Welcome to April!!! A Month Full of Relaxing Times, Happiness & Joy!!!

Welcome to April on Mother Nature!!! It’s good to be back. As this month is set to kick in with some good weather, despite the solar eclipse that happened just a few weeks ago, this will give nature the chance to blossom and also create a beautiful landscape that will flourish well.

As well as this, this month is also going to be a good month for me, as I’ll be going on a trip up to the Victoria & Albert Museum on the 14th April, which will give me the chance to photograph some images for my coursework.

While this month is in sight, I will be aiming to finish working on my third book before the end of April comes, which is set to be the biggest book I will have ever produced, marking the biggest follow-up from my second book: “A Year in Photography”. My Journey Through a Lens is set to comprise of the first 5 case studies that have been published on Mother Nature, as well as some of the things that I’ve talked about, with two musicians being mentioned in this book, along with my own showcase of my own photography skills.

I have some exciting weeks ahead to look forward to, as I’ll be focusing on my final project once my last few pieces of coursework for the second to last unit are completed, but it feels good to keep on top of the work, which is why I have been able to find some time to write and publish articles for Mother Nature, whilst working on this book.

I had made it my New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of this year to keep on top of my work, as I wanted to be able to have more time to relax, and to also publish articles and work on my book as well. I have kept to this resolution from the start of this year, and I feel more than glad to have kept on top of the heavy workload this year, as this gives me a lot more of time to carry on doing the things that I want to do whilst I have no college work available.

For the first time this year, I have decided to not take a hiatus, despite a heavy workload, given the fact that I took one last year, but my goal for this year is to publish articles over the course of the whole of 2015, as I took a 4-5 month break last year to concentrate on my exams, but for this year, I will make sure to keep on publishing articles, and also complete any work that may involve a possible heavy workload, which I will also work on keeping up-to-date on.

Until then, welcome to April on Mother Nature!!!

Alex Smithson


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