Welcome to July!!! An Energetic & Relaxing Month Awaits!!!

Welcome back to Mother Nature for a scorching hot July!!! This month is set to be an energetic & relaxing month ahead, despite the hot weather, and as well as that, I am delighted to tell you all that my book is finally reaching the completion stage, which is a fantastic sign, as I have been itching to get this book finished and ready for release, and I can admit, this book has to be one of the longest worked-on books that I’ve ever made, and it is indeed going to be one of the largest books I have ever created since I released my first and second book.

With a scorching, energetic and relaxing month ahead, I am absolutely delighted to know that I will be writing and publishing more articles over the course of this month. I have so much to offer this month, and I can’t wait to write and publish the articles that are coming soon.

As well as this, I will be hoping to get out more and take a lot of photographs that I can put on Mother Nature, as this will give me the chance to create more of my own material, and then publish it on this website for all of you to see.

As today has been the hottest day of the year on record, I must admit, even I find the heat a struggle, but I can hopefully live with it, as long as it doesn’t get too hot.

Aside from that, welcome to July on Mother Nature!!! An energetic and relaxing month awaits :-)!!!!!

Alex Smithson

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