or mistaken for how well it performs. This is truly one of the most fantastic masterpieces that will always be classed as state-of-the-art in my eyes, and will most possibly be the type of game that will carry on for many, many generations to come.

If you want to purchase your copy of Pivvot, depending on the type of hardware you might use, Pivvot is available via the selected App Stores for the given price:

iTunes App Store: £1.99

Google Play: £1.81

Amazon Apps: £1.87

Humble Store: £2.99

Steam: £3.99

Thank you for reading this review article.

Alex Smithson

© 2014 Fixpoint Productions Limited & Whitaker Trebella


    1. I agree, this game is one of the most flawless masterpieces, and is also one of the best games around.

      Thanks to Whitaker, he has delivered a perfect game that will always carry on being played for many, many generations to come.

      Alex Smithson


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