My Journey Through a Lens: Out Independence Day!!!

After 9 months of working on Book #3, I am absolutely pleased to tell you that: “My Journey Through a Lens” will officially be out tomorrow at 6:00 PM. The news of this book release has finally come, as I have just finished up work on the book, and I am now preparing it so that it is officially ready for release tomorrow evening.

Containing over 400+ pages, this book is indeed my largest book to date. This book was originally going to be released towards the end of May, but due to the fact that I had my college studies and revision to worry about, I had to hold off the release to allow myself a lot more time to finish up the book and also finalise it, so that it would give me more time to work on it.

As I mentioned previously in the previously crafted articles surrounding this book, I have officially included 6 case studies, all of them of which focus on historical icons from the 1500s up to now, and as well as this, I have also included further interests that I am fond of, such as music and photography, as I have talked about our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow (Winner of the X Factor 2014) and also the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

In terms of the book, some of the book focuses mainly around the photographical work that I have published on Mother Nature, and not only that, but most of the book itself also focuses around my own interests, as well as Croydon College.

The front and back covers of the book, which were originally a tad fuzzy in terms of the method I used to use have since been resolved, as I have enlarged the book covers and the text into a much higher quality, which means that when you zoom in, it will be almost completely fuzz-free.

When you get to the end of the book, you can expect to see ten pages of photographs, and then the last page or few will focus on some quotes, some or most of which I have created by myself, but also some by other people, especially of those that are famous.

I am absolutely thrilled to have got to the end of this book, and I can’t wait to release it tomorrow. Once the book becomes available, I will be changing out the download icons in the Free Books section to the cover images of those books that were designed. Don’t worry, these books are always going to be free, including any other future books that I will create, and as always, every book I make will be made available for download via Dropbox.

Until then, I can’t wait to release the book, and please make sure to keep an eye on Mother Nature tomorrow, when the book gets released at 6:00 PM :-).

Alex Smithson


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