Welcome to August!!! A Relaxing, Peaceful & Joyous Month Awaits!!!

Welcome to August on Mother Nature!!! With this month being set to be the most relaxing month, despite the scorching hot weather that will be impacting the UK soon, it’s safe to say that this month will be full of joy and relaxation, given just how lovely the weather has been so far.

In light of recent events however, I will be making a tribute article soon to pay my respects to the Formula 1 Racer, Jules Bianchi, who recently passed away on the 17th July 2015, coming just 9 months after a racing accident that left him with severe head injuries.

I will be making sure to make the most of the free time I still have before I re-enrol for my second year at Croydon College, as I want to make sure that I can get as many articles published on Mother Nature before I go back to college next month.

It’s hard to believe how this past year has gone so fast, it’s really scary, don’t you think? Though, truth be told, they always say that time flies when you’re having fun, working hard and enjoying yourself, and having laughs with many of those that you know. The time element has gone way too fast for my liking, though I just hope that the time element slows down for now.

You might have heard in the past 24 hours about everyone installing Windows 10 on their computers, well, in almost the past 72 hours, Microsoft have managed to reach 14 million downloads, due to unprecedented demand of those, like myself, who have reserved and downloaded the free copy of Windows 10, courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.

I must admit, I prefer Microsoft Edge over Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox, because I’ve been using the all-new browser since Wednesday, and it is actually better than the semi-active Internet Explorer, which has always been slow. Give credit where it’s due, Internet Explorer had a good time whenever I used to use it, but it’s journey, as we all know it, has reached the end. Microsoft Edge…Welcome!!! We need you.

Moving on from the subject, with this month being set to be a relaxing, peaceful and joyous month ahead, I can’t wait to get some articles published on Mother Nature for all of you to read.

Until then, welcome to August on Mother Nature!!! A Relaxing, Peaceful & Joyous month awaits!!!

Alex Smithson


    1. You’re absolutely right Ruth, we should all make the most of Summer and August whilst they still last, because talking about the end of Summer just makes the idea of Summer feel depressing. I agree entirely, we should all make the most of August & Summer while they still last :-).

      Alex Smithson

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