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Marking 30 Years of EastEnders, the Killer is Finally Exposed.

30 years ago today, the first ever episode of EastEnders debuted on our screens. 30 years on, and we will finally find out who killed Lucy Beale (Played by Hetti Bywater) in tonight’s flashback episode.

With gripping scenes that have kept viewers like myself wanting to find out who killed Lucy over the past 10 months, tonight will be the night when we find out who killed her, and why she was killed.

In the days leading up to the 30th Anniversary, Monday saw the Red Button/iPlayer screening of the first ever episode of EastEnders that was broadcast on the 19th February 1985. Tuesday’s episode marked the beginning of the live week for EastEnders, with the Twitter Hashtag, #EELive being placed up in the top right-hand corner of the episode, with the hashtag being used in last night’s episode, tonight’s episode and Friday’s episode of EastEnders. The flashback episode to Good Friday 2014 is set to do the rounds, as the killer of Lucy Beale is finally exposed, but there may be some twists ahead that could put a spring in the works.

During the live episodes, Himesh Patel (known for playing Tamwar Masood in EastEnders) took over BBC’s EastEnders account, where he would tweet during the live episodes as they unfolded, in which he would use the hashtag, #TamwarTweets.

Many famous faces have also made a comeback in the run-up to the 30th Anniversary. Actors and actresses, such as Barbara Windsor (Known for Playing Peggy Mitchell: “Get Outta My Pub!”), John Partridge (a.k.a. Christian Clarke), Tanya Franks (a.k.a. Rainie Cross), Jo Joyner (a.k.a. Tanya Cross), Jamie Lomas (a.k.a. Jake Stone) and many more.

Danny Dyer did the rounds yesterday, after he made a public tube announcement, in conjunction with the 30th anniversary, which followed with a lot of overwhelming support for Jo Joyner, after her character, Tanya Cross, accidentally said: “How’s Adam?”, which has since gone viral all over internet, but, for Jo Joyner, as amused as she was on Twitter last night, she took to the social network to tweet the hashtags, #leastyouknowitslive and #gutted. I must admit, I was a little stunned when she said Adam Woodyatt’s real name, but she stole the show, and with a comical side to her personality, everyone was delighted that she said: “How’s Adam?” because she has, in turn, created a brilliant night to remember for EastEnders, and also the whole of Twitter and further social media. Laurie Brett (a.k.a. Jane Beale), tweeted to her and said: “@dollyjoyner @AdamWoodyatt should have said- you been drinking Tan?? Love you Jo,you’re the best . And The nation loved it xx”.

EastEnders has come a very long way since it first aired on the 19th February 1985, and the whole of Walford is set to find out who killed Lucy Beale, which will send shockwaves throughout the whole of Albert Square.

Until then, Happy 30th Anniversary to BBC’s EastEnders, and let’s hope for another 30 years!!!

Alex Smithson

UPDATE: Bobby Beale has been revealed as the killer of Lucy Beale, which has to be one of the most unexpected, yet surprising reveal that has ever happened. Wow…I wasn’t expecting that. That was indeed a killer twist!

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