Tourist Captures the Shocking Moment Mount Tavurvur Erupts

Hello everyone, from the news that I have just found out about, I was shocked to find that an eruption occurred last week. Phil McNamara, who witnessed the eruption unfold instantly, captured shocking footage of the Mount Tavurvur volcano as it erupted.

The volcano, which is located in Papua New Guinea, blew its top off last week, sending nothing but ash, debris and smoke flying into the air. The footage that Phil recorded shows just how much of an impact the volcanic eruption had caused, as a circular shockwave ripped through the clouds, and following the shockwave was a Sonic Boom, which had instantly slammed into his boat, causing the Sonic Boom to create, as the Metro describes it, an: “ear-splitting bang.”

To sum the volcanic eruption up completely, Phil said: “Holy smoking Toledos.” as the shockwave and Sonic Boom caused such a loud bang. Following on from the volcanic eruption in the footage that Phil caught last week, the eruption of Mount Tavurvur continued for several days after it occurred.

The last time the Mount Tavurvur volcano erupted was in 1994. The volcanic eruption in 1994 was so powerful, that with such force, it actually destroyed half of the nearby city of Rabaul.

When you consider the footage was recorded last week, it is actually an eye-opener. Because I’ve loved watching films like Volcano, Dante’s Peak and 2012, this footage that Phil recorded has actually opened my eyes, because it is something that actually occurred, and could continue for many days, weeks or years to come.

Recently, news headlines surfaced of the Bardabunga volcano, which is still on alert (currently being closely monitored) as the volcano could erupt any moment. If this volcano is to erupt, it could end up causing similar problems like the volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, that erupted back in 2010.

If you take a track-back to the Mount St Helens volcano, the eruption of Mount St Helens was so powerful enough that it would kill anyone and anything that was caught in its destructive path. 57 people were killed in this eruption, 250 homes were destroyed, 47 bridges were also destroyed, 24 kilometres (15 miles) of railways and 298km (185 miles) of highways were destroyed. With the destruction of volcanoes happening almost every day, this just goes to show that Mother Nature herself shouldn’t be messed with, given the amount of Global Warming and Climate Change that is still going on today.

The volcano itself, Mount Tavurvur, is suspected to have erupted around the 29th, 30th or 31st of August.

Alex Smithson

—–Credit to Phil McNamara for recording this video, which has since gone viral.—–

—————Credit to Getty Images for the Photo of the Volcanic Eruption—————–


      1. When Mount Krakatoa erupted in 1883, the sound of the explosion was heard up to 3,000 miles away; I cannot imagine what the sound was like for those nearby.

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  1. An amazing video. I assume since there was no mention that no one was killed. Had they evacuated?
    Meanwhile before I forget, thank you for reading my poetry.



    1. I was shocked, because I hadn’t realised how powerful the sonic boom was until I heard the loud bang. They were far away from the volcano when it erupted, and I was surprised that no-one got hurt.

      You’re very welcome Alexander, and thanks so much for dropping by the Mother Nature website, I really appreciated it :-).

      Alex Smithson

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