The Press, Social Media & The Internet: What makes us turn?

What it is about the News & Social Media that makes us turn? It is all about what the newspaper companies and social media write. If, for example, you look at social media websites, such as Facebook, this social network is often mentioned on some news websites, and especially on certain TV shows, such as Jeremy Kyle, and possibly Jerry Springer.

Now, you would think that in some instances that something like this may be rather sad, but, when you look at the news and social media combined, it is like as if they both connect, considering the fact that they are the two main sources, the two main sources of which are good, but at the same time, bad as well.

Although I use some or most of these social networks, I like to tread carefully with what I post, and especially with what I share as well, because I’ve seen what kind of effect some social networks can have on people, and sometimes, if not, a lot of the time, social media and also the news can have negative effects on many of us.

What do I think of the news and social media? I think that some of the news and social media is good, as long as they are used properly. It is only when these kind of things are abused, that is when things start to go wrong, which means that if the news and social media is abused, anything can happen.

Facebook is a good social network in certain ways, as you can create a Facebook page to promote your business, or even your blog or website, as well as the content that goes with it, but the bad side to Facebook? Sometimes, people can take offence to something that may be rather inappropriate, for example, if there are images that are obscene to the naked eye, then it’s images like that which should be taken down.

It is only when certain images or videos are not taken down, that is when the trouble starts, as there will be complaints, and then the possibilities that are faced is that the person can take whoever owns that page to court, in order to get the inappropriate or personal content removed.

Twitter is also a good social network if you are planning to promote your businesses and products, and is also a good service for those who want to follow their favourite musicians and other well known companies that are around the world. Also, Twitter’s video sharing service, Vine, is a good service to use as well, as you can share the happy moments of life, while businesses promote their products through both of these services.

The downsides to both? Sometimes, if not most of the time, there are often internet trolls on these services, as some people are known for publishing images and videos on the internet without the other person knowing. I make sure to only use Twitter instead of Vine, because Twitter gives me the chance to tweet the best things in life, and is also useful for me when it comes to publishing articles, as my three Twitter accounts automatically tweet the article after I hit the ‘Publish‘ button on every article.

I hate the thought of seeing tweets on my timeline that focus around certain stuff, as some Twitter users have been known for posting obscene and profane images and videos that are disgusting and amoral.

In many cases, it is advisable that all of us should be careful with what we choose to put up on the internet, because, the internet is not a safe place as we think it is. Anything can happen on the internet. I always make sure to stay secure on the internet, because the last thing I want is to deal with any problems that keep me from being secure on the internet.

Viruses can also create problems on the internet, and you often see the names of these viruses that are mentioned in articles on other websites across the whole of the internet. Even social networks have the same problem.

Sometimes, the news and social networks can brainwash us and make us believe some things that are, or may be completely untrue, as there have been certain times in the past where social media and the news have gone just a little bit too far with every bit of detail that they have found, for example, if you look at certain news sources, including social networks and other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, MySpace, Instagram, BBC, Sky News, ITV and any other news and social media sources, they may have reliable and possibly accurate information on hand, but sometimes, these services can be fooled, as some of the information might either be true, or false, but sometimes, some of the information isn’t entirely true.

My views on the news and social media? Be careful with what you put up on the internet, because all it takes now is to post something that is possibly crude or horrible, and it will go viral everywhere. It doesn’t matter what you do on the internet, just be careful, because the internet will never be a safe place, and it is always wise to choose any appropriate content that should go up, because the authorities often police the internet to make sure that some of the inappropriate content doesn’t go up, or if there is inappropriate content up on the internet, then the inappropriate content can be taken down ultimately over a matter of different reasons.

I believe that if you can keep yourself secure on the internet, whether it be through using the latest security software on your computer or laptop, then you are good to go, but, even with security, you are still at risk, no matter what.

All views on the chosen topics are my own, and my genuine and honest advice? Stay safe as much as you can, because we are not all secure. Prevent your security from being breached before it’s too late.

I have also written this as I feel that everyone is entitled to a freedom of speech.

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Alex Smithson


  1. I try to remember this on Facebook and in my blogs. The only real name on there is mine. Someone would have to know me well to figure out the people I mention. I try very hard to be careful about that.

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    1. I’m just the same when it comes to using Facebook and any other social network, because I like to keep whatever I share private, but shared to a small number of friends. Social networks are good to use, but at the same time, face-to-face communication has just gone out of the window.

      In fact, ever since technology has rapidly evolved, the communication in general has almost completely gone out of the window. Whenever I’m at college, everyone I know gets on well and speaks face-to-face with each other, even if there is technology around, as all of us don’t like the thought of no face-to-face communication.

      At my college, we all feel that it’s right to have face-to-face communication, because all of us get on with each other. We always dislike the thought of no communication, otherwise, the communication overall wouldn’t be at all good.

      Social media just changes a lot of people, thankfully it hasn’t changed me or anyone else at my college, which is perfect.

      Alex Smithson


      1. Do you believe any family function especially that we go to we all sit there with our phones rather than talking. Sometimes even playing games together. I am not on FaceBook as much anymore now that I started this second blog and my other blog is starting to pick up poeple again. Keeps me busy!

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      2. In my family, there is a lot of family function, as all of us prefer to talk face-to-face, but for our generation however, a lot of the kids of today, even teenagers and some adults under the age of 30 have their eyes pasted to different types of technology, such as phones, MP3 Players, TVs and even computers. It’s quite sad how our generation now has decided to focus on the less important things, when everyone of our generation would be better off talking face-to-face.

        Technology has just thrown almost all communication out of the window, and someone will have to put a stop to it.

        For me, I, on a few occasions, do use Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, but a lot of the time now, I just focus more on my work, and also publishing articles for Mother Nature, as these help to keep me occupied.

        Even writing my own books now keep me occupied, as it feels more like a job for me, which helps me to take away any forms of boredom or stress. I like to channel my emotions into some of the articles that I write, and also in my books, as this gives me the chance to break away from the full, digital life altogether.

        I actually hate the thought now of not doing anything, because for me, life would be pretty boring, instead, I like to do something that will keep me occupied for a short or long period of time.

        I like using WordPress, and especially now, because my website, Mother Nature, has recently been getting a lot of views more frequently as I’ve been able to publish articles a bit more now and then :-).

        Alex Smithson


      3. It sounds like you are quite busy. You probably aren’t bored often. I am not since I started this blog and writing again. Around here you rarely see someone walking that doesn’t have a phone pasted to their ear. 🙂

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      4. I like to keep myself occupied now and then, as I can get better at doing something or some things good. I sometimes get bored if there is nothing to do, but Art & Design, writing articles for Mother Nature and writing books are what keep me going mainly :-).

        That’s true to be honest, there is hardly anyone walking around with not a phone pasted to their ear or face. Technology has mostly succeeded at throwing all forms of communication out of the window, but it will only be a matter of time before technology overrules the entire universe.

        Alex Smithson


      5. I can just see this happening now, they’ll eventually create human-like robots to replace human life on Earth. Imagine that happening, that would be freaky.

        Alex Smithson


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