Monthly Roundup: April 2015

To round off what has been a really good month, I will take a look back on the articles that I have published over the course of this month.

1.4.2015 – I welcomed you all back to Mother Nature for what was set to be a month full of a lot of good weather, despite the solar eclipse that happened a few weeks previous, as well as the Maths & English exams that I had done before I broke up for the two week holiday. As I mentioned, I did initially hope to get this book completed by the end of this month, though the release may be held off until sometime around the end of May, considering the large amount of coursework I have to complete over the last few weeks of the year.

I sadly failed my Maths exam, which I was really disappointed about, but I have been given another chance to re-take the exam around the last week of college, which will give me plenty of time to revise between now and when the exam takes place.

7.4.2015 – I decided to take a different turn in this article, as this article would focus around The Press, Social Media & The Internet, as I would talk about what makes us turn, and how I see the use of social networking platforms from my own perspective.

I also mentioned two different shows, one of which was Jeremy Kyle, while the other was Jerry Springer, as the social networking site, Facebook, is often the most talked about social network, mainly due to the fact that it has caused a wide birth of marriage break-ups, divorces, and even many different forms of bullying. This article did require an awful lot of thought, because I had to make sure to tread carefully about what I was going to talk about, as well as the kind of content that I would go on to use.

9.4.2015 – After just 8 years of the iPhone OS being around, Apple finally released iOS 8.3 to the masses. Bringing along with it some much-needed changes, iOS 8.3 is the first ever update to go diverse, as most of the emojis that are found in Apple’s Emoji Keyboard have been updated with new sets of different coloured emojis, making diversity become something known, something that was meant to happen from the very start.

As these emojis are now diverse, this will give many users the chance to choose that emoji that they want to use, but in a different skin colour, which is much better, as everyone now gets the fair and diverse choice that they’ve always wanted.

13.4.2015 – Following the release of her 13th Studio Album, Rebel Heart, Madonna released her second music video from the album, titled Ghosttown. Over 500,000+ copies of Rebel Heart have been sold so far, with a possible 45th Number 1 set to rise to the masses. Most recently, Rebel Heart was certified Silver in the United Kingdom after 60,000 copies were sold, which is fantastic for Madonna, considering that this video was released within the first two weeks of April.

In the first few days of its release, Ghosttown clocked up to over 2,000,000+ within the first week alone, and most recently, Madonna’s Ghosttown video has now clocked up to over 5,000,000+ views in almost the first month, which I think is fantastic, considering that it has much more of a better approach, as well as Madonna’s Living for Love music video.

30.4.2015 – After hearing that the music department at Croydon College took to Kickstarter to fund their new project, which is called OutBr3ak Records, I wrote an article to support the project, because, although I am unable to back the project myself, I wanted to help out, as OutBr3ak Records is a project which is being set up to be made into a record label, which will give those budding future musicians the chance to let their musical roots shine, and to also allow them to set their creativity free in what they love to do the most.

I wrote this article to support the project after speaking to one of the students that popped into my class at the beginning of the week, as one of the students that I spoke to just after leaving the college was happy with the fact that I had chosen to spread the word on the most notable social networking websites, which were Facebook & Twitter. It is an absolute honour to support this project, as this will give those students the chance to create a music career of their own, which will allow them to rise to their full potential in what they love to do the most, as well as in music.

To end this month on a high and positive note, I have fantastic news in store. I’ve passed all of my English Functional Skills exams, with no English exams left to do, which brings April to a close on such a fantastic and positive note.

Plus, I recently set up a photography website, titled Mother Nature Photography, and if you want to view the MN Photography website, I have created a tab at the top of the page, titled: “MN Photography”, which means that once you’ve clicked on it, it will take you to Mother Nature Photography, and to make getting back to this website easier, I have also added a tab on the Mother Nature Photography website, titled: “Mother Nature”, which will bring you back to this website.

Until then, thanks so much for a fantastic month, and I’ll see you all in May!!!!!

Alex Smithson


OutBr3ak Records | A Croydon College Music Project Funded on Kickstarter.

With just under 1 week to go until the project ends, some of the students at Croydon College have set up a project on Kickstarter. Titled OutBr3ak Records, this project is where some of the students, including Croydon College, are planning to set up this record label, giving some of the students that share a passion for music the chance to let their creative side and musical side shine.

