Monthly Roundup | February 2015

As the first two months of 2015 have flown by remarkably fast, with March just around the corner, this article will take a look back on the small amount of articles that I have done this month, before February closes its doors, and before March gets underway.

1.2.2015 – I welcomed all of you back to Mother Nature for what was set to be a chilly February, as this month was set to be full of hard work, love and experiences, as everyone is preparing for what could be a hard season that is solely focused around workloads, before the Spring break is due to hit us. As Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, this month was also set to be filled with love, which would create a refreshing feel to the atmosphere over the course of the next 4 weeks.

14.2.2015 – As there was a wet storm that hit us hard where I live back in January, the rainy weather had really poured it down, with hints of thunder that followed in the process. I ceased the opportunity to get some gorgeous photos of the raindrops just after the storm passed, and by using the Nikon D3300 DSLR, I was able to capture some beautiful shots of the raindrops from certain angles, which would ultimately define just how clear and crisp the raindrops were on one of the days I was off from college last month. As the first month of 2015 was officially behind us, I would showcase these photos in the article, which would focus on the raindrops, up-close and personal.

19.2.2015 – 30 years ago to the day, the first ever episode of Eastenders debuted on our screens. 30 years on, and we would all finally find out who had killed Lucy Beale (played by Hetti Bywater) in the flashback episode that aired on this day. With many of the gripping scenes that kept viewers like myself wanting to find out who killed Lucy over the past 10 months, this night would be the night when we would find out who killed her, and why she was killed. At the end of the flashback episode, the killer of Lucy Beale was revealed to be Bobby Beale, which was one of the most unexpected, yet surprising reveals that had ever happened, which even I didn’t expect, which had indeed been a killer twist.

28.2.2015 – As I wanted to celebrate writing 200 articles for Mother Nature, I did Article #200 on the Greatest Briton himself, which was Sir Winston Churchill. Case Study #5 based on Sir Winston Churchill would take a look back over his life, and how he had risen to become the man known for supporting the United Kingdom, and also for fighting for peace for the UK during the Second World War. This article would also celebrate what has almost been my second year since I started up Mother Nature, which is why I wanted to do Article #200 on Sir Winston Churchill, as this would also mark 50 years since his death, and also for the fact that it was 50 years ago on the 30th January that his state funeral took place.

Thanks so much for making February a brilliant month for Mother Nature everyone. I’m so sorry if I haven’t been able to post much on here over the past month, as I’ve been focusing more on my work, given the fact I’ve been making sure to keep on top of my work for my UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course at Croydon College. However, I will make sure to do my absolute hardest to publish some articles over the course of March.

Until then, thanks for such a brilliant February, and I’ll see you all in March.

Alex Smithson


    1. You’re very welcome RH, I wanted to take a twist after doing the article about Lucy’s killer, and by doing Case Study #5 on Churchill, I wanted to make sure that I could mark 50 years since his death and funeral in true fashion :-).

      Alex Smithson


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