Raindrops on Crystal Clear Glass | Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

With a wet storm that did hit us hard where I live, the rainy weather really poured it down, with hints of thunder that followed in the process. I ceased the opportunity of getting some gorgeous photos of the raindrops just after the storm passed, and by using the Nikon D3300 DSLR, I was able to capture some beautiful shots of the raindrops from certain angles.

The wind speed was absolutely strong, and has been since the beginning of 2015, with the bad weather set to continue all the way through to the beginning of March.

Now, with the first month of 2015 officially behind us, I will showcase in this article the close-up photography of the photos I took on one of the days I was off from college last month. I guarantee you’ll love these photos, because, despite how difficult these photos were to take, I made sure that they had a bold, sharp and relaxing appearance to them.

When I took these photos, I opted to take them manually by having the VR (Vibration Reduction) function turned on for the NIKKOR Lens, as well as adjusting the focus to get these photos exactly as to how I wanted them to turn out. I would have used the auto-focus function to take these photos, but I mainly prefer to take my DSLR photos manually, as I get the best results at the end of it.

In the long run, after the storm passed, these photos turned out a lot better than how I had first imagined them. These photos really exceeded my expectations, as I hadn’t realised just how intricate and delicate the detailing of the photos really were.

A lot of the photos I took had really defined the outlook of mother nature, as well as her capability to leave behind a trail of slight destruction, which would, in turn, create a beautiful image in the process.

As I stayed inside in the warm when the torrential downpour happened, I made sure that once the bad weather was out of the way, I would take some photos of the raindrops, considering just how well the raindrops were formed.

I was taken by surprise when I took these photos, as I didn’t realise just how good they looked and appeared until I used my computer to view these photos. Overall, I was overwhelmed and delighted with the final result, and I couldn’t have picked a better time to take these photos after the storm passed.

For many photographers like myself that want to know which setting is best for taking photos in this format, I recommend that you take photos by setting the camera lens of your make of DSLR to manual, as manual is better, as you get more of a chance of taking photos how you want them to appear. Auto-focus is a good function for any DSLR, but I prefer to take photos manually with the Vibration Reduction (VR) Function set to ON via the NIKKOR Lens for the Nikon D3300.

Overall, I couldn’t have been more happier considering the fact that my photography skills had exceeded a lot better than expected, and I am absolutely over the moon to have taken such good photos, which is probably set to be my best yet, and on that note, I want to say……..


Alex Smithson

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