The Victoria & Albert Museum | Tuesday 14th April 2015 | Croydon College

Just a little over 3 weeks ago, I went on a trip up to South Kensington in London to the Victoria & Albert Museum, and because I went on this trip, I was able to take an awfully large amount of photos, considering that I have just started my Final Major Project for this year, which will eventually come to an end possibly towards the end of June.

With a 7th pass on the way for Unit 7, I thought it would be wise to showcase all of these photos in their full glory, as I wanted to make sure that these photos get a lot more than just a wide birth, I wanted to make sure that these photos really mean what they are, as well as the process that it took to get these photos perfect. I can admit, I did take a massive risk towards the end of the V&A trip, because, the Breathless artwork by Cornelia Parker was hanging from the ceiling, and just after I took a few steps back after taking two photos of the artwork, the camera strap that I had round my neck, which allows me to hold the Nikon D3300 DSLR, came off on the left hand side.

Thankfully, as I was holding the camera in my hands at this stage, the camera was all in one piece and was unscathed (luckily, phew). Although it was a very highly dangerous risk in taking these photos, it was absolutely worth it, and these two photos could make way to me getting the best grade at the end of the UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course at Croydon College.

Overall, I feel more than happy with the fact I took these photos, as I have since stuck a lot of the photos that are shown above into my sketchbook for the Final Major Project of the year.

Please feel free to download these photos and set them as your wallpaper at any time. Also, if you enjoyed reading this photographical article, please make sure to like this article and even comment on what photos you liked the most.

Alex Smithson

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All of the photos uploaded to this article are completely my own (including the featured image).


  1. Excellent, Alex. It’s a great place for photography. Your eclectic selection illustrates the V&A’s eclectic collection very well. And Croydon College is obviously suiting you very well! RH


    1. Thanks so much RH, I really appreciated it. I’ve also got fantastic news, I’ve been accepted onto next year’s Level 3 Lens Based Media course, following the interview that I had with one of the staff yesterday at the college, and I couldn’t have been more proud to the fact that I’ve worked my socks off for it. I’m so pleased to have finally been accepted onto a course, even before this one comes to an end :-).

      Alex Smithson

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