It is an absolute honour to talk about this project, as I told one of the students yesterday that I have spread the word on social networking sites, such as Facebook & Twitter, and with this article, I want to make sure that I get the word of this record label out in to the open, as the music department at Croydon College are itching to get all-new and fresh musical talents out there.

This is what the team at Croydon College have stated about this project, which fulfills a lot of musical potential:


We are the students of Croydon college music department, we are trying to put on a show for our record label launch and we hope to celebrate it with a big bang. As part of our course we are tasked with organising a gig for the launch of our record company which will be at Fairfield halls on the 19th June, the event will be an explosion of mixed genre’s with many acts to be seen, genres from pop, rock, rap, metal and even some pretty interesting mixes of ethnic styled music from all around the globe, so you can tell this will not be an event to miss. We have many videos and pictures of our progress on our social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. There we post our current progress with many videos and pics of the bands that will be playing and will be keeping all of our friends (you guys) updated on the current pace of our gig, so if you have em please check em out. The event will be amazing, but for such a thing to happen we really need some support from you guys reading this. Any donation made will be put toward this project and we really want this to be an enjoyable experience for both you guys but us too. We are looking to raise around £400.00 which will be our target price that will cover everything we need and will be the first steps to making this happen! We really hope that we can do this and hope that you guys will attend when it does. If you do donate we will send you a free media package containing our album, artwork and you will also have our deepest gratitude. Well that’s all of it; we hope to see you at the gig.

Kind regards

From the team”

Risks and challenges

“If we reach our goal there shouldn’t be any risk as the money we are hoping to raise will go to the venue and to us to produce posters and tickets for the main event.”

As Croydon College strives with a lot of potential, I feel honoured to share this with you all. Although I am unable to back this project myself, I wanted to help out by writing about this new record label, as I want to make sure I spread the word well and good, and that this will give you all the chance to back this project whilst the opportunity to fund it is still open.

If you want to help out and back this project for the new record label to blossom, please click here to be directed to the Kickstarter OutBr3ak Records page, where you can back this project. It would mean so much if you could help out the music department at Croydon College with this project, as they are looking to share all-new musical talents, and also give those at Croydon College the chance to let their musical roots shine through.

If you back this project, they have put a reward up, stating that for the small number of people who back this project (up to 10 backers), you will receive a copy of OutBr3ak Records’ debut album (self-titled), along with the album’s artwork as well. If you back this project now, the estimated delivery on this reward is set for delivery on release in July this year.

I think that this is a fantastic opportunity, as this will give those with musical talents the chance to shine, and will also be beneficial and useful in a wide range of aspects for those who are looking to take up a music career in the future.

Again, please make sure to back this project and help out, as this will give Croydon College’s Music Department the much-needed boost that it really needs.

Alex Smithson

© OutBr3ak Records logo courtesy of the record label. This logo has also been used courtesy of Croydon College. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

© OutBr3ak Records 2015

© Croydon College 2015

The Press, Social Media & The Internet: What makes us turn?

What it is about the News & Social Media that makes us turn? It is all about what the newspaper companies and social media write. If, for example, you look at social media websites, such as Facebook, this social network is often mentioned on some news websites, and especially on certain TV shows, such as Jeremy Kyle, and possibly Jerry Springer.

Now, you would think that in some instances that something like this may be rather sad, but, when you look at the news and social media combined, it is like as if they both connect, considering the fact that they are the two main sources, the two main sources of which are good, but at the same time, bad as well.

Although I use some or most of these social networks, I like to tread carefully with what I post, and especially with what I share as well, because I’ve seen what kind of effect some social networks can have on people, and sometimes, if not, a lot of the time, social media and also the news can have negative effects on many of us.

What do I think of the news and social media? I think that some of the news and social media is good, as long as they are used properly. It is only when these kind of things are abused, that is when things start to go wrong, which means that if the news and social media is abused, anything can happen.

Facebook is a good social network in certain ways, as you can create a Facebook page to promote your business, or even your blog or website, as well as the content that goes with it, but the bad side to Facebook? Sometimes, people can take offence to something that may be rather inappropriate, for example, if there are images that are obscene to the naked eye, then it’s images like that which should be taken down.

It is only when certain images or videos are not taken down, that is when the trouble starts, as there will be complaints, and then the possibilities that are faced is that the person can take whoever owns that page to court, in order to get the inappropriate or personal content removed.

