Welcome to February!!! A Month Full of Hard Work, Love & Experiences

Hello, and welcome back to Mother Nature for a chilly February!!! February is set to be a month full of hard work, love and experiences, as everyone is preparing for what could be a hard season solely focused around work before the Spring break hits us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this month is also set to be filled with love, creating a refreshing feel to the atmosphere over the course of roughly 4 weeks.

This month, in terms of experiences, means that everyone is getting ready to experience all new things, as well as what the future for this year holds.

Over the course of this month, it will be quite a hard month for me especially, as I’ll be dedicating more of my time to my college studies, given the fact that the work I’m doing is based on dozens and dozens of research about UNICEF‘s UN Convention based on the Rights of the Child, which will help me throughout my UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course. When there is some free time available, however, I may be able to fit at least a few articles in, but I’ll try my absolute hardest to get around to doing some articles as best as I can.

Until then, welcome to February!!!!!!!!

Alex Smithson

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