Welcome to December!!! A Month Full of Festivities, Happiness and Comfort.

Welcome back to Mother Nature everyone, for the final month of the year that draws 2014 to a close. It’s hard to believe it was a year ago I did my first 6 months of publishing articles, and to come this far, it’s absolutely amazing. Though, despite a stressful 8 months, what with the exam season which has come and gone, and with a 12 week holiday that went too fast, I can spend the last 2-3 weeks finalising my art work for my course, and then spending the last few weeks of 2014 relaxing and publishing articles.

You have just witnessed a Christmas makeover of the Mother Nature logo, including the background, as I wanted to make sure that Mother Nature got a proper, full-on design that would make this website completely Christmassy.

As 2014 draws to a close, I want to make sure that 2014 goes out with a bang, and with 2014 being a stressful year, it has also been a successful year not just for me, but also for everyone else, as this year determined everyone’s future, considering the fact that all of us would be collecting our results. This would, in turn, determine whether any of us would have a future at college or sixth form. Thankfully, this year has been kind to us, as we passed our exams with flying colours.

Over the course of the Christmas holiday, I will be publishing the last few articles of 2014, and I will also be continuing work on my 3rd book: “My Journey Through a Lens”. This new book will be the biggest follow-up to the 2nd book, as it will contain not just the photos that I have taken with my Nikon D3300 DSLR, but it will also contain segments of articles I have published on here, certain articles that I have done a lot of research for.

Christmas is a time for festivities, and also for the whole family to come together to mark such a special occasion, including the day when everyone opens their Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

I love Christmas, as it feels like the right time to just relax, wrap up warm and feel at home. Christmas is also a special time for me, as I always aim to keep myself in the loop when it comes to crafting and publishing articles on Mother Nature. The joys of Christmas I love is being able to play games, listen to music, and also write, and with the New Year just around the corner, this comes as the perfect time to say:


Thank you for reading this article.

Alex Smithson


  1. Welcome to the Lord’s chosen time to be with us, the holy birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ’s birthday is celebrated this month. The entire month is reserved for the preparation and appreciation of that event; Catholics call it Advent. All of nature, affectionately called mother nature, in all its magnificence is part of the creation of God and holds a place of respect from that fact.

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