Welcome to September!!!!!!!!! A Hard Working & Energetic Month Awaits!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Mother Nature for an Autumnal September!!! As this month is set to start getting a little, if not, a bit more chilly what with the bad weather we’ve had that caused the Summer washout for August, this month is set to be hard working and energetic, as I am feeling more than ready to go back to college next Tuesday, as I’ve officially been accepted onto the UAL Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course, which I can’t wait to start, but as well as that, this will mean that I will, of course, have to try and find the time to write articles as and when I can, as I’m making sure to prioritise my time effectively this time around, as this past year has given me the kick up the backside I definitely needed.

As the long holiday comes to an end, I am delighted to say that I have absolutely enjoyed it, though I must admit, it’s been more relaxing now than it was before, but I just find it very hard to believe that I’ve come this far in such a short time, and I didn’t think I would be in the best position that I’m in now.

But back to the subject of things, I may possibly end up having to publish less frequently as I will be putting my course first, among other subjects that I will also be doing, but I will try my hardest to publish as and when I can find the time. Thankfully, this time around, my studies may be a bit more relaxed as I have now been able to prioritise my time more effectively on my studies, this website, and everything else.

I will be starting on Book 4 soon, but I don’t know exactly whether I will release it this year or at the start of next year, so my mind will be focused around that as soon as I start my course.

Other than that, how has your holiday been everyone? I would be delighted to know what you’ve done over the holidays. Please feel free to leave a comment below this article what you did over the Summer holiday :-).

Until then, Welcome to September on Mother Nature!!! A Hard Working & Energetic Month Awaits!!!!!!

Alex Smithson

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