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Mother Nature is Officially 2 Years Old Today!!!!!

Exactly 2 years ago, I started Mother Nature up with the name I used to call this website: “Photography | Nature – To bring the vibrancy back into your life.” Since then, I have gone on to publish over 200 articles, some, if not most articles focus widely around photography, while other articles now focus around my other interests, as well as some of the things I like.

In the space of two years, I have gone on to publish two books online, one of which I have a physical copy of, and with my third book on the way very soon, I feel absolutely proud to have come this far in the space of 2 years.

Since I decided to set up Mother Nature on WordPress, I have been able to channel any emotions, such as happiness, sadness and anger altogether into this website, and for every article that I write now, I have made sure to make every article as interesting, and as eye-catching as possible. In the space of this time, I have taken as much time as I need to make sure that every article I write and publish is perfect, and that every article can be something that anyone wants to read in their own time.

I am extremely thankful to have come this far in exactly two years, and I have you all to thank, and that’s including my friends, my family and my two main role models. I wouldn’t have got this far without you all, so from me, I want to say a massive thank you :-)!!!!!!!!!

Until then, Happy 2nd Birthday to Mother Nature!!!!!!!!!

Alex Smithson

I have a strong passion for photography. I love to write and publish articles, reviews and photography work as I aim to pursue a full-time photography career in the future. I raise awareness for Mental Health as it’s close to my heart and I want to make sure the photography work I produce gives hope to anyone who may feel like they don’t have a voice and that it’s always okay to be your actual self and that you’re always free to express yourself for who you truly are.

12 comments on “Mother Nature is Officially 2 Years Old Today!!!!!

  1. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary. Great job with all your accomplishments.


  2. Well done Alex…you’ve certainly come a long way…happy 2nd birthday to Mother Nature.!!



  3. Congratulations on the landmark. I seem to remember appreciating your earliest posts where you featured some sporting event (Olympics? World Cup Football?) that gave a handy daily summary. You’ve achieved so much since then. So congratulations to you to. RH


  4. Bon anniversaire Alex …!!!


  5. So happy to read this post because blogging is really about expressing yourself! Thank you for finding my blog and liking my post. Just let me know what you think in the future. I will surely check out your blog and follow you.


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