My First Day at Croydon College

A New Year, a New Journey, a New Beginning.

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my excitement of my first day at Croydon College with you all, as I was eager to begin a new chapter in my life. I actually enjoyed my first day at Croydon College, because it felt relaxing, knowing that I could go into the college to begin my first day, and with the relief of being able to wear my own clothes instead of a suit, it made my first day at college feel absolutely peaceful.

While I was there, we all introduced ourselves and we also gave a background detail based on the kind of things that we like based on our personalities. My personality is that I like nature and technology, as well as photography, as I can express my creativity through the designs I create. As always, I make sure that what I create is my own and is also original. I hate to plagiarise on other people’s works, as I aim to create something that I can call original, and that what I create defines not just what I have crafted by myself, but also the types of interests that I have overall.

Within an instant, I just clicked with everyone, as I got to know everyone so quick, I have already become friends with everyone. It’s amazing how only a few hours make such a positive impact not just on me, but also on everyone, because the atmosphere of the college itself is peaceful, everyone gets on with one another, the maturity is perfect, and it also marks a massive change from school life, which is now better than ever for everyone.

Expressing your own creativity is the best option, because you are expressing something that you know and also something that you want to be original. I have loved my first day, and I want the best of today to carry on over the next few years of being in college. Today was a wonderful day, and was absolutely perfect. College is a lot more different than school life, but you immediately get used to it.

The atmosphere of the college today was quiet, calm and peaceful, and it was a peaceful atmosphere that I instantly got used to, that is why I loved today, because it was peaceful and everyone enjoyed the day just like I did.

Overall, I loved today, and I hope that it continues. I shall aim for the dream career that I want and love the most, and that is to become a proper, full-on professional photographer. I will never give up and I shall intend to try and try again no matter what.

Alex Smithson


  1. Hi Alex, just came across your blog. Excellent posting; it reminds me of my college years all be a it quite a long time ago but they are still fresh in my mind. I remember I was nervous at first but then relaxed and got to know everybody, I did Art & Design and was encouraged to use my own ideas and creativity. Hope your studies go well.

    All the best

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  2. Alex, that’s a lovely, enthusiastic post. You were right to be proud when you got your results and were able to go where you wanted. I wish you all the best with your studies, and with all the other aspects of student life! RH

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    1. Thank you so much Paleica, I really appreciated it. I know how you feel though, because I miss studying at Oasis Academy: Shirley Park, as it was the secondary school I studied at up until June, and I miss it a lot.

      Alex Smithson


      1. To be honest, the time has flown way too fast for me, since I started school, and since I finished school. My first month has gone way too fast, before you know it, it will be a year since I started college :-).

        Alex Smithson


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