A Year in Photography | Out Now. Welcome to September!!!

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back for an exciting month ahead. To start the month off with a bang, I finally managed to get the problems sorted with Microsoft Office Word 2013’s servers going offline, and just in the nick of time, I have managed to upload the book to its own Dropbox folder, and as of now, it is out now and is available for free as a standalone download.

The small change I have made are the buttons for both books. As I renamed the Widget: “Free Book (s)” to: “Free Books”, I thought it would be nice to make the buttons feel flat and retro, as a metro-looking, 80s-retro style for the buttons feels more of an appealing approach.

This book is well over 60 pages, and has just crossed the 70-page mark as I added a few photos to round off the whole book, though you might notice a few of the photos are the same for the front cover, and also throughout the book.

I opted for a lighter blue for the back cover as I thought it would make it feel more like a book. This would make the book feel more like a proper book, and not like as if it was carved. Since college is just around the corner, I wanted to notify you all that I may be posting at least a few articles over the next couple of weeks, as the workload I’ll receive while I’m at college may be double the amount of work I used to get when I was at school, though I’ll try my best to publish some articles as best as I can.

To conclude, I would like to announce that Mother Nature is now on Facebook, so please feel free to like my Facebook page at any time.

Thank you for reading this article, and I guarantee you’ll love the book. Enjoy!!!

Alex Smithson


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