Monthly Roundup: November 2014

As 2014 begins to draw to a close, with December arriving at midnight, I wanted to take you all through a quick look back over November as it unfolded.

On the 1st November, this day marked the beginning of a month that would be full of remembrance, given the fact that this month would mark 100 years since the First World War. Guy Fawkes Night would take place within the first week of this month, as it was to remember Guy Fawkes for the Gunpowder Plot that he was involved in. The 5th November is also known as Bonfire Night, as everyone would be setting off fireworks on this night to remember Guy Fawkes for the highly dangerous explosives that failed to ignite. This article was also focused on Remembrance Day (also known as Armistice Day), as this day would mark almost 100 years since the end of the First World War.

On the 5th November, I wanted to mark the occasion by taking some photos during firework night, which was also known as Bonfire Night, and Guy Fawkes Night. As this day was a special day for me, I delved into the world of DSLR Night Photography, which would make this iteration of the photos I took the first ever night photos I took professionally, and also for the first time. This night also marked Guy Fawkes Night, as Guy Fawkes was famously known for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament with TNT (Trinitrotoluene), which was full of gunpowder. His plan failed as the gunpowder was damp, which meant Guy Fawkes’ plan didn’t work, and this would eventually lead to him being hung, drawn and quartered.

As I mentioned on Mother Nature, just two days after Bonfire Night, I featured the book printing company, DoxDirect, as they printed off my recently released book: “A Year in Photography”. I was absolutely over the moon to receive my own A5 Paperback Copy from DoxDirect, given just how fantastic their service is.

Louise Gipps of DoxDirect has been getting a lot of positive feedback all across the board from many of the customers that have used this service, and because it was my first time printing my book through DoxDirect, I was given the full support by Louise, who I must say is an absolute credit to the company, as she helped me through the whole of the book printing process, and I thank her again for making sure my book would get to me on time.

When I received the email from Louise that my book was despatched, I was absolutely delighted, and to receive the book the day after it was despatched, I was absolutely full of happiness. The delivery process, as I mentioned in this article, was delivered at blazing speed, because I initially expected for the book to take a couple of days to arrive, when in fact, it arrived the day after I got the email. What made me even more overwhelmed was that a pack of freshly made Haribos was sent to me along with the book as a treat, and again, I wanted to say thank you so much to Louise, because, without your help, I wouldn’t have got my own, printed copy of this book. Thank you :-)!!!!!!!!

If you want to print your book, or anything else you need printed, I recommend DoxDirect. To print your book or anything else you need printed via DoxDirect, click here.

Following a recent addition to Mother Nature, I created a category under the new section: “Famous Icons”. This category would focus on the case studies that I did a lot of research for, such as Henry VIII, Queen Victoria & Guy Fawkes. From this point, I would continue to add more categories that didn’t just surround History, but also based around other categories, such as Sport and also TV Actresses. The “Famous Icons” section is going to expand more and more in 2015, and during the first half of 2015, Mother Nature will mark its second year on WordPress.

Following the sudden news of Phillip Hughes‘ death on Thursday 27th, I paid tribute to him by dedicating an article I wrote to him as a mark of respect, as his death didn’t just shock me, but also the whole world, and even the World of Cricket. The news came just 3 days before he was due to mark what would have been his 26th birthday, and his death shook the world.

This article would take a look back on his career in Cricket, and the achievements that he had made along the way up until his death on Thursday. Today would have marked his 26th birthday, which is a shock, because he was very well known by other cricketers who had heard the news of his sudden death. Up until Tuesday 25th, I didn’t know who Phillip Hughes was, but, I did a lot of research on him because I wanted to find out who he was and what he was famous for. I wrote this article as a way of paying tribute to him, so that he would always be remembered for the legacy he had left behind.

To conclude, this month has, in turn, been an eventful month, but now as December is upon us, I want to make sure December is a fantastic month to remember.

Thank you so much for reading these articles, and I’ll see you all in December.

Alex Smithson


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