Mother Nature Blossoms Her True Colours for a Hot Summer!!!

As the hot weather is officially back, it’s safe to say that Mother Nature hasn’t slowed down just yet, she has decided to provide us some hot weather, despite the humidity, and the hot weather is proving to be almost as hot as it was at the beginning of July this year.

Today is a lovely day, and it was the perfect time to take some photos. I also took some photos towards the end of last month, and Mother Nature doesn’t disappoint at all, she has created a trail of happiness, slight destruction, given the preparation of the hot weather, and not only that, but she has certainly made the path to Summer feel beautiful.

It’s amazing how Summer has come around so quickly, because last year was hot, but when you think just how hot the weather was two years ago, this hot weather doesn’t come anywhere near as close to the scorching hot weather of 2013. The hot weather of 2013 was hotter than it has been this year, and if you want me to be honest, last year’s weather was actually okay, because the weather wasn’t too warm, but was near enough just the right temperature for me to deal with.

The weather this year, however, has been relatively okay, if not just a little bit too hot for my liking, but I can deal with it for the time being, while the hot weather lasts.

If you like the photos, please feel free to download and use them as wallpapers for the designated device of your choice, and if you like how the photos have been taken, please feel free to share this article and if possible, please make sure to leave a comment underneath this article based on what you liked about this article and what you think stood out the most in this article overall.

Alex Smithson


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