Twitter is also a good social network if you are planning to promote your businesses and products, and is also a good service for those who want to follow their favourite musicians and other well known companies that are around the world. Also, Twitter’s video sharing service, Vine, is a good service to use as well, as you can share the happy moments of life, while businesses promote their products through both of these services.

The downsides to both? Sometimes, if not most of the time, there are often internet trolls on these services, as some people are known for publishing images and videos on the internet without the other person knowing. I make sure to only use Twitter instead of Vine, because Twitter gives me the chance to tweet the best things in life, and is also useful for me when it comes to publishing articles, as my three Twitter accounts automatically tweet the article after I hit the ‘Publish‘ button on every article.

I hate the thought of seeing tweets on my timeline that focus around certain stuff, as some Twitter users have been known for posting obscene and profane images and videos that are disgusting and amoral.

In many cases, it is advisable that all of us should be careful with what we choose to put up on the internet, because, the internet is not a safe place as we think it is. Anything can happen on the internet. I always make sure to stay secure on the internet, because the last thing I want is to deal with any problems that keep me from being secure on the internet.

Viruses can also create problems on the internet, and you often see the names of these viruses that are mentioned in articles on other websites across the whole of the internet. Even social networks have the same problem.

Sometimes, the news and social networks can brainwash us and make us believe some things that are, or may be completely untrue, as there have been certain times in the past where social media and the news have gone just a little bit too far with every bit of detail that they have found, for example, if you look at certain news sources, including social networks and other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, MySpace, Instagram, BBC, Sky News, ITV and any other news and social media sources, they may have reliable and possibly accurate information on hand, but sometimes, these services can be fooled, as some of the information might either be true, or false, but sometimes, some of the information isn’t entirely true.

My views on the news and social media? Be careful with what you put up on the internet, because all it takes now is to post something that is possibly crude or horrible, and it will go viral everywhere. It doesn’t matter what you do on the internet, just be careful, because the internet will never be a safe place, and it is always wise to choose any appropriate content that should go up, because the authorities often police the internet to make sure that some of the inappropriate content doesn’t go up, or if there is inappropriate content up on the internet, then the inappropriate content can be taken down ultimately over a matter of different reasons.

I believe that if you can keep yourself secure on the internet, whether it be through using the latest security software on your computer or laptop, then you are good to go, but, even with security, you are still at risk, no matter what.

All views on the chosen topics are my own, and my genuine and honest advice? Stay safe as much as you can, because we are not all secure. Prevent your security from being breached before it’s too late.

I have also written this as I feel that everyone is entitled to a freedom of speech.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please make sure to like it, and also leave a comment below what you think of the Press, Social Media & the Internet.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to April!!! A Month Full of Relaxing Times, Happiness & Joy!!!

Welcome to April on Mother Nature!!! It’s good to be back. As this month is set to kick in with some good weather, despite the solar eclipse that happened just a few weeks ago, this will give nature the chance to blossom and also create a beautiful landscape that will flourish well.

As well as this, this month is also going to be a good month for me, as I’ll be going on a trip up to the Victoria & Albert Museum on the 14th April, which will give me the chance to photograph some images for my coursework.

While this month is in sight, I will be aiming to finish working on my third book before the end of April comes, which is set to be the biggest book I will have ever produced, marking the biggest follow-up from my second book: “A Year in Photography”. My Journey Through a Lens is set to comprise of the first 5 case studies that have been published on Mother Nature, as well as some of the things that I’ve talked about, with two musicians being mentioned in this book, along with my own showcase of my own photography skills.

I have some exciting weeks ahead to look forward to, as I’ll be focusing on my final project once my last few pieces of coursework for the second to last unit are completed, but it feels good to keep on top of the work, which is why I have been able to find some time to write and publish articles for Mother Nature, whilst working on this book.

I had made it my New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of this year to keep on top of my work, as I wanted to be able to have more time to relax, and to also publish articles and work on my book as well. I have kept to this resolution from the start of this year, and I feel more than glad to have kept on top of the heavy workload this year, as this gives me a lot more of time to carry on doing the things that I want to do whilst I have no college work available.

For the first time this year, I have decided to not take a hiatus, despite a heavy workload, given the fact that I took one last year, but my goal for this year is to publish articles over the course of the whole of 2015, as I took a 4-5 month break last year to concentrate on my exams, but for this year, I will make sure to keep on publishing articles, and also complete any work that may involve a possible heavy workload, which I will also work on keeping up-to-date on.

Until then, welcome to April on Mother Nature!!!

Alex Smithson