My First Week of College: A Perfect Success!!!

Following from the first article I did about Croydon College on Monday, I wanted to follow that first article up by saying how much of a perfect week it has been. Despite going in for 3 days this week (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday), I was actually relieved to move on from school life quicker than I first imagined, because Croydon College gives you not just confidence in yourself, but also to give you a way to map out a future you have always longed for. I love photography so much that I actually took some photos around the outside of the College.



My first week, all in all, has been perfect. Not just perfect, absolutely wonderful!!! I bumped into so many of my school friends from Oasis Academy: Shirley Park, as some of my friends also went to Croydon College, and not only that, but I also bumped into some old school friends from primary school, which I was quite shocked about, because when you haven’t seen some of your friends in a long while, the time gap is quite a lot to take in, but I absolutely enjoyed my perfect first week at the college, and I want every week to be just like the first week.

My excitement has gone through the roof like never before, and I cannot wait for Monday to arrive soon enough, as I’m going on my first trip with everyone. The trip that arrives tomorrow consists of two different museums. The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, where both collections consist of some of the best visual works based around the world. Both of these museums are also located in Trafalgar Square in London.

Overall, this week has been the perfect week for me, considering I was in for only 3 days, and I hope for the perfect trail to continue on from this week.

Tomorrow is set to start off what will be not just an interesting week, but also a fantastic set of opportunities for all of us, and I cannot wait to go through an interesting week that will help me to build my ideas further for this Level 2 Art & Design Course.

Alex Smithson




    1. Thank you so much RH, I really appreciated it, it was almost cancelled because my course lecturer ended up causing herself an injury, not sure what type of injury it was, but thankfully, two teachers stepped in to make sure the trip still got the go-ahead.

      Overall, I actually found the National Gallery (both combined) to be absolutely massive!!! I was shocked by how big it was inside, but I absolutely enjoyed it.

      Again, thank you so much RH, I really appreciated it :-).

      Alex Smithson


  1. Happy greetings,
    Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being here!

    As an elder, it is my wish you follow your passion, share your experiences (we call this story telling) and amplify awareness with the global dialogue.
    Perhaps you would enjoy self employment (entrepreneurship) with freelancing photography, vlog stories on the internet. Some businesses and consultants could pay for services of that kind. The creative DIY, “Maker”, and Open Source communities must fuel the emerging Age, as this current destructive meme collapses.
    Classroom work and your passion may compete for your waking hours and that choice is always a personal one.



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