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This article comes hot on the heels of the book that I recently published, which was: “A Year in Photography”. As DoxDirect are now a special featured printing service which I am delighted to feature on Mother Nature, this gives me the absolute pleasure to announce to all of you that my second book has been printed as a proper A5 Paperback, Matte Laminated book. I have to tell you, I was absolutely over the moon, because this week has been absolutely positive, and the one person I want to mention that helped me along the way with helping me to get this book printed is Louise Gipps.

Louise Gipps of DoxDirect has been getting a lot of positive feedback all across the board from many of the customers that have used this service. As this is my first time printing my book through DoxDirect, I was given so much support by Louise, who I must say is an absolute credit to the company, as she helped me with changing certain parts of the book spine that I created, given the fact one of the spines I created was a little too big.

The book spine, I must admit, was sort of the difficult part, because certain parts of the spine would eventually need re-sizing in order for the pages and the full back, spine and front cover to be printed. However, I received an Email from Louise late Monday night, in which she notified me that the book was despatched and it was on its way, and, the day after Louise notified me of the book being despatched, I received it by delivery on Tuesday. The delivery process was at blazing speed, because I was initially expecting to wait a few days, but, it was despatched on Monday, and arrived the next day, which left me with absolute happiness.

The loveliest part of DoxDirect was that they sent me some freshly made Haribos as a treat, which came as part of the order. Even everyone is talking about this printing service, because you ask them to print something for you, and they like to give you something back as a way of saying thank you for using their service. I wanted to say thank you so much to Louise, because, without your help, I wouldn’t have got my own printed copy of this book. Thank you :-)!!!!!!!!

Overall, I recommend DoxDirect to all of you, as this company has got a fantastic customer experience, and the DoxDirect team are always supportive if you ever need help with printing anything, and from a range of binding options, you cannot go wrong with such a fantastic company like DoxDirect.

Below are the pictures of the front cover, the book spine and the back cover.

The 10 binding options that DoxDirect provide for if you want to get something printed are:

  • Loose Leaf
  • Poster
  • Saddle Stitched
  • Ring Binder
  • Hardback Book
  • Paperback Book
  • Spiral Bound (white)
  • Sprial Bound (silver)
  • Spiral Bound (black)
  • Corner Stapled

I recommend DoxDirect to all of you, as it is one of the most fantastic services I have ever come across, and I would recommend you to try it out.

Also, it gives me the absolute pleasure to announce that a third book is currently in the works, and will be released over the course of 2015. The third book, titled: “My Journey Through a Lens” is focused a lot more on my own form of photography, given the photographical skills I have been expanding on since I started at Croydon College. There is an official awards ceremony coming up on Monday, which I have been invited to attend, so this will also be added to the new book as it gradually develops over the course of now, and over the course of 2015. This new book will also contain segments of certain articles that I have picked from Mother Nature, which will give this new book an all-new, and in-depth journey into what Mother Nature holds in store.

If you want to print a book that you may have written, I recommend DoxDirect. To print your book, or anything regarding the 10 options, please feel free to click on the DoxDirect logo via the Directories page. You won’t be disappointed. DoxDirect are a fantastic company, and they know how to work the magic when it comes to printing what you have asked them to print.

I would like to thank DoxDirect for printing my book, and to Louise. You and this company have been an absolute help, and with the third book, I will release it digitally for free first, and after that, I will use this service again to print this new book. Again, thanks so much to Louise and the whole of the DoxDirect company, you have been an absolute help, and I shall continue to use DoxDirect again.

Alex Smithson 🙂

© DoxDirect


  1. Nice one,Alex!!. the Doxdirect book looks really smart, professional and a pleasure to behold. They have some great customer service as well, and the free sweets are a nice added touch.
    It’s always good to have a physical copy of your blogbook lying around. A permanent way of keeping memories alive.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was very happy to hear the news. It’s a natural progression in your book series and of course it will be interesting to see what new photography skills you’ve picked up in college.
        Once you’ve got the book underway in development, I’ll be happy to do a post on it.

        All the best,



      2. Thank you so much Vijay, I really appreciated it. At this stage, I have passed the 50 page mark because of the amount of words I’ve typed, as well as adding pictures in of course. I can tell you that this new book is set to be the largest one I’ve done yet, it will be massive :-).

        Alex Smithson